Spring is blooming, and everything recovers.


In order to protect rare animals, the international regulations are a rare animal protection day on April 8.

We are the masters of the earth, and they are, people and animals should coexist rather than kill each other.


Hey, on April 8th, the Rare Animal Protection Day, Zhu Xi performed a performance that was “the same root, how urgent to fry” on this day. In Hanzhong in Shaanxi, Ms. Zhang shot a video of Zhu Xi eating baby fish. In the video, Zhu Xi caught a doll fish, and walked to the water to “stubborn” to eat it. Not to mention, our national treasure Zhu Xi pays attention to hygiene, knowing that washing is healthier, more tasteful, more tasteful, more tasteful, more tasteful, more tasteful. tasty.


Zhu Xigu said: Zhu Shebu and Hongzhu, lived in Wenbian Mountain Forest and Hills. In the non -breeding period, the body was white, with pink heads, feather crowns, backs and wings and tails.


Baby fish is the common name of the Chinese Dajiao. It is a precious wildlife that has a unique living in freshwater in my country. The body color is different with the environment of the living environment. The back is brown, reddish, black brown, etc. In 1988, it was included in the national secondary protection animal.

Doll fish

Zhu Xi is a national first -level protection animal, and the baby fish is a national second -level protection animal. Netizens ridiculed: As soon as the country eats the country, Zhu Xi dares!


When watching Zhu Xi’s noble figure, many coin enthusiasts immediately thought of several companions who were included in rare animals at the same time.

In order to support and maintain the rescue and protection of endangered rare wild animals. From June 15th, 1993 to July 15, 1999, a total of 6 years, a total of rare wild animals include giant pandas, golden monkeys, white -fin dolphins, South China tigers, Zhu Xi, red -crowned cranes, brown horse chickens, adulthood, and Chinese 鲟A total of 10 rare animals special series of common commemorative coins in the golden spotted beak.


This set of rare animals commemorative coins are cast by Shenyang Mint. It is currently the only made of copper alloy material. The denominations are 5 yuan, and the amount of general currency issuance is 6 million. The largest diameter, 32mm, and the heavier weight, 13.2 grams, the largest set of commemorative coins with the highest cost.

Chinese rare wildlife commemorative coins are uniquely designed and exquisite patterns to show my country’s unique and endangered rare wildlife to protect the environment and protect rare animals. The purpose of issuance is to call on everyone to protect animals, especially those species that are about to disappear.

There are three versions of rare animal commemorative coins


There are many rare animals in my country. For example, on April 5th, a tourist on Shantou South Australia, Guangdong, accidentally photographed 5 pink dolphins that play freely.

Freedom played white dolphins

In recent years, many animals are endangered with the deterioration of the environment and humans.

Some of them play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. Some have a long history, “living fossils” on the earth …

The color of the world is inseparable from the abundance of species, and the survival of humans is inseparable from ecological balance.

Protect the environment and care for animals. If these rare animals can only be on the commemorative coins, the pictures are alive, I believe we will regret tears.

Protecting rare animals