Compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk, the solid -state hard disk has its unmatched transmission speed, and we have a smoother experience when using our computer. In particular, the currently popular NVMEM.2 solid -state hard disk has obvious advantages in terms of speed, capacity, and price. The price of a single GB per yuan is much lower than many SATA solid -state hard disks. Coinciding with Double 11, notes here recommend a cost -effective NVMEM.2 solid -state hard disk -AIGOP2000.

AIGO believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar, that is, the former MP3 hegemony we have known, a national old -fashioned electronic brand that has been founded for more than 20 years. Aigo has been deeply cultivated in the field of storage very early. Both the resources and channels are deeper and wider than ordinary storage manufacturers. All the products that can be seen recently have been well received, especially the recent entry introducing entry -level entry. The P2000 is the king of cost -effective.

1TB固态硬盘仅需要399,这aigo P2000真香

As an entry -level NVMEM.2 solid -state hard disk, AIGOP2000 supports the current popular PCIE3.0 channel, NVMe1.3 technical standard, and 3DTLCNANAND particles, the read speed can reach 2100MB/s, and the writing speed is 1600MB/s. In terms of transmission speed, it is much faster than the average SATA solid -state hard disk, and with high -quality particles and selected main controls, its transmission speed is very guaranteed, and it also ensures the accuracy of data transmission. QLC particles are too high and their life span is longer.

1TB固态硬盘仅需要399,这aigo P2000真香

At the same time, the cache architecture of the AIGOP2000 built -in HMB intelligent algorithm, while the cost is further controlled, it also makes the SSD read and write speed higher than that of ordinary products. HMB technology allows a cache area in the memory of the host, provided to SSD through the NVME protocol. It is suitable for non -external cache solid -state hard drives. The PC main memory can be used to achieve the FTL mapping table access to accelerate to improve performance. With the intelligent temperature detection mode, it can automatically regulate the phenomenon of heat and hotness in the operation, and continuously prevent the product temperature from operating the process.

In the end, it must be the price. The 1TB version of the AIGOP2000 solid -state hard disk is only 399 yuan, which will definitely make this solid -state hard drive a double 11 explosion product. Coupled with AIGO’s good brand reputation, the 5 -year super long warranty period brings us a peace of mind.