As a dry duck that has lived for more than 20 years, Xiaobian finally decided to learn to swim this summer. So the question is, what is the most important thing to learn to swim?

Swimsuit, friends!


Who knows you when you put on a swimming hat and swimming mirror, you can only occupy the C position by covering the thin swimsuit with thin meat. Especially when going to net red swimming pool concave shape,

An excellent swimsuit is the absolute protagonist that attracts attention.

Not to mention going to the beach for vacation, beach.


However, after walking around, the editor found that the supermodel stars actually abandoned the bikini,


Put on a conjoined swimsuit that was once suspected of “old soil”.


This is definitely good news for those who are too late to lose weight.


After all, a “heart -style” conjoined swimsuit is the sharp weapon that covers the thin meat.

How to choose a swimsuit according to the figure?


The easiest way to worship the meat is the girl who worships the meat

Choose a long -sleeved conjoined swimsuit,

Who can see the meat?

Especially when you go to the beach, still

Comes with sunscreen function.



There must be no elements such as hollow, lace

Otherwise, the fat will be strangled out.

COVER Chibirdi Character Swimsuit $ 282


Perfect Moment Swim Swimsuit $ 261


If there is a slight worship of the meat on the back of the big arm, you can choose

There is a style with lotus leaf or a shoulder at the arm,

It can also play a role in covering meat.

Solid & Striped The Vera off -the -shoulder stripes connecting swimsuit $ 211

PAMEO POSE Glip Swimsuit is not priced


But the style of one shoulder will completely “expose” shoulders and necks, so


Girls with thick necks or trapezius muscles, you can choose the style of lotus leaf edge+deep V -neck,


Still the neck line while covering the arms.

SEA AURORA ruffled side decorative flower print conjoined swimsuit $ 392

Big chest

The swimsuit’s chest pressing function is still very powerful, and flat chests like Xiaobian have given up and struggling. If you are very persistent about the big chest, then first of all


Don’t choose any tube top style, not only without chest shape, but also easy to drop.

In fact, the most direct way to show chest is the most direct way is

Buy the style of lotus leaf decoration on the chest,

First, it can hide the real size of the chest, and the second can also increase the sense of expansion visually.

Vikini Vender big pleated edge design Ladies conjoined swimsuit ¥ 350


Karla Colletto ZAHA Lotus Leaf Hanging Neck Swimsuit $ 376

If you are confident enough about your body, the hollow style of this waist is really very chest.


The separated cup imitates the effect of clustering BRA, and the three -layer ruffled edge enlarge the chest shape at the same time.


Melody off -shoulder ruffled flower printing conjoined swimsuit $ 484

Many people like to “deceive” a swimsuit with a big code with chest pads by themselves, but you won’t want to know the embarrassment of empty cups. instead

The half -cup of the chest shape has a more chest effect,


Lay-up and bright color

Both can increase the sense of visual expansion.

Solid & Striped x Re/Done

“The Hollywood” with a steel rim jacket $ 198

MELISSA ODABASH CYPRUS strap -style swimsuit $ 309

Hiding a small belly

It is estimated that the small belly is the most troublesome problem when most girls wear a swimsuit. You can’t always maintain a tight state of inhalation while swimming? At this time, the screen gas is useless, it is not as good as

Special designed styles to wear, 3D printing, lotus leaf edge,

Simply convert the raised flesh into the effect of decoration.

MISSGUIDED deep V -neck ruffled edge conjoined swimsuit £ 20

ASOS Design 3D Flower Swimsuit ¥ 288

If you belong to

The “waist but slightly abdomen” body, the one -body swimsuit of the waist lace is more suitable for you.


The belt can outline the small waist, but the bowed bowing part must be on the front side to block the lower abdomen.

Mara Hoffman isold with a belt printed swimsuit $ 455

Onia Elena knot details, swimsuit ¥ 1710

When choosing a printed swimsuit,

Keep a dark single design at the waist and abdomen, so that the bright color pattern is concentrated on the chest,

It also has the effect of visual transfer.

Pierre Mantoux Swimsuit ¥ 629

Cover the thighs

As long as you don’t put water,


The most popular swimsuit is children’s favorite small skirt style.


In fact


Generally professional sports or swimsuit brands will not add extra skirt design,

It increases the resistance during swimming and impact. So a girl who is obsessed with this, Xiaobian recommends his father Ma.

Pamoe pose skirt swimsuit is not priced

There is really no fundamental solution to wear a swimsuit leg. In terms of visual effects, it is also possible

Using the method of “upper shallow and deep” and “single printed under the single” to shift the sight,

Let people ignore your legs.


Speedo Coast Line series conjoined swimsuit ¥ 519


As much as possible

Avoid high -slit styles,


Although it can lengthen the legs, the meat that comes out is even worse,


The swimsuit design of the flat -angle design can at least cover the fat of the hips and thigh roots.

Chuu wave dot swimsuit 波 320

YVONNEB classic alphabet back zipper four -corner conjoined swimsuit ¥ 532



If you are confident enough about your body, the muscles of the whole body are obvious and there is no fat, please

Think of all kinds of hollow and lace -up “mind models”,

After all, I have to show it out for so long.

Jade Swim Collision’s shoulder -to -shoulder swimsuit $ 257


Minkpink Gelato p Swimsuit € 65

Topshop green stripe hollow swimsuit £ 29

Although there is no fat, the curve is not obvious, Xiaobian

Recommended eye -catching bright colors and prints,

It is more vibrant and more attractive than dark.

EMMA PAKE Bianca Shoulder Elbish Tie Jewelry Swimsuit $ 374

Victoria ’s Secret Pink Swanal velvet sexy cutout conjoined swimsuit ¥ 249


After reading this conscience recommendation, I don’t know if you have discovered it,

The best swimsuits are those styles that “can’t cover everything”

(Smile face). So even for these beautiful swimsuits, you have to work hard to train!

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