#What to wear on the star#


Many people know Zhao Wei, but do not know her. Zhao Wei grew up into a mature and excellent actor, director, and producer, and also experienced many sharpening.


Zhao Wei was born in a small city in 1976 and has been independent since he was a child. Zhao Wei, six or seven years old, has learned to buy him early to school. At the age of 15, she was admitted to Wuhu Normal School, studying kindergarten teachers, and laid the first step in her learning performance.

In 1993, “Painting Soul” was shot in the city where Zhao Wei was located, and temporarily selected a group of actors in the school where Zhao Wei’s school was located.


Zhao Wei, who was in contact with the actor for the first time, was still very astringent. She played a green building woman without lines.

Because of this experience, 15 -year -old Zhao Wei tried to become an actor. After graduating from the normal school, 18 -year -old Zhao Wei rushed to Shanghai and obtained Xie Jinheng Tongxing School. After that, Zhao Wei kept refining himself.

Kung Fu was reluctant to care. In 1997, Zhao Wei was selected for the selection of “Returning Pearls” and won the opportunity to play “Little Swallow” with his own efforts. Later, everyone knew that Zhao Wei became popular throughout the river through “Returning Pearls”.

Now Zhao Wei is not only an excellent actor, but also successfully filmed excellent film and television works to become a director and producer, so Zhao Wei’s status in the entertainment industry cannot be shaken.

Now 44 -year -old Zhao Wei can be said to have a happy family. She also did not forget to keep her figure. At the age of 44, she was slender, and she was so beautiful in dresses in suspenders. She couldn’t see the traces of years.


Zhao Wei’s facial features are really recognizable. Although it is not the type of popularity in contemporary contemporary, big and bright eyes are definitely her logo, like speaking eyes.


Through our eyes, we can see emotions and the aura. Therefore, the eyes will also affect the state of the whole person. Whether a person is young has a great relationship with his eyes.


Large eyes are easy to show old, but this proposition obviously does not appear on Zhao Wei. In the magazine, she is still playful and smart, like the small swallow of the past.

The pure and simple white shirt looks like a student on Zhao Wei’s body, and is a student who has just stepped out of the school. The breeze blows over a burst of peach blossoms, setting off a light skirt, bringing a playfulness, laughter and laughter, let us walk into the innocent era.

In fact, people’s aesthetics are diversity, and everyone has different understanding of aesthetics, so aesthetics is a personalized product.

And Zhao Wei is obviously in the aesthetic point of many people. Although Zhao Wei rarely appears in front of the camera and rarely appears in the audience’s vision, many people will talk about Zhao Wei when it comes to the childhood goddess.

“Returning Pearls” has brought influences that are obviously not one or two sentences. Its existence has even affected the entire Asia and created many records.


In 2000, Zhao Wei starred in “Deep Love in Love” and played the female lead in the play. Although Yi Ping had a tragic family environment, she was strong and independent.


Zhao Wei is also a girl who keeps advancing with the times. Now the variety show is a fire. Zhao Wei and his friend Su Youpeng participated in the restaurant in the variety show, which was loved by many people.

Zhao Wei also has another identity, she is a singer. Zhao Wei has released the personal music album “Angel’s Travel Box”, and the singing is beautifully loved by the audience.

In 1994, Zhao Wei gave up the opportunity to distribute the work of the normal school and participated in the teacher of the performance school. After 2007, Zhao Wei once again advanced herself and was admitted to the Master of Art of the Director Department of the Beijing Film Academy, and conducted professional learning and training. Even though Zhao Wei was very good at that time, he must make yourself better, and you can catch it when the opportunity comes.


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