Middle -length jacket can really take boys’

Handsome and fashionable

It is well displayed, especially for boys with tall figures, wearing medium -length jackets handsome and high -level, very charming.

Wearing it should be a headache for many boys, especially when many boys also begin to pursue fashion, and most boys are forced to follow


“Roll up”

Essence However, the stylish boy does make people feel better and looks more handsome.

In fact, it is a simple thing for boys to create a sense of fashion. It is not necessary to wear too complicatedly. Simple clothing can show a sense of fashion. However, it is not very casual. It still needs to be created by the sense of fashion

Certain understanding

It is like wearing a medium -length jacket, there are many skills.

Boys are more charming to change styles. They wear medium -length jackets like Zhang Ruoyin, which are fashionable. I have to say that when Zhang Ruohuan first debuted, he was so “immature” and worn

Medium -long jacket

Fashionable and handsome, like the brother next door, looks gentle and handsome, and a little shy.

The overall dress is also very in line with his own temperament,

Light -colored mid -length jacket


It shows a good sense of youth, but as he grows up, the choice of medium and long jackets is also different. From showing a sense of youth, to showing mature charm, the middle and long coats can be done.


How to choose a mid -length jacket

■ Choose color according to the age

Colors can affect people’s first feelings about wearing people. If you want to wear a sense of fashion, you need to choose the color that suits themselves. Except for the most classic versatile

Black and White

, Suitable for all ages. How can other colors wear a sense of fashion?


Choose according to the depth, when selecting the color,

Light -colored

It can show a sense of youth, that is, a sense of youth, which is more suitable for young men to wear. Mature men want to show their sense of maturity, they can choose

Corresponding dark system

, Can show the calm temperament of the boy well.

At the same time, mature men can also choose some bright color clothing, such as red, treasure blue, etc. can also show a sense of maturity, and there is a strong one


Eye -catching effect


However, when creating a fashion style, you can’t blindly choose light or dark colors. Fashion requires between colors.


In order to better show the fashion atmosphere. At the same time, when creating a sense of youth, the area of ​​the light color system should not be too large, otherwise it will look a little frivolous.

■ Select the version according to the figure

In creating a stylish style, you cautiously choose the tight version. Even if you have a healthy body, you want to show it through tight clothing.

Easy to “turn over”

of. Most of the time, boys will look very greasy in tight -fitting clothing, and they will not have a sense of fashion.

If you want to show a sense of fashion, you can choose

Self -cultivation

It can show the charm of the figure without looseness and tension. At the same time, the too thin boy can also choose a slightly loose version to modify the figure, so that you can look more powerful, and you can show that the man can more show the man. spirit.

■ The overall match is simple and more advanced

It is really simple to make a sense of fashion. In addition to the choice of version and color matching, it is

Overall match


Essence In the overall matching, you should pay attention to the version and color of the version and color, so that you can better create a sense of fashion.

Especially for boys with tall figures, they can

More casual


some. For example, choose a mid -length dark blue shirt, paired with apricot knitting long gown, using clothing to create

Effect of stacking

It looks very fashionable and advanced.

The lower body is matched with black trousers and black leather boots.

Solid color

The collision between solid colors can better show a fashion atmosphere. When Zhang Ruoyuan first debuted, it seemed to be a “brother next door”, wearing a light -colored mid -length jacket, gentle and handsome.

Different medium and long clothing wearing demonstrations


■ Army green coat

The most classic mid -length jacket must be a coat. If you want to show your temperament while wearing a coat, you can choose

Army green coat

Essence Army green coat can well show the maturity and stability of men. With a black bottoming shirt and dark blue jeans, you can show a sense of casual fashion. Coupled with black Martin boots, it is more personal.

■ Red H -shaped coat

The classic and capable coat version and the bright red show the mature personality of the male. At the same time, the coat uses black at the edge to use black to increase the coat

Color ratio

Essence Choose a white shirt inside with black straight pants, which can also show

Capable atmosphere

, More mature male charm.

■ Light khaki color trench coat


If there is any item, it is suitable for mature men to wear, but also for young people to wear, so

It must be a windbreaker

Essence It can combine the unruly personality of the teenager and the handsome and stylish and stylish and styles of mature men to create a sense of lightness. The classic black and white matching inside can show well

Charm of windbreaker

Again with

Black woolen hat

It looks more personalized. Make you a sense of juvenile to the upper hand, and can show a sense of fashion.