We all know “Money”, that is, “money”, but what does “Good Money” mean?

It’s not “good money”! What is that? Come and learn! There are many such expressions in English. We all know a single word, but the group is different from what we think! These expressions are also very simple and practical! Learn together.


Good Money

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“Good Money” is “good money” from the surface of the word, but this is not understood! What the hell is it?

Let’s look at the English explanation of “Good Money”:

an amount of money that you think is laarge.

That is, “high salary; quite a lot of money.”

So here is the number of money. So how does “Good Money” use in spoken language?


Chinese pains usually pay money for education.

Chinese parents spent a lot of money on children’s education.

I paid good money for this jacket, and now look at it -it’s ruined!

I bought this jacket for a lot of money. Look, it’s all destroyed!

funny Money


Funny money

In addition to the meaning of “funny; interesting”, “funny” also means “deception (sex); suspicious; not light”.

Therefore, the real meaning of “Funny Money” is: fake banknotes; money that is unknown; black money.

Making funny money is illegal.

Making fake coins is illegal.

be made of money

In some American dramas, we will see the phrase “Be Made of Money”, Be Made of is made by … “Be Made of Money” is “made by money”?

“Be Made of Money” English explanation: To be rich, Chinese is “rich, rich”.

In fact, this can be linked with the surface meaning. How to use it?

I have had several boots, I can’t afford any more-I’m not made of money.

I already have a few pairs of boots, I can’t buy it anymore, I am not a rich man.

marry Money

Marry money

good是好,money是钱,那good money是什么意思?

“Marry Money” does not mean “marry money.”

The real meaning is: marry a rich man; marry a rich man.

One way to get right is to get marry money.

One way to get rich is to marry rich people.

be in the money

In the pile

Literally, what state if a person is “in the pile of money”? That’s right, it means very rich.

I’m be in the money once I get the inheritance.

After I get the inheritance, I will become very rich.

About “Money

“More expressions

have money to burn useless money

Money Talks Money Money is a bit like “money can make ghosts push” in Chinese.

For my money, according to me, in my opinion

Dear Money’s loan; high -interest borrowing

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