There are many car jewelry classifications, some car accessories have auxiliary effects on the owner, and some car decorations have a good viewing effect, but some car decorations may be harmful to the owner, and even threatened the safety of the owner at any time. Often this kind of car will often be this car. The decoration is still very popular, and many car owners are still like. Car accessories mainly refer to the car products used in the internal modification of the car, such as the car steering wheel sleeve and car jacket. Fully reflect the small, beautiful, and practical accessories of the owner’s personality.

The Yuemi brand is a brand specializing in car clothes manufacturing and creating car clothes in China. Yuemi existing products have undergone strict experimental tests, and the fabrics are superior to national standards. At present, the Yuemi brand has focused on the construction of automotive clothing brands, and successively launched car clothes with double coating flame retardant, nano -flame retardant, and gold flame retardant, etc., to meet the high requirements of blank requirements in the market. “Yuemi” car clothes can be made for different customers, fully meet the customer’s personalized requirements, and brings convenient, comfortable and warm and beautiful life experience to users. Our goal: with fashionable design, high -quality products, professional services, sufficient stocking, and fast logistics, it has become an excellent domestic car cover supply service brand.


The Yuemi brand car jacket uses nano and Oxford cloth as the raw material to use high -tech flame retardant technology to make professional brands of car jackets. Yuemi senior leadership concept is avant -garde, designers are active, so many aspects such as fabric production, functional development, and style design are constantly being new, and the technical level is a leading position in China. The fabrics include single -sided coating silver, double coating flame retardant, flame retardant leather oil, nano -flame retardant, and gold flame retardant. The fabric style is novel, the color is varied, one car is different, the style is different, dozens of hundreds of car clothes. We are serious. Based on the new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful services, and excellent quality as the foundation of survival. We always adhere to the user’s first service to customers, and insist on impressing customers with our own services.

Yuemi brand car coat respects the brand spirit of “solid, hard work, and responsibility, and uses integrity, win -win, creating business philosophy, rigorous management, standardized operation, greatly reduced loss and cost, providing you with 24 hours of services, comprehensive comprehensive services, comprehensive comprehensive services, comprehensive comprehensive To solve the needs of customers. Yuemi brings together a group of experienced professional and technical talents and excellent design elites. Today, the economy is increasingly developed, adhering to the concept of “what you think, for you”, closely capture the times Pulse, integrate the latest craftsmanship and materials into the development of each product, and provide convenience in accordance with market demand. Pay attention to every business, pay attention to every detail, and strive to provide the best quality and perfect services for each customer. Adhere to technological innovation Innovative craftsmanship, novel and unique product design, beautiful and practical, fashionable and simple, and are favored by customers and consumers.


The brand of this brand is also very good ~ The Yuemi brand has been engaged in the car direction of the car for many years, focused on quality, and is committed to creating high -quality environmental protection and stylish car direction sets. The perfect combination of admiration with nature, combined with the long -lasting Oriental culture from European fashion elements, uses high -quality leather materials with natural feelings, and is carefully created by modern advanced production technology. Features to ensure your quality requirements for directional plates. Due to the easy -to -carry, unique product characteristics, and excellent quality, after the emergence, it quickly became a must -have for each car owner. Vietnamese steering wheel sleeve brand uses domestic and foreign technical resources to successively develop automotive intelligence, automobile nobles to enjoy beauty, automobile ecological repair and other products, all show their competitive advantages with distinctive characteristics and excellent quality. Users’ praise.

The Yuemi brand advocates the characteristics of “fashion, high -quality, and practical”. To this end, we are committed to excellence with professional teams, continuously breaking through the barriers of technical levels, and continuously filled the blank in the design field. We take the initiative to provide effective market demand, and be the most trustworthy and strongest partner for customers.

Vietnamese steering wheel products, breathable and comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly, wear -resistant and durable, let the direction move freely, grasp the direction of everyone is a master of life. The Vietnamese brand adheres to the aggressiveness, advances with the times, develops innovation, and is committed to the development and development of automotive supplies.

Yuemi steering wheel sleeve is designed by professional designers according to the latest international trend. The product style is novel, unique, and deeply favored by consumers. Its exquisite and elegant shape, impeccable quality adds bright colors to China’s auto boutique market.


Yuemi steering wheel sleeve has a strong decorative nature, looks more fashionable, full of gentleman’s grace, comfortable feel, and elegant and elegant without emotion. Yuemi brings advanced protection concepts into Volkswagen’s fashion life, provides sincere services for users, and will always be at the forefront of the times and high -tech forefronts with the care and support of the majority of users. Adhering to the spirit of craftsmen, Yuemi will continue to develop and produce with peace of mind to consumers of car travel, and use responsibility and creativity to create the future of the brand.