The cold wave strikes, are you ready for warm clothes? I recommend six US military cold -proof jackets, which can not only resist the cold, but also resist the trend of the times.

Many people think that military uniforms have nothing to do with the general people of us. In fact, the history of dressing is largely drawn from the process of combat clothing. The Parker coats, double -breasted coats, horn buckle coats, dirt tails, camouflages, camouflage, camouflage Uniforms, baseball uniforms, flight jackets, field jackets, etc., are actually evolved from military uniforms.

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Before that, you can take a look at the following articles to understand the design and development of military coats and the change of military uniforms:


“Military uniform is the handle of the fashion industry! On the impact of military style on modern fashion “”

What is MA-1 that has been mixed into the fashion circle for decades? “


“The Men’s Matching Guide II, the classic items that are not drowned by the trend! Only vintage undefeated “

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Military uniforms have long been one of the most enduring trends of civil clothing. Many men’s classics were born on the battlefield. Therefore, military style is still the mainstream of contemporary men’s clothing. From a full set of dresses to jungle camouflage to winter jackets; from anti -mainstream culture to advanced customization, street clothing to retro workers, most of our wardrobes have several sets of “killing” clothes with military design characteristics Essence

When we see the original use of these clothing, it is easy to understand why they are still very popular in today’s civil clothing. Taking the PEA Coat double -breasted coat as an example, the double -breasted and inverted collar design can be used to resist the wind brought by the turbulent waves. There is also a MA-1 flight jacket, which can be said to be the most popular military flight suit ever. It is also a classic of the US Air Force Flight Services for more than 50 years. The personnel designed, characterized by the green shell of the sage, the orange inside, the pilot was shot down, and the jacket could be turned over to get an emergency life service. The bright orange can help rescuers quickly discover and rescue.


N1 deck clothing (DECK JACKET)

With the Second World War, the US Navy developed a special uniform that can resist cold weather for sailors and navigators. It is famous for its outstanding windproof and warmth performance. It is known as the “N1” deck suit. N1 can be said to be the most popular and most commonly used uniform during World War II. It was designed at the end of 1943. It consists of a wearing cotton “jungle cloth” shell. This jacket originally used the navy blue color, but later, in order to better disguise and concealed, it was replaced by olive and khaki, with warm alpaca lining, windproof cuffs and hidden hats. The back of this jacket is printed with the names of sailor or ships. Its life span is much longer than the war years. Due to the practical and iconic style, the racer in the 1950s and the 1960s motorcycle player adopted this. Style jacket.


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N-3B snorkeling Paika Snorkel Parka


N-3B was originally released by the US Air Force in 1958. It is one of the most well-known heavy military leather coats. Because its zipper can be pulled up all the way, covering most of the face, only the eyes can be revealed, which can resist extremely cold weather. , So it is commonly known as “Snorkel Parka”. This clothing aims to provide warmth and protection even in the most severe cold weather environment. Since its birth, there has been almost no change, which proves its eternal design and functions. It has knitted cuffs, two waist bags, two chest bags, reinforced elbow patch, windshield placket, synthetic fur hat decoration, nylon shell and polyester lining. This dress was originally produced in olive gray and was widely used in the second half of the 20th century until it is still popular until today.

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N2B Parka (Parka)

As the brother model of the N-3B Parker coat, N-2B is a short version of N-3B launched at the same time. This jacket is mainly distributed to the crew assigned to troops transportation, helicopter and strategic bomber. It is said that the rated temperature of the jacket is 60 ° F (about 15.5 degrees Celsius). Many functional designs as N-3B are used, including nylon shells, polyester lining, windshield, fur caps, and chest pockets. However, N-2B also uses knitted belts and cuffs, split-type hat pockets with zipper, and “direct” pockets, so that pilots can touch their pants without exposing their hands and low temperatures. Military giant Alpha Industrial Corporation produced this kind of clothing for the US Department of Defense (DOD) from 1963 to 1996. Because this jacket was very popular, a civilian style was launched in the late 1980s.


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A2 deck clothing (DECK JACKET)

Due to the success of N1 deck clothes and the popularity of the public, it is difficult for the US Navy to follow. It has all the characteristics of a well -designed and fully functional clothing. However, by the 1960s, with the development of clothing design and fabrics, N1 is no longer made for the army, and the change of the version has developed a new deck suit -A2 deck clothing is launched. Do not work with A2 Flying jackets are confused. The A2 deck jacket is made of an olive earth brown cotton shell and synthetic velvet lining. With two side bags, side tunnels, zipper design and a unique left chest pocket, the clothes remain simple but practical. With its predecessor, A2 has become another iconic cold -proof suit, with more modern tailoring and softer synthetic lining, although it is far less famous than N1.

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Tankers jacket

The “tank jacket” of the US Army was officially named “

Winter jacket/

“Battle jackets” are usually worn by armored personnel, and other arms are also coveted to it.

Make this dress


It looks very representative and easy to identify. first set




The jackets use a loose collar, hem, and cuffs, with two stickers, a full -length zipper, bilateral back and wool lining. The short and four -square tailoring of the waist has welcomed this jacket by all ground forces. It can be said that it is more well -known “Field Jacket” and


more popular. Like most army jackets during World War II, the shell of this jacket is light khaki, and the lining is dark olive. The second style of the jacket is basically the same as the previous style, but the bag is replaced with internal hand -warming pockets. This dress is very popular, so that when the soldiers were stationed in South Korea and the Far East in the 1950s, they often worn titan jackets tailored.


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Army Jeep coat (Mackinaw Jeep Coat)

The US Army McKino, commonly known as the “Gypeous Car Coat”, is a kind of cold coat released in the late 1930s. It is suitable for those who do not participate in the operation, including rear supporters and drivers, and usually senior officers. Since its launch in 1938, the jeep coat has experienced many obvious changes. It was originally made of thick cotton duck skin and olive brown wool lining, characterized by double -breasted front, unique shawl collar, two side bags and a belt. The characteristic of the first style is that he can see the blanket lining that has been extended outside the collar, but the second style is canceled. The third style is further developed, characterized by the collar with incision, rather than the early style of the round shawl collar. In addition, the outer layer is olive brown cotton house, not a heavier fabric used in the first and second styles.

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