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Tomorrow is the beginning of autumn. After the beginning of autumn, it will really enter autumn, but despite this, the breath of summer is still strong. Take advantage of the late summer season, grab its tail, and put it on all the summer clothes!

To say that in the summer, in addition to wearing skirts, what pants are popular. Lily thinks that white pants can be tried boldly. Don’t think that white pants are very fat to wear. The key is to see if you will match it yourself! Take a look at the wearing methods of people below, it is very fashionable ~

This summer, white pants are still very popular, although most women are very exclusive to this color, but

As long as you choose the right version, you can wear it thin and beautiful.

For the lower body ratio and perfect figure, you can choose this micro -rala to tight -fitting models, which can be put on the perfect leg lines!

In terms of matching, even if you choose a dark color top to match, it will not create a sense of dullness. The dark shirt design of this bubble sleeve design, loose version, is very comfortable and thin. The combination of upper Panasonic is thin, how can it be thin, there are wood?


If your leg shape is relatively thick and not straight, then when choosing white pants in summer, be sure to

The two pants types of straight tube and wide -legs are preferred.

The pants version with moderate width is too thin to wear. It is important to set off the legs perfectly!


The length of the pants of the nine points is most suitable for small girls to wear, and it is easy to create a tall sense and long legs!


The shirt with a shirt or T -shirt is good -looking. For women in the workplace, you can wear various colors of suit jackets, capable of capable suit, and match with white jeans. The overall looks not so official and very temperamental.

Taking advantage of the summer, put it in the summer! Like the popular white pants this year, wearing it is too refreshing and clean, the key is very versatile!

Nine -point micro -shaped white pants,

It is important to set off the legs perfectly. It is also very temperamental and elegant, and femininity.

For the matching of the top, older women, Lily is recommended with shirts. This chiffon shirt with a little design sense is not only comfortable and breathable, but also very detailed.

The light blue tone, combined with clean white pants, is also very good.


Women who enter middle -aged and elderly people, whether they are in the workplace or commuting shopping, can be worn like this, plus high heels, it is quite charming.

If you are tired of the dull and monotonous black pants, then you may wish to prepare a few more white pants for yourself this summer, clean and versatile without picky white, like black, it is very friendly. It is only compared to the thin effect of black, and the white pants can only show the thin side when choosing the right version.

Like the white high -waisted straight trousers worn on the day, the version is very stiff, so that a pair of pants are thinner, and the legs are very straight.

Choose a light yellow sleeveless shirt to match, it looks very temperament and gentle,

Such a low -key and not wrong color matching combination, it is right to learn!

For the matching of white pants, pay more attention to the problem of color combinations,

In this way, we can quickly enhance the fashion of the entire wear. Look at this set of black and white matching, which is too advanced. White denim straight pants are really suitable Essence

Black long lantern sleeve shirts, seemingly simple styles. In fact, the details of the sleeves are very strong. The loose cuffs can help you hide the shortcomings and deficiencies of the thickness of the arm. The thin effect is really good.

After wearing a long chain, it has enhanced a lot of fashion for the entire shape.

Exquisite and tasteless dress.


The white single shoes stepped on the feet echoed the color of the pants. It was very harmonious and beautiful. Women who were 30 or 40 years old were worthy of reference.



Nine -point length of white straight pants,

It is really friendly to women with short legs. The most important thing is to easily wear a thin effect. Such a simple style pants,

You can spend more thoughts on the top,

Choosing the method of stacking can improve the fashionable style, camel knitted sleeveless shirt, plus the knitted shawl of the same color, which is quite uniform, not only creating a sense of layering, but also good -looking.

The first feeling of camel and white color is very temperamental and elegant. Girls who like to wear white pants in summer can learn from it, it is very fashionable ~


Well, the above is all of Lily’s sharing today. Thank you for your heart reading. This summer, it is still very popular to wear white pants.

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