I always thought that the tall wedding photos on wedding photography, baby photo, thousands of dollars, was reluctant to do it when I got married, I usually dare to look at the beautiful photos on the glass walls, for making it. I have never thought about my own photo magazine. In fact, in -depth understanding of this industry, you will find that this is not so difficult. In fact, you can make beautiful photo magazines at dozens of dollars. The magazine is your own exclusive, and you are the protagonist of the magazine.


After a long period of study, the thinker will satisfy your little wish and teach you how to make your own exclusive magazine. You can take it out at any time, or you can enjoy it for relatives and friends.




A smartphone, a computer, a software


Select the photos you need to use in your phone and save it to a separate folder to the computer (you can use data cables or cloud files)

Open the special design software (you need to use professional design software, this can be obtained for free)


Album design software

3. Open the design software

▼ ▼▼


4. Select photo books


Choice template

5. Select template

6. Open the template

Choose to import pictures, put the phone to the computer folder photo, and drag your favorite photos into the photo frame accordingly

Photo template

Each camera icon is a photo. The above can add text, color, picture style, increase the number of pages. If there are more photos and feel troublesome, you can also fill in the drawing directly and adjust it slightly after filling. In the end your work can be previewed.

7. You can preview here. The last album magazine made like this

Electronic magazine

If you want to make a physical paper magazine, as a concept of accompanying life, you need to let professional studio printing manufacturers produce


Last photo magazine looks like


How about, do you not be lost at all with the studio? Grandpa Mao can do two or three books. I studied a little more and saved a lot of money. What is important is that I have made a permanent memory. The joy cannot be measured with money?