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I can always see the babies with thick eyebrows and big eyes on the wall painting. Parents will also buy such pictures of baby to put them in front of their beds, especially in women who are preparing for pregnancy. I hope I can see the baby in the painting every day. It will also give birth to such a beautiful child, but how the child’s appearance is affected by genetic genetics, instead of looking at the baby wall painting casually, it will give birth to a beautiful baby.

The “most beautiful baby girl” is the peak of birth, and the face value becomes an Internet celebrity. Nurse: Rarely encountered angel

Most babies will be wrinkled when they are born, and even the skin will have redness. For the newborn children, this phenomenon is normal.

Because the long -term baby is soaked in the mother’s belly, the damage to the baby’s skin is also very great

When birth, it will also cover a layer of fetal fat to protect the baby.

Recently, a newborn baby girl was on fire, and after birth, a mother was unintentional between Bao Ma’s unintentional

The photos taken for the baby were passed on the net,

I didn’t expect it to become popular on the Internet. I thought it was the joy of sharing the baby’s birth.


The baby instantly became “net red”.

After being born by others, the skin is red, and the facial features cannot be seen, and there will be a layer of white fetal fat, but after the baby girl is born

, Big eyes, fair skin, and the facial features are very clear. When you sleep, the corners of your mouth will show a sweet smile.


Such a “angel girl” on earth believes that she will like anyone who watched it. After watching the nurse who has been connected to the birth, they all said:

“I have never seen such a baby, and it is so beautiful to be born.

The baby’s uncle sees that her newborn niece became popular online and teased:

“I can be an Internet celebrity when I was born. This is not treated.”

There are also many netizens left a message to share their babies:


“When our eldest son was born, it was an ugly, and it was impossible to look directly.”

“Such a beautiful baby girl is really rare, and most babies are born ugly.”



Due to many reasons, the faces look ugly after birth after birth. In fact, don’t worry. They will slowly change their children during the development of the baby. The children’s various functions are gradually developing. How much improved,

“Don’t throw a newborn baby, just raise it.”

Why is it ugly when the baby was born?


Reasons 1: Baby is soaked in amniotic fluid for a long time

In the uterine environment, the baby is soaked in amniotic fluid for a long time, which will also cause the skin folds and redness. The tires wrapped in birth at birth will also make people feel uncomfortable. This is the many newborn The cause of ugliness, but with the development of time, the skin will continue to improve, and the fetal fat will slowly fall.

Reason 2: Squeeze of the birth canal

When the baby is born, the birth canal will be passed. Because the baby’s bone development is not very complete, it will also cause the production channel to squeeze, resulting in deformation of the skull. The correct sleeping position guidance will slowly recover.


Reason 3: The facial features are not clear


When the baby is born, the facial features will not be able to see that they look like a mother or more like a father. They are caused by the baby’s facial features when they are born. The baby’s facial features will become clearer.

Pay attention to your baby’s physical development:


Learn related parenting knowledge:

During the continuous development of the baby, if the novice parents have no experience, they must timely learn some parenting knowledge from the experienced parents or read books, which is conducive to the healthy development of the baby. Pay attention to the growth rate of the baby. The baby conducts a physical examination.

Follow the child’s physical condition:

Parents are most afraid that their children will have some diseases when they are young. When the baby is sick, the parents always accompany them. When the parents usually care about the child’s dynamics, they should seek medical treatment in time when the child feels uncomfortable. Or take some measures, it is also a good means.

The healthy growth of the baby affects the parents’ hearts. Parents hope that their children will spend their lives carelessly. They do not ask their children to become rich and rich in their lives, but ask their children to live safely for a lifetime.

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