At 291.5 in the evening, there was a batter, which could not be sold for ten minutes.^_^

The newly bought work clothes, the “real PU leather” jacket … Hey, only 102, and the velvet.The trial was very suitable, and Matsui threw the previous bald leather coat.

My daughter is sick in the past two days, so I can only ask for leave at home.I ca n’t eat anything for the time being. I feel very aggrieved. I took the medicine in the afternoon and listed the wish list at home. The uncle was allowed!^_^


The agricultural banks have been given at six o’clock in the past few days!After eating at home in the afternoon, I came to the stall … The leftovers fried egg fried rice, sea oyster tofu soup … It seems that for more than three years, the first time I had dinner at home and came out of the stall!^_^


The bitter scum buns who sleep hard …

Tianya Xiong Er Shandong miscellaneous grain pancake