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A pregnant mother in the group is about to give birth, and she is preparing clothes for the baby, but I do n’t know what kind of preparation and a few sets of preparation, so the mothers who have given birth to the baby in the group ~

This should be a problem that many expectant mothers will encounter during pregnancy. Prepare clothes for newborn babies. I usually feel very simple. When I really prepare, there are many problems. Can help all kinds of help.


Next, Jingma will share some of her own experience: how to prepare clothes for newborn babies? What aspects need to be considered when preparing clothes.

Consider 1. The season when the baby is born

To put it bluntly, it is based on the seasonal temperature to prepare clothes for newborn babies.

For example, now it is autumn

And Tianer is getting colder and cooler, then you must prepare thin clothes with long sleeves, otherwise those who prepare short sleeves may soon buy new clothes, because the baby is cold;

If the baby is born after October


It is a bit cold in the north. In addition to preparing long -sleeved underwear, you also need to prepare a thin jacket to wear it when you go out;

If it is a baby born around December

, That is, when it is born in winter, according to the indoor temperature, it is necessary to prepare a thin underwear suit or a warm underwear suite with a velvet, and then it is best to prepare a good warm down jacket and wear it when you go out;

But if the baby’s due date is spring and summer

, Born in the season when adults are wearing short -sleeved, you can prepare ultra -thin long -sleeved long -sleeved or short -sleeved clothes for your baby.


Consider 2. The number and size of the clothes

General newborn baby clothes

The size is the age

The minimum number is No. 52 (suitable for babies in confinement). Babies who grow fast may be small after full moon. You need to wear clothes on No. 59 (suitable for 1-3 months of babies).

Then before the baby was born,

When preparing clothes, you can prepare 3-5 clothes first,

Because the clothes of newborn babies should be changed every day. If the baby is not wet, the 3 sets can almost be changed. If you use diapers, you may pull it or urine on the clothes, but there are 5 sets of 5 sets. It’s right.

The 3-5 clothes prepared in advance, including 2 sets of 52, can be prepared directly on the remaining 59, and try to wear No. 52 as much as possible in the confinement. The size is right.


Jingma reminds: The clothes for newborn do not have to be prepared too much,

Because such a small baby grows fast and prepares a lot, the baby has not had time to wear, and waste money has occupied places.

Consider the style of the clothes

Many expectant mothers go online or in the store to see, and find that there are many types of clothes for newborn babies. There is a monk suit with oblique plackets, with long sleeves and short sleeves. Which one is better?


Out of consideration to protect the baby’s belly and avoid cold, you can choose a monk service to wear it.

In this way, the baby is not easy to cool, and it is convenient to change urine.

If you want to take your baby out to bask in the sun or go out to play, it is easier to wear clothes.

But it is best to wear a small vest in it, which is not easy to get cold, but as to whether it is long -sleeved or short -sleeved, you can choose the local temperature according to the baby’s birth time.

Therefore, in summary, both the avatars and the one can prepare. in addition,

Babies born in autumn and winter, hats, socks, small vests, etc., are also necessary to prepare

,suggestions below:

1. Cotton underwear (clothes worn at home)

: Available or conjoined, you can prepare 3-5 sets;

2. Small vest

: 2-3 pieces, protect the small belly, it is recommended to buy long models, you can better protect the small belly, and you can wear it for a while;

3, conjoined clothes

: It is more convenient to wear it, you can prepare 1-2 pieces according to the local temperature;

4, others

: Small hat 1-2 tops (usually wearing when you go out, but some hospitals are waiting to be produced in the bag, which can be confirmed in advance); small socks buy in size, the smallest 2-3 pairs; in addition, there are some small blankets, there are some small blankets, and there are some small blankets. Small bag quilt, just prepare according to the actual situation.

In fact, there is no need to prepare too much in advance. Many pregnant mothers will stock up a lot of items during pregnancy, but in fact, there are some. After the baby is born, it can not be used or the usage rate is very low.

The living conditions are so convenient now. If what is needed, it is convenient to go to the mother and baby shop, supermarket or online to buy it. Therefore, Beijing Mom is more recommended to be able to use it during pregnancy. Some may be used. When you use it, buy it now.

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