What kind of sparks will the casual T -shirt+gentle floral skirt collide? Let’s take a look at this summer how many celebrities are wearing this way of wearing.

The floral skirt is the killer of many gentle girls in the past two years. The style is salty or sweet. No matter what occasions, you can find the most suitable way of dressing it. The combination of sweet -style shirts+floral skirts that had been popular before was loved by girls. The sweet style of floral skirts, if you want to wear a little different, how can you make it more foreign? Let Xiaobian take you to unlock its new style of wear.

T -shirt+floral skirt mix and match style demonstration


Half -body skirts usually have no limitations to their figure, and they are friendly for girls with any figure. Even girls with more wide thighs can be perfect




Avoid the shortcomings and wear your own style. But the differences in the details of the small style can also allow girls to find the most suitable style to wear.

Look1, gentle girl girl

The lotus skirt skirt creates a light and elegant feeling. The flower side of the flower skirt can flutter with the wind, which is more gentle and delicate visually, suitable for gentle and intellectual girls. The top with a lamp sleeve T -shirt, the color is mainly light -colored. The accessories with 18 k or 14K gold, simple bracelet necklace. This style of girls is generally based on a gentle personality, and the hair style should also be more gentle with long hair shawls, and makeup requirements are more suitable for more clean makeup.

Look2, MIN

· Match a baseball cap

The style is a sexy girl with a large proportion of lumbosa,

The waist of the skirt is high -end waist style. Comparison of thin waist+width ratio will make girls with such figures more sexy and stylish than thin girls without meat! However, if the whole set is too sexy, it will make people feel aesthetic fatigue, and it requires neutral and handsome elements to neutralize. You can put a neutral baseball cap, which will make the whole set look less sweet and refreshing.

· With silhouette suit jacket

Avoid making people feel that they are too “mother” to wear a universal method is to match a silhouette suit outside all the whole set.

This will definitely make your cool and frustrated index soaring. The silhouette suit version itself is too large, and it will look more “men”, but its overall cutting will have a kind of wrapped body, which will reflect the thin body. This style usually gives people a strong effect.

The color of the suit: nude black gray universal color is a matching color that can be selected.


· Match with boots

The handsome high boots can also reduce the sweetness of the floral skirt.

The boots itself has a tough temperament, and you can also modify the calf

Leg shape

The problem of the foot, the dark boots will look more free and easy to match.


When the weather turns cold, the outside of the floral skirt is paired with a leather jacket, the lower body with boots, and it is still a warm and practical set. The early autumn season is also very suitable for such a match.


LOOK3, Monet’s art girl


The bright colorful floral skirt rendered by Monet Garden is more suitable for the wear of the Mori girl, full of artistic atmosphere.

The retro printing on her body seemed to be the girl who came out of oil painting. This light pink background flower rendered skirt, with the pink top of the same color, is gentle in the bones. The most basic T -shirt style can be used. With a pair of small and exquisite earrings, there is no extra decoration.

Bags: Recommended underarm bags will be more fashionable.

Wearing a “T -shirt+floral skirt”, adding accessories will be more fashionable and delicate

① Pearl accessories

The skirt pattern of floral flowers will be more biased towards sweet girls. Many French Japanese wearing bloggers usually choose such patterns. Such a style skirt+a pair of pearl earrings will be more textured and more temperament.


Sweet -style girls recommend choosing a warm -colored floral skirt to be visually more sunny. Do not choose dark background colors to avoid feeling too dull and old -fashioned.

You can also match some straw elements on your body to increase the comfort of summer.

② Grass -made cap+Lococo accessories

The court style Lococo jewelry itself has a full retro feeling. There is both a luxurious smell, and it will not make the match become vulgar. Its style can be simple or exaggerated, which can make the whole set more “heavy”.

Putting on a floral skirt and pairing with them is the feeling of a princess living in the manor, and then with a small round hat to increase the lively sense, the whole person is a fashionable and elegant girl.

③ The matching of silk scarf



The hair accessories are on the head and are the most French way of wear.

You can tie the silk scarf on the neck on the head at will, or you can wrap the scarf on the entire head. Don’t use it as a headscarf, just use a silk scarf. The choice of color should echo the skirt, the color cannot be echoed, and the pattern is not similar, so it will be messy. The makeup on the face is equipped with a large area of ​​blush, and there is a natural sense of French girl.

Don’t blindly upper body, pay attention to the “floral skirt” minefield:


Thunder Area ①: The skirt is too hypertrophic

The skirt is relatively fat, and it is not suitable for girls who are fat on the upper body. The matching of the top should not choose a loose style. The whole person will look procrastinating without the point. The top of the top should be trimmed as much as possible, which is compared with the looseness of the lower body, which will make people look slimmer.

Thunder Area ②: fishtail skirt+sports shoes


The skirt of fishtail skirts, the style itself is biased towards femininity, and it is not suitable for such a complicated sports shoes. In addition to suitable French ballet shoes,

Thin belt

Sandals and so on are more women’s combinations. You can also match sneakers, but you need simple canvas shoes to add some lively sense.

Thunder Area ③: Avoid the version of the disagreeable figure

There are more fat on the buttocks and thighs. Girls with width should avoid A -line skirts.

Such skirts are generally tightened. If there are more meat in the hips and crotch, it will feel very bloated.

This kind of skirt is more suitable for girls with thinner figures. Not only can the lower body look more abundant, but also make the upper body look thinner.

Thunder Area ④: Lao Lao Lao Pattern

This black -and -white flower pattern is easy to show old!

The pattern of this style has a black pattern full of black, the pattern with black side, and the style of the flowers should also pay attention to the choice. Women’s favorite flowers style is more mature. Moreover, the skirt is too monotonous, and there is almost no design tailor. These two points are one of them.

Whether it is a casual style or a sweet style, the floral skirt is the most beautiful item in summer. You can return you to a sweet little girl in a second, you can also return you to retro women’s style in one second, or you can dress you as a princess. Everyone must hurry up and remember its main points.