Common style of ladies sweater

1. Pack -hip slim -fitting wool sweater. This kind of wool sweater reveals a noble and delicate sense of delicate style.


2. A -shaped long wool sweater. It feels like it is thin and reflects elegance and femininity.

3. H -shaped wool sweater. This kind of popularization is suitable for all kinds of body shape, and the touching feeling is approachable.

4, cardigan. Such clothes are simple and must be necessary.

5. Bat shirt. The consistent basic characteristics of such clothes are that the sleeves are fat. Give it to feel thin and highlighting mature femininity.

6. Conventional models. This kind of sweater with a simple shape is strongly suitable for reflecting widely.

Women’s woolen sweater style design

Ladies wool sweater style

In addition to the main sweaters, in addition to cardigan, jackets, vests, pants, skirts, there are hats, scarves, shawls, gloves, socks and suits.

Craccirt: round neck cardigan, V -neck cardigan, lapel cardigan, banana collar shirt, and correction collar, cheongsam collar, green fruit collar, stand -up collar, suit collar and other cardigan;

Sweet shirts: round neck shirt, bottle collar (including two over, three lapels, etc.), shirts, ring collar shirts, as well as ruffled collar, apricot collar, U collar, one word collar, etc.;


Vests: have neck, collarless, round neck open vest, etc.;

Women’s skirts: dresses, folding skirts, cheongsam skirts, tube skirts, pants skirts and skirts, etc.;

Pants: flared pants, straight pants, suit pants, bodybuilding pants, etc.

Young women and middle -aged and elderly women have different needs for clothing

Young female: they generally like the style of the body and loose body; the cardigan has standing collar, suit collar, large lapel, etc.; Often uses some bright colors, such as sea blue, grass green, beige, white, etc. Long -tight shirts, wide -body wide -sleeved shirts, wing -sleeved shirts, bat sleeve shirts, flared sleeve shirts, etc.; Young women also like various sets of sets;

Middle -aged and elderly women: They are relatively calm and stable in their own personality. They ask the wool sweater and clothing to have elegant, chic, and stable, so stable and generous. Wool sweater is interested. Elderly women are generally suitable and like to wear cardigan.

Shape design

The lady’s sweater -style shape design has a variety of body, loose body, straight type and other forms.

The design of the body should pay attention to reflecting the beautiful and graceful lines of women;

The design of loose body must be elegant and chic;

The straight design should be simple and bright.

Features of women’s body shape

“Clothing is the second skin of the human body.” The design of the lady’s sweater style must first consider the characteristics of women’s body shape, that is, the women’s shoulders are narrow and tilted, the measurements are obvious, and the entire body lines are soft and full of changes; Women have a gentle, quiet, and have the nature of decorating decoration. Therefore, the sweater design conception must be based on the beauty and elegance, and avoid stereotypes. It should focus on changes in the shape and color, and use clever decorative embellishment.