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Sale on January 7 at 11 am

Important reminder


One piece of free shipping in the audience

, Remote areas (Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia) are not free shipping. The epidemic blocking area is not shipped and delayed delivery. The specific store settings are subject to.


Support for 7 days without reason to return and exchange

, Return to the product cannot affect the secondary sales,

It exceeded 7 days after receiving the goods

Non -quality issues will no longer be accepted.



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The special sale event knows in advance that it is not lost to buying good goods.


activity details

The year -end feast is hotly open

This event is a

Mixed sale

The goods cover clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.

They are all the products of some brand foundries

Some of the fashion brands, there are also sports brands

More miscellaneous, not a lot of quantities

Mainly shoe


Everything is very good

The main price is very low

Basically, the price of cabbage

The kind of grabbing by hand

Suppliers tell us some goods

It is left over to the production of foreigners’ brand foundry

It will indicate foreign trade or original orders when the product goes online

About the original order

Actually, I am also benevolent

Because there are too many goods on the market that are under the banner of the original single

We have also confirmed it again and again with the supplier

Get the supplier’s affirmation answer

Only decided to go online

But I think the price of our activity


It’s worth starting

Because they are basically

Tag price

Even lower

So I think I can basically do not hesitate

Let me recommend a few of them

The first is a Vietnamese agency shoes

The shoes use Vibram golden base to like sports and outdoor friends. Many of them know that the cost of this base is more than 100

If it was not the cause of the epidemic, it would definitely not be so cheap to get this batch of goods

The official price is basically $ 150-170

We only need 189 yuan here


Then there is a welfare model

Our domestic light -back force

A shoe with a strong sense of design

Personally think it is suitable for buying back to make couple shoes

The price is very cheap,

As long as 39.9, and the free shipping

The next recommendation is

Domestic brand


Okang, who is famous for leather shoes

A lot of this event

Their brand’s sneakers and dad shoes

There are also some joint models, friends can take a good look

Finally, I recommend one to you

Parent -child cotton

Is NASA’s factory order

It is also because the epidemic cannot be delivered

It’s cheap now


Suitable for yourself to buy and give children at home

It is very suitable to make parent -child outfits

And the price is affordable


Dozens of new paragraphs have been added in the store this event

Main shoes, and some clothes

I will not introduce them one by one

New products this time

You can place an order without brain

The only thing that needs is to fight the hand speed

Because the hand is slow, it may be out of stock


Let’s go to the store to choose

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