The newspaper (Reporter Liu Bo) A propaganda can help the Internet celebrity “shaking shoes” who can help thin legs are sought after by many beauty lovers. Can I stain my legs by wearing this kind of shoes? Zhang Wei, a senior fitness coach in this city, reminded that “shaking shoes” cannot achieve the effect of stovepipe, and there are certain safety hazards.

The “shaking shoes” on the Internet is a kind of arc -shaped shoes with thick and thin ends in the middle of the sole, mostly slippers. Zhang Wei introduced that the method of lean calf exercise is to allow small loads and long -term exercise for calves. However, when wearing “shaking shoes” on the upper and lower heels, using the forefoot support will cause excessive tension of ankle and calf muscles. In fact, it is a large -load muscle state. The calf muscles are overloaded in a short period of time, and it does not achieve the effect of skinny legs.

In addition, the design of the “shaking shoes” does not conform to the physiological structure of the feet of the human body. Young people who are growing in growth and development may change the arch structure and affect bone development if we wear such shoes for a long time. Moreover, the soles of the “shaking shoes” are arc. After putting it on, the body’s center of gravity will be in a state of unstable state. If you don’t pay attention to, you will lose balance and fall. It will even sprain ankle or cause muscle strain.

What needs to be reminded is that slimming is a body thinner. Without a single part of a certain part, it is necessary to lose weight and lose weight. Reliable.

Source: Tonight News