Talk about those things about decoration and share various experiences and knowledge of decoration. Hello everyone, I am talking about decoration, and I can learn more about the decoration!

In our lives, the pot is definitely indispensable, and because of it in cooking, it can make different foods and be more smooth.

This issue is to share the experience of different pots after being experienced by myself, and fully show the advantages and disadvantages, so that everyone will not take detours when buying!



The wok is used by every family, it can also be said to be



For wok, in fact, everyone is most concerned about

Easy to stick!

Not only is fried and fried, it is easy to be burnt, but the oil fume is particularly large. Selling is not good, and washing the pot is even more strenuous.

Some people even spend thousands of pieces of buying woks, because

The coating does not need to be dropped after half a year

Essence Part of the use of the coating material is also unreasonable, there is

The factors that affect your health in the coating material are inside.

In this regard, I have also used different pots. I have seen the above problems, so for the choice of wok, I will pay special attention.

In the later period, I fancy a pot for three months

, Then watch the user’s new evaluation of it every day,


Finally, I still feel that the cast iron pot is best to use the most practical, so

Then I decided to start.

This wok

The iron looks very delicate, not very heavy,

Even if you can stand up with one hand

The surface is very bright after opening, and the cooking is not sticky. The most important thing is that the coating will not be easily broken, safe and assured.

One more thing is

The face value is so high

, The details are in place, the texture and feel are superb, the pot is very beautiful, the pot lid is transparent, not heavy,

Both the “housewife” and the little girl can fully control it.

If the price of this pot has to be said that it is not enough, it is

The price is not three hundred or two hundred, but more than 500 or more

So some people think it will be a little expensive.


Xueping pot

Some people say that after marriage, it becomes a yellow -faced mother -in -law. Is it difficult for food and face to have both?

Therefore, Xueping pot is one of the spare pots of many families now. Although it is not used every day, it can reach romance and delicate as long as it is used.

However, as an experience of using Xueping pot, Xueping pot is easy to confirm, and it is not tired when using it with one hand.


When cooking with a snow pot in daily life, it is enough for children to eat, and the design with a steamer can be solved once. Like daily hot milk, it is even more convenient to cook eggs.

However, there are still shortcomings in Xueping pot, that is, most of the domestic Xueping pot is mostly

Stainless steel

Therefore, most of them will be when used



In addition,


It also exists, and another thing is that if it is not cleaned in time after use



Therefore, do not fill the water when using the snow pot. It is recommended to use an induction cooker, and once the pot is black, it is necessary to use stainless steel cleaning cream to scrub, so as to keep it clean.

Enamel pot

There are a few at home


The enamel pot stew is very convenient. If you like to eat stewed families, the usage rate is higher.

There are many kinds of enamel pots, and there are all colors. It is recommended to use white enamel and color for soup; black enamel is recommended for cooking, cooking vegetables. This is an experience.


If you only buy an enamel pot, it is recommended to start black and colorful enamel

You can understand that black enamel is the heart of the cast iron pot, plus the outer layer of the enamel, while the white enamel is the middle of the cast iron, and the enamel layer is plated inside and out. Stew stewing and stir -fry is not easy to stick to the pan. I usually like to stew red roasted meat, mutton, beef, and the stewed meat is really fragrant!

Enamel pot thermal insulation is very good

, Autumn and winter meals will not be cold when they eat the last dish, the cost performance is super high, and it is used in daily use.


Make water -free chicken, beer duck, seafood, etc., which is super convenient and delicious.


When using the enamel pot, you must pay attention to the protection work when you take it to avoid scalding.

Small electric cooker


Many families use small electric cookers and use it to make breakfast for their children.

I believe many people will ask me, why don’t you use the wok and Xueping pot at home? Here, it is mainly because it is convenient to use small electric cookers, and it is faster, more suitable for breakfast.

Use it to fried eggs every morning, and then use it to steamed dumplings, steamed buns, steamed sweet potatoes, etc. In short, it is very convenient.


And the small electric cooker can still do

Fry, fry, boil, fry, steam, hot pot

Everything is okay, the function is very comprehensive, it is very suitable for one -person food, or breakfast for children.


The electric cooker is still an electronic screen, which is complete, adjustable time, and the price is affordable, which is 100 yuan.

Another point is that it is convenient to clean. After all, it is the inner tendon of the ceramics. As soon as the water is rushed, it can be cleaned.

Pay attention to using a small electric cooker, that is, you cannot get the water in the pot when cleaning. In addition, you should also pay attention when buying, there are sub -regulation and non -regulating control.

Rice cooker

The rice cooker is a must -have for family now, and it can be said that it is used every day, so when choosing in this regard, he also pays attention to it.


I originally planned to buy a rice cooker. Later, when I went to the physical store, the clerk said that it is more popular now


“One pot and two -purpose”

, That is, it is both a rice cooker or an electric pressure cooker.

For this reason, I took a look at the Internet and see if it was really like this, but I found that this is really the case now, so I need to tell you here that unless you just want to spend one or two hundred to buy rice cookers, then You can only choose a single function;


Once you want to use the price of over 500 yuan, it is recommended to choose “one pot and two -purpose”.

To do it

Put the rice cooker with the electric pressure cooker.


, Daily use of the inner boil of the rice, the cooked rice grains are crystal clear, it will not stick to it. It is really good. At the same time, a arc -shaped three -dimensional heating disk is used, and the fire force is surrounded by a large fire, so that the rice that can be evenly heated and cooked


The full Q bomb is chewy, and the porridge is thick and stomach.


In daily use, the operation is very simple, because


Original big screen

, Make the function at a glance. Even a child, understand how to use it at a glance.

When using this kind of rice cooker,

Pay special attention to it is to ensure the safety of use


When most brands are using an electric pressure cooker, they cannot add things to the pot when they have pressure in the pot. Only individual brands can do it.

If you need to add ingredients in the middle, you can give up manually, a few seconds to disclose, and then you add ingredients to it, simple and convenient.


Electric hot pot

It can be said that it is very common, and many people like to eat hot pot at home, so they will use an induction cooker to add hot pot to use.

However, there is a shortage of such a combination that is convenient to use, but it is more troublesome to find food every time. For this reason, I watched a lot of brands before starting the electric hot pot, and I also read the functions. Later, I learned that there is already energy now


Automatic lifting electric hot pot.


When eating hot pot, you can put the food inside. After cooking, there is a lifting rod in the center of the hot pot body, which is equipped with a special raising basket. At this time

After one -click lifting function


, Can achieve hot pot


Soup separation

, I see it at a glance and find the food that I want to eat, and I do n’t have to try to fish it in the pot, which is super convenient.

With this kind of electric hot pot, after the food is cooked, I wo n’t say that I ca n’t find it for a long time, and I will be angry for this.


And the operation of hot pot is also very convenient,


The base uses the liquid crystal button panel

, Can effectively control the rise and fall of the vegetable basket in the hot pot, can also choose hot pot heating, adjust the firepower size, other nutritional steaming functions, and control the one -key lifting of the firepower.

When choosing this kind of hot pot, you must pay attention to the material yes

Edible grade 304 stainless steel, in addition, depends on whether cleaning is convenient

These are all practical experience sharing.

Finally, talk about the decoration and summarize for everyone:

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and the pot has different brands and functions. Only those who are suitable for them are the best. And the use of these pots, I believe it can help avoid a lot of purchasing pits.


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