In other words, how convenient is the inner ring elevated after opening to traffic?

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Take our Jining Zhongda BMW 4S shop,

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Colleagues in the north of the main urban area or the east of the city, it turned out to be at least 50 minutes by get off work, and it took more than an hour to meet a traffic jam. Now they get home 20 minutes every day, even faster than friends in the city! Don’t be too convenient!

There is also a relatively obvious change. Now we are prepared for customers who make appointments to the store every day, the amount of self -made pots, and afternoon tea is more than the original! It turns out that customers are difficult to arrive at the store 15 minutes in advance. Now half an hour in advance is easy ~

Jining Nei Ring Elevated, four main lines:

Northern Line Rencheng Avenue: East Lianliuxing Interchange, Zhang Lijiao in the west. The entire line is connected to Torch Road, Construction Road, Communist Youth League Road, Ji’an Bridge Road. It only takes 20 minutes to travel through the east and west of Rencheng Avenue!

Jishui Avenue on the West: Zhangli, South China, and Anju, Southern, and Southern. The entire line is connected to Changqing Road, Luohe Road, Taibailou Road, Car West Station Road, and West Road. It only takes a 30 -minute drive from the East East of Jining to Anju Street! From Anju Interchange to the east, connecting the inner rings of Jining Avenue.

Jining Avenue on the South Line: The entire line is connected to Ji’an Bridge Road, Lotus Road, Canal Road and Torch Road. After crossing the Laofu River, the line -shaped old road was connected to the north, and Ning’an Avenue was connected to the East Line on the north.

Ning’an Avenue on the East Line: East Line is connected to Ji Zou Road, Kaiyuan Road, Chongwen Avenue, Mencius Avenue. Connect to the eastern and southern regions of Jining.

It should be noted that the main road speed limit of the inner ring is 80, the limit is 2.9 meters, and the limited load is 30 tons. The auxiliary speed limit is 50. Ring export speed limit 40!

Not only that, the inner ring is connected to the surrounding high -speed high -speed interoperability, the elevated in 10 minutes, and 20 minutes to the high -speed high -speed rail.

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Take a few days before the Spring Festival, hurry up and book a car!

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Innovation Pure Electric BMW IX3 has arrived in the store and made an appointment for test drive a year ago. Is it not fragrant?

How dazzling is the new BMW 4 series double -door coupe? It’s better to see it!

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

There are also colorful MINI little cutes such as classic British green, romantic island blue, cool thunder gray, gentle pepper white, dazzling pepper red, etc.

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Disbin the navigation route map of you to the store, and contact the marketing department to receive exclusive gifts!

BMW keychain, exclusive mask, BMW bear blind box and so on!

Innovation, success, trust, and ecology sustainable

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Use innovation to happy your driving experience

Use innovation, care for your car experience

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

Use innovation to realize the “zero distance” people and car interconnection

Use innovation to keep all new possibilities

Innovation technology is the key to success

Responsible for your car, so that you can enjoy sustainable development of car services

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了


For more courtesy, please call Jining Zhongda Renbao sales hotline


For more car services and maintenance, please call

Jining Zhongda Renbao after -sales service hotline


Jining Zhongda Renbao always adheres to the customer -centric,

Follow BMW “innovation, customer -centric products

The brand core of service, ecological sustainable “,

The concept of continuous product innovation, social responsibility and sustainable development,

Layout the luxury car market to bring consumers a more front -end driving control experience

20分钟能干啥?沿内环高架到中达宝马看BMW iX3现车了

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