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I have n’t written a bag for a while, and I ’m going to talk about the most working bags today.


I used to recommend it to everyone. I want to see what useful work bags you bought this time?


So I posted a [easy -to -use work package] for a collection last weekend. Our readers really hid the dragon and criminals, and they would buy a lot and received a lot of submission.

After reading all the submissions and messages, I found that the standards for choosing the work bag are quite consistent: the capacity is large, it is best to install A4 paper files and computers; light, beautiful, versatile, durable, and the price should not be too expensive. ▼

There are all kinds of packages in everyone’s submissions, of which Totbags are the most.

Todot bags that are easy to install and look good

The theme. I will send out other subsequent subsequent submissions.

Tot bag alone is very rich, big -name bags, light luxury bags, and affordable bags are available. The price ranges from 100 yuan and 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

The space is limited. The classic models that everyone knows and have been on fire for many years, such as the NEVERFULL of Louis Vuitton, GOYARD Artois, Longchamp canvas dumpling bags, etc., this time, not much to say, many people bought it. ▼


The contributors are from top to bottom: An An, I want to die, do you see it? Yautina

Lets come look:



Example card statement:

This article does not contain any commercial soft implantation




Buying a bag budget is limited, and you need a good bag with good texture. There are many good choices in light luxury bags.

Sanzhai Life



BAO BAO Totbag

Official reference price: 3K+yuan

There are also a lot of contributions to the three houses of BAO BAO Totbags. Both horizontal and versions are available. The horizontal version is more classic and beautiful. If you are afraid of collision, you can buy some special colors or patterns, and you often have new colors.

Cobe 🍑:

Morandi powder bought at the Nanjing Store is about 3200 after discounting. The pink is high -level and durable, the capacity is large, and the 14 -inch ThinkPad computer is placed. It is lightweight and design. The upper body will not be very large. I usually have a short shoulder -handed handle, and I can keep my shoulders and back, but if I wear it thick, I can’t do my shoulders. ▼

Jw Anderson


Official website reference price: 3K+yuan

I wrote a studio before saying that Wang Da R bought JW Anderson’s Tot bag as a mummy bag. It was super capable, computer, files, breast pumps … just throw it in. ▼





There is the same paragraph: it is very capable, and the felt noodles are well taken care of, and it is not easy to hit the bag. ▼

Acne Studios



Official reference price: 2K+yuan


How many people are because of the color scarf of the ACNE Studios fire to know this Swedish brand? In addition to clothing accessories, his bag has a strong sense of shape, suitable for concave shapes.

Tracy💭 Yuchen:

I have to carry a computer every day. It can be casual at work. The shoulder strap is very wide. 1080 yuan before tax. ▼

His vertical version of Tot is also very hot, very light, and the Choyce of the bag number bought the medium number, installed a 13 -inch computer, and could also be a fitness bag. But the style is leisure. ▼


Michael Kors

Official reference price: 3K+yuan

MK hasn’t been so hot in recent years, but his family has a lot of tote bags. It is quite cost -effective to start with 1K+when discounted.

ITisran .:

Jane Totbag, about 1.7k yuan in European counter. The linen color bag+brown handle is very matched with light -colored clothes. This bag is very light and has a large capacity. The capacity is large. I am 165cm tall. ▼


Song Songmont


Double -sided Tot

Official website price: 1780 yuan

Song Songmont is really getting hotter!


Cheng Xu:

It weighs 450g, which I can find the lightest leather bag! It can be placed in a 13 -inch computer and placed A4 paper vertically. The skin is very soft and resistant. There are bottom pads at the bottom. It is not placed on the ground. It is too suitable for the subway to work on the ground to liberate both hands. The start price is about 1600 yuan during the event. ▼

Dristan bought the same paragraph before, but she was snatched by her mother a few times. Hahaha. ▼

In addition to the vertical version, it also has a horizontal version, the capacity is similar, and the materials and workmanship are the same. The horizontal version does not press it, suitable for Habitians, but it feels that the vertical version looks better.


840 big Totbag


Official website price: 2080 yuan

PECO is the independent designer brand in Shanghai. In the past two years, many star bloggers have carried his home bags and took the retro style.

Earlier I recommended 840 Tot. Xiaojia of the studio started with green models. The upper body was very eye -catching, and the 14 -inch computer was installed. She is 153cm tall, and this Tot is horizontal version, not very much. However, its shoulder straps are thin, and too many things will press the shoulders, and it is a bit heavy with the metal chain sold. reader


Published a white model. ▼

And domestic designer brand





About 4000 bought in Shanghai physical stores, can be carried, cross -body and shoulders. I am a high school teacher. I have the computer, textbooks, teaching ginseng, notebooks, and stationery. The price is friendly, and it is not allowed to hit the bag, and the brand reputation is also good. When I walked into the unit on the first day, I was praised by the students. ▼




Vertical version of Totbag


Official website price: 1980 yuan


The Tmall store started less than 900 yuan. Lightweight, the size of a business notebook is suitable, the leather is soft and quite included, the color is retro and versatile, the hand, the hand, the shoulders, and the crossbody. ▼


I did n’t receive the contribution of the Coach bag this time. The new version of the new FIELD Tot bag from his 2022 spring and summer series is quite durable. The official website has not been on. Essence ▼

The number of bags for 100 yuan is also good. In fact, hundreds of dollars can also be used to buy easy bags, but you need to pick it up. Some niche brands are quite cost -effective, and they are not so heart -seeking (meat) in order to make a heavy stuff. Limited space, let’s talk briefly.

Oak + FORT

FAUX Leather Totbag

Reference price: 300+ yuan

OAK + FORT is a Canadian brand, but its founder is South Korean designer. Although it is European and American, it combines some Korean comfortable and simple style.


It is very suitable for commuting, the self -weight is very light. The price of 300+ yuan is very friendly. Leisure and slightly formal clothes can be matched, it is effortless fashion! ▼







Reference price: 4K+yuan

I bought this big tote bag by myself, but it is not light. When you install a lot of things, it is very heavy. ▼


Big name

If you usually use more tote bags and sufficient budgets, you can consider starting a big -name bag. The texture will be relatively better. You can use a look at a look at a look at it for many years.


Garden Party


Canvas model reference price: 1W+yuan

This time I received several Garden Party contributions, both canvas and all -leather models. 30 and 36 are the most daily dimensions. 36 Installed 13 -inch notebooks, which is more suitable for tall.



There were cars driving at home before, and I could use Garden Party 36 to be stuffed. Get off and carry it into the office. It can be installed as NEVERFULL as large but it looks a lot officially. ▼

Yang Yinuo:


36#Garden Party comes with the inner bag, you can put the computer and a short trip, the color is huge! ▼

Gardn Party price is 1-3W, full leather 2W+, canvas models 1W+. If the budget is limited, you can go and see

Good -colored ancient models

The cost performance is higher, which can be obtained in about 10,000 yuan or even a few thousand yuan.


Small hydrogen:

Low -key and versatile! On the 36th, the handle is thick enough. The bag does not have the inner bilots. A treasure purchases a large canvas inner linery, separates the debris, and improves the problem of the GP collapse. Heavier than ordinary canvas bags, plus the endless empty bag is very heavy … It is recommended to drive to work for friends. U.S. second -hand luxury goods purchase websites are more than 3,000 yuan. The edges are peeled, and the side canvas have grinding hair.



I often take a laptop to work. My purpose (self -heavy, large capacity, and exercise resistance) clearly purchase Hermes 36 and canvas. Feeling is pretty good and durable. ▼


Anagram Totbag

Small cowhide reference

Price: 1.25W yuan

Loewe’s Anagram Totbag we recommend several times, and the favorability is high.


The bag number@Your bag is so beautiful, the brown of MINI SIZE is quite light. A4 paper can be put in a little and nodded, but I can’t install the computer. The overall is very practical. ▼


In contrast, the middle number will be more capable. A reader said that he could put down a 13 -inch computer.


Gao Feifei:


You can think of things you can think of at work! So far I bought the best work bag, medium classic color, two straps, but hands and shoulders. The bag will not be deformed, and the style is generous. Buy in Qingdao Hisense Plaza, 17,900 yuan. ▼

Xi-Chen Xi:

This work bag is particularly easy to use! It can be installed and textured. ▼


Light cowhide feels good, but it is easy to scratch! The grain cowhide is better. However, the Loewe store can be maintained for free for free. You can also buy a local physical store in other cities. It is recommended to maintain the bag once every 3-6 months.

It also has canvas models, which is the calf leather inside. The price is cheaper. The reference price of the small official website is 1.16W. But the canvas models are heavier.

Cushion Totbag

Small canvas reference price: 7800 yuan

Loewe’s Tot was so hot for a long time. The Fang Fang Zhengzheng’s stitching bag has a sense of architectural sculpture, which is very characteristic.




I like the most, none of them! You can pay back everything. Spanish friends bought me when they are engaged in special offers. The official website is 1W+. I get 8K. ▼

However, the large upper body is more important, and it is more suitable for friends who usually drive to get off work, or they are boarded. The trumpet is more suitable for daily use, and the weight is lighter. The canvas models are also very durable, but some friends who have bought it said that they would wear a hair ball for a long time.


Cabas Totbag

Classic old flower official website price: 1.2W yuan

There are quite a lot of people who carry CABAS at work. It is not limited to gender, and men and women are pretty good. In addition to the classic dark old flower canvas models, light -colored old flower canvas, solid -colored canvas are also produced. The small price ranges from 1.2W to 1.7W.

Tian Xiaoxiao:


Buy in domestic counters, 1.7W+yuan. I take a computer every day, and I often wear black and white. The canvas are light and light, and the trumpet just puts down 13.3 -inch computers. The texture is good. The crossbody is pretty good -looking. The disadvantage is that the inner bag is slightly troublesome. ▼

Greta is high:

Corporate migrant workers, carrying the computer every day to get off work, so the bag is large, light, and square, which is the principle of my choice. Celine Cabas is large to meet all my requirements for the bag. ▼


The vertical version of Tot is not friendly to the Habitians, the crossbody is a bit short, and the hands look better. CABAS Tot also has a horizontal version, which is good for self -weight, but it is very large. It is suitable for small partners who often need to install a lot of things. Official website price: 1.95W yuan. ▼

Cabas Phantom bag

Small official website price: 1.35W yuan

If you want a niche, soft all -Pipotc, recommend this Cabas Phantom package. It is all cowhide, very soft and can be folded at will. There are drawers at the mouth of the bag to become a bucket bag.


The trumpet can install a 13.3 -inch computer, the color is versatile, and the two bands can also make the shape at will. Buy from Shanghai counter, 13,500 yuan. ▼

Soft 16

Official website price: 2.25W yuan

Soft 16 is not a Tort bag, but it is also very capable. The middle number is installed with A4 file, but the real thing is relatively large, and the tall back looks better.

Jingyi LUNA:

I must bring a computer at work. Celine Soft is stylish and installed. It is acceptable to the weight of the computer. The computer bare metal is placed in the compartment. The appearance is sharp and chic, and the length of the shoulder strap can be shot even if wearing a wide -sleeved winter jacket. ▼

Louis vuitton

Sac Plat Totbag


Middle number official website price: 2W yuan

The LV wind piano bag is placed with a 13 -inch computer, but it is also not friendly to the small man. The new BB SIZE is between the medium number and the mobile phone bag. The bag is more square and suitable for the small man, but it cannot install files and computers.


LV’s median Fengqin Tot bag. Working is a site -site personnel. I often need to bring a handicap, notebooks and other stationery supplies. After the work is finished, you can go to the gym. The pave the back of the hand is very good. The more you like, the more you like it. It was bought in the LV store in Guangzhou, about 19,900. ▼



The size is super suitable, the self -weight is very light, the general handbook mobile phone air cushion is fine, and the short trip is suitable! Hare is more aura, the shoulder and back are suitable for shopping, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted. The disadvantage is that if you accidentally pour things, it is easy to fall out. ▼

Worried that friends who fall out of things can buy an inner bag on a treasure, and search for LV SAC PLAT inner bags. This picture comes from Passenger Street shots from the bag number. ▼

On the Go

Official website reference price: 2.4W yuan

On the Go often produces new color schemes and new materials. If you want to buy a classic model, it is still recommended for old flowers and basic black, beige, and brown models. It is enough to use the trumpet daily. The middle number is too large. Some people say that there is a sack on the back of the back.

Anonymous (left):

small. Fang Fang is righteous, and his body is stiff. He just puts the notebook and A4 file, which does not affect the shape after it is put. The length of the shoulder strap is just right, the size is appropriate, and the small shoulder should not be procrastinating. Being value online, you can make everything. Strong resistance, worry -free.



















Mint Tingting 右 (right):


LV on the Go trumpet upper body effect. ▼

LV’s middle -aged bag can also be Amoy ~

Greta is high:

Two days ago, I received a LV Vivian large (right) from the Middle Store. With some water stains, the appearance is not particularly good. ▼





Lady Dior 7 Ge Dai Fei Bag


Official website reference price: 5W yuan

Many friends may feel that Dai Feibao is too elegant and not suitable for work. In fact, the right size is still possible. Two readers have contributed 7 models, with a large capacity and a greater style. But the larger official price is higher.

Zhang Xuewen:

I like this bag so much, easily install a Surface. ▼

Yanzi 😊:

The seven -square capacity is very acceptable, daily necessities, small water cups, umbrellas, can be plugged in, fitness clothes can also be installed, very practical! It is not cost -effective to pick up omissions in second -hand stores. ▼

Book tote

Middle number official website price: 2.55W yuan

Many friends around Book Tote are back. There were only 3 sizes (mini, medium and large) before. This year, the trumpet was newly released. The width of 26.5cm is more daily, but the A4 paper file is exposed to the outside. The middle number can be equipped with a 13.3 -inch computer, and the large number of computers can be put in large.


The upper body of the assistant chick star. ▼

Camille Connie:

Buy Shanghai Guojin, 38,000 yuan. The leather is much lighter than the same canvas, and it will not be tired at work! The medium number can install computer, iPad, cosmetic bags, sports pants, kettle, bento fruit. Gradient blue is low -key, and it is not easy to hit the money. It is not disliked from winter to summer. ▼

Saint Laurent



Official website reference price: 2.1W yuan

Manhattan is relatively hot. I recommend many times before, but it can only be installed with iPad. Last year, the capacity of the handbags released was greater.


It was purchased in SKP last year at a trumpet of 1.9W yuan. It is necessary to bring a computer at work and travel. It can just put down 13 -inch notebooks, and it is not like a leather bag. The height of 160 is very friendly, the appearance is simple, generous and not high -profile, and the business trip and customer meetings are also very decent. ▼

Xing Jie Candy:

Black crocodile compressive model, the purchase price is 14000+ yuan. The bag is like Hermes Kelly, which is beautiful and beautiful. It is very professional with a suit and a touch of capacity. In winter, gloves, wallets, charging treasures, and lipstick keys are not. The crocodile pressing pattern is more durable than the BOX skin, and it is not easy to scrape it. It has been carried for a year. It has not changed except for hardware grinding flowers. ▼

Green Doudou:

Mid -number Manhattan, purchased at the Beijing SKP counter. The versatile is suitable for commuting, and there is no obvious logo, which can easily enter and leave any office occasions. Height 162cm can be easily controlled. Box leather is a little coquettish. ▼

His cowhtotot is also very concise, and the price is more friendly:

PPPR & amp;#39 ;:

Light, low -key cost -effective MAX! I bought it on net a poter on a 600+ knife (about 3792 yuan). The calfskin is very bright, rough and super light, and you can let go of everything you need to work! The bag type is good, and it is very neat for 160cm back. The shoulder strap is a bit thin, and it will be tiring to put too heavy computers on the back. But the bearing capacity is very good, and it is very strong after four years of back. ▼

Burberry, fendi

Some people also contribute, all of which are square and righteous and hard -working bags:

Mi Yichen:


Burberry Tot, 8K+yuan. Putting a computer, a water cup, and a small makeup bag is completely fine. Self -heavy, the color is versatile, there are two small bags inside, similar to the thickness of the card bag, and it is very convenient to put work cards and headphones. ▼

Xiao Jian:

Buy at the Burberry counter in Hangzhou Building, 1.35W yuan. I can install 13 -inch computers, myself lightly, and my eyes are very good! ▼

Lubo Simon:

I really like a large and four -square bag such as FENDI. French purchasing is almost 1.65W yuan, which is very capable! ▼

A reader contributed the Gucci children’s bag, so cute.



: The new Gucci Beetle in 2021, purchased by Shanghai IFC, starts at 5.6K yuan, and the current price is 7K. After a few months, it is not crowded to install small -size computers, various cosmetics, wallets, umbrellas, etc. In color business, the three -dimensional beetle pattern has a girly heart, with wear resistance and cost -effective! However, the self -weight is heavy, there is no shoulder strap and zipper, it can only be carried, small things are easy to fall. A treasure search Gucci shoulder strap and inner bilot bag, dozens of dollars can complete the bag transformation! ▼

GUCCI’s re -engraved Diana bamboo bag can also be considered. Founder’s bag type has a strong sense of shape. It is more suitable to use the middle number in daily. You can get a 13 -inch computer with a large installation. But it is a bit heavy. ▼



In the past two years, it has been very high, and there are many good -looking bags and shoes. This old model contributed by readers is also good.

Tracy💭 Yuchen

: TOD’S big bag, bought in Vienna in the summer of 2019, no more than 1,000 Euros (about 7k+yuan) after folding. It can be equipped with MacBook. The gray is very versatile, the shape is edges and corners, and some soft clothes can be supported. ▼


This Tot bag is beautiful:


Three years ago in New Zealand, about 5K yuan. The cortex is soft and not easy to hit the bag. The capacity is very large, the texture is very light, and the three colors are white, brown, and black. ▼



I also have one of this Totbag, which is very light and can be installed!

Mia Li Yanyan:

Purchased from France in 2019, 9,800 yuan. It can be installed, and the shoulder strap is long enough, and it is not too much. Short -distance business can be satisfied in Shenzhen! ▼

Finally share a free work bag haha ​​~


@Lemon jessica🍋:

The best job bag I use is not lvneverfull, not Dior’s booktote nor Goyard. It is a gift package for Starbucks’s anniversary! The bag is stiff, very capable, and the computer will not feel particularly heavy. ▼

Well, this article is quite long today, so I won’t say much in the end.

After reading this, which bag did you plant grass? Or do you have any other easy -to -use work packs recommendation? Welcome to share your experience. You can talk about the advantages and disadvantages. For more reference for your friends who want to buy it


Finally, I wish you all the wishes and what you meet. Happy weekend, see you on Sunday, good night 🙂

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