What are the functions of LED irrigation? What do you need to pay attention to when stored?

There is a huge system according to the material types, single -double components, and application products. Different irrigation glue has a special application field and products. The seal glue glue is mainly used in LED lamps and sealing (LED light module sealing, LED driving power module irrigation). To do a finished product test to avoid glue from affecting some performance indicators of the product. The LED sealing glue can achieve good waterproof and sealing purpose in LED lamps. The product is not affected by the moisture and dust, and the dust of the product for outdoor. Some LED sealing glue has a good flame retardability after curing the flame retardant component of higher ingredients in the glue, which effectively improves the reliability of the use of the lamp.

LED irrigation glue


LED organic silicon glue irrigation and LED epoxy resin irrigation glue is particularly convenient. The curing speed can be reasonably controlled. Whether it is heating and curing or living temperature, the quality after curing is the same. It does not affect performance play. More It will not affect the useful life. However, it is easy to produce bubbles during heating and solidification. This requires off -foaming treatment before irrigation to eliminate bubbles to avoid this problem. So what do you need to pay attention to? The first is to look at the production date when preparing the warehouse. Generally, the shelf life of the unfered LED sealing glue glue is mostly 6 months. Once the seal is opened, it must be used as soon as possible to avoid changes in the rubber fluid to avoid changes in the gum. , Affect later use. The second is to strictly abide by the precautions during the storage period, pay attention to the surrounding environment, and minimize mixing with other chemicals to avoid chemical changes. When storing, you need to pay attention to the sealing of the unused LED sealing glue to prevent the air from entering the air, which affects subsequent use.

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