1. Investment [ɪnˈvestmənt]

n. Investment, investment amount; (time, energy, etc.) investment

The action of public, effort, time, etC. Into some to make a propit or get an advantage, or the money, effort, time, eTC. Used to do this.

Reference example:

1. IT TOOK TOOK Years BeFore I Recouped my Investment. I took two years to recover.

2. The Success of the Project Pivots on Investment from Abroad. The success of this project depends mainly on foreign investment.

2. EVIDENTLY [ˈEvɪdədli]

adv. Obviously, obviously visible

in a way that is easy to see

1. They we evidence tring to frienden the public into obedinence.

2. He was evidently too tired to go any further.

3. Prosperity [prɒˈsperəti]

n. Prosperity, prosperity, success

the state of bebing successful and having a lot of money

1. I Wish You The Life of HAPPINESS and Prosperity. I wish you a happy life and good luck.

2. A Prosperity Never Seen Before Appeared in the CountrySide.

4. AX []KS]

n. Ax

an Edge Tool with A Heavy Bladed HEAD MOUNTED ACROSS A Handle

1. He cut a hoLE Through the Will with An Ax.

2. He back a large ax. He brought a large ax.

5. Woollen [‘wʊlən]]

adj. Wool -making; wool

Made of wool

1. He wore a woollen vest beneath his shirt. He wears a wool vest in his shirt.

2. She Wear a Woollen Scarf. She surrounds a wool scarf.

6. NURSERY [rnɜ: səri]

n. Toro; Nursery

a Place where young child and babies are take of while their pain are working

1. They have decided to start up a nursery in the factory. They have decided to open a nursery in the factory.

2. Her Company run its own workplace nursery.

7. So-Called [səʊ kɔ: ld]


USED ​​to show that you think a word that is used to describe someone or something is not suitable or not correct

1. The the so -called Mainframe Machines. They are called the host.

2. Let’s see what this so -called button does. Let’s see why this button is called this name

8. Code [kdd]

n. Code, code, password; code, regulations, planning

a system of words, letters or signs which is used to reply a message in secret form, or a system of number, letters or simich is using battle

1. What’s the code for tianjin? What is the code of Tianjin?

2. Remember to use postal code. Do not forget the postal code.

9. Rebel [lRebl]

n. Traitors, uprisors; vi. Rebellion, resistance, dislike; adj. Rebellion, resistance, rebel

a person who is opposed to the political system in their country and tries to change it using force , or a person who shows their disagreement with the ideas of people in authority or of society by behaving differently

1. The Rebel Army is attempting to subvert the Government.

2. The Rebel Army Has Readjusted Its Strategy. The rebels have re -adjusted the strategy.

10. Dental [enDentl]

adj. Teeth, dental

Relating to the teeth

1. You can get Free Dental Treatment. You can get free tooth therapy.

2. I have underGone a Major Dental Operation.

11. Composition [ˌkɒmpəˈzɪʃn]

n. Composition, ingredients; composition, composition; (music, etc.) works

a piece of music that someONE HAS Written

1. He played a piece of music of his own composition.

2. His composition has improved. His composition has improved.

12. bug [b ]g]

n. Worm; failure; eavesdropper; vt. entanglement; pretend to be an eavesdropper

a very Small Insect

1. There is a bug in the system. The system fails.

2. The Bird Caught A Bug on the Fly. The bird caught an insect in the flight.

13. Enrollment [ɪn’rəʊlmənt]

n. Number of registered or registered;

The act of enrolling

1. You will be given a reading list at Enrollment. When you register, you will receive a reading book.

2. I just got the enrolment notice from frican university.

14. Avenue [vvənju:]

n. Toron Tao; Street; approach, means

a wide Road, with time or tall buildings on both size, or a wide countryside path or root with time

1. This is a shady Avenue. This is Linyin Avenue.

2. He drave Slowly. The Avenue was crowded with people. He slowly drove because the street was crowded with people.

15. imply [ˈmˈplaɪ]

vt. suggest; meaning

To Communicate An Idea or Feeling with Saying It Directly

1. Cheerfulness doesian’t alway attrah happiness. Happyness does not always mean happiness.

2. What did she imply in her words? What does her words mean?

16. Goodness [ˈgʊdnəs]

n. Goodness, good deeds, virtues

The Part of Something, ESPECIALLY of Food, which is good for health

1. Wood you have the goodness to turn off the radio?

2. Thank goodness, we’ve found a cure for the disease. Okay, this disease is saved !!

17. MOULD [m mld]

n. Model, model, mold, mold, temperament; vt. Crystal

a Soft Green or Grey Growth Which Develops on Old Food or on Objects that has left for too long in warm wet air.

1. He Will Mould a Child Into An Excellent Basketball Player. He made the child into an excellent basketball player.

2. This is a mored of pudding. This is the mold of pudding.

18. CEASE [si: s]

n. Stop, end; vi. Stop; vt. Stop; end

To Stop Something

1. The two parties make a bargain to cease file.

2. You Will Never CEASE to Learn As Long as you live.

19. Orbit [ɪ: Bɪt]

n. Rail; vt. Make running along orbit; enters the orbit operation; vi. Run along orbit, circulate

The Curved Path Through Who Objects in Space Move Around A Planet or Star

1. The Space Rocket Was Launches and Went Into orbit.

Reference example:

Reference example:

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Reference example:

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Reference example:

2. We can draw the economic is orbit round the sun.

20. Optional [ˈɒpʃənl]


If sething is optional, you can choose when, pay it, build it,

Reference example:

1. The goods are optional, but only one. These items can be selected, but only one can be selected.

2. It is optional with you. That is your freedom.