From the innovation of ingredients such as lobster moon cakes, crab yellow moon cakes, ice skin moon cakes, etc., to the “overwing” that is criticized, in recent years, the moon cake market has become more and more “inside”. What are the new tricks in the moon cake industry this year? The reporter visited the market and found that the moon cakes were also a blind box. Do you buy such a “gimmick”?

Co -branded blind box moon cakes, some people like someone to call “routine”

This year, a food company cooperated with Disney to launch a joint blind box moon cake. How can moon cakes be a blind box? Is the taste random? In a Hema Xiansheng in Nanjing, the reporter found this blind box moon cake. Blind box mooncakes are a carton printed with Disney classic cartoon image. The carton looks very thin and not heavy. The ordinary blind box toys on the top are almost the same, and the price is 25.8 yuan. The reporter found that the moon cake filling was also marked on the box. There are two options: creamy yellow and egg yolk white lotus. That is to say, the taste of moon cakes is not random.

It was smaller than buying a box of blind box moon cakes, and it was understood that its mystery was opened: It turned out that it was a Mickey image ball, and then opened the ball, which was the moon cake. “Mickey’s head is very cute, you can leave a small thing.” Small than to say that compared with Disney’s previous toys, the price of blind box moon cakes is quite close to the people. After eating moon cakes, leaving a decoration Cross boxes and iron boxes are meaningful.

“It is another routine that attracts children.” Ms. Citizen Ms. Cai told reporters that Disney Blind Box Mooncakes are divided into different series. There are cute styles such as Mickey Minnie, as well as Princess White Snow and Mermaid. Ms. Cai’s 6 -year -old daughter was a princess control. She bought several boxes in entanglement, not to eat moon cakes, just to gather her favorite princess.

All young and old are lined up, the most popular moon cake is it?

In addition to blind box moon cakes, crayfish moon cakes, crab yellow moon cakes, mustard salmon moon cakes, ice skin moon cakes, durian moon cakes, etc. Mixed -match moon cakes are still endless, and they are sold in some supermarkets and dessert shops. However, after the popularity of the “gimmick” passed, these mixed moon cake reputation was more average.

“I like crayfish, I can buy crayfish, I can buy crabs, why can I buy crabs, why do I force the combination with moon cakes?” Xiao Zhang said, some of the stuffing and moon cake skin did not taste. Small than that, moon cakes are actually more “rituals” in the Mid -Autumn Festival. These mixed -match moon cakes are not suitable for elders, and young people may not like it. Mooncake manufacturers are desperate to make gimmicks. Taste and reduce calories.

When it comes to traditional moon cakes, there are almost “people who are tired” and are also particularly popular. A few days ago, the “Shanghai Grandpa’s Drag Box Buy Nearly 200 Monthly Cakes” on Weibo Search, causing a lot of netizens to be curious: Su -style fresh meat moon cakes are so delicious? In this regard, many residents of Su Zhejiang and Shanghai can’t wait to “press Amway” immediately and tell friends from foreign friends how fragrant fresh meat moon cakes are grilled.

In Nanjing, fresh meat moon cakes are also popular. A clerk at a Peach Crispy Store in Xinjiekou told reporters that there are many citizens who have recently come to buy fresh meat moon cakes. The elderly and young people have them. They often lined up. In another Luoxi River store in Hexi, there are three or four hundred bags of takeaway orders for fresh meat moon cakes a month.

Fresh meat moon cakes have to be grilled and hot enough. For food that can not buy fresh meat moon cakes at the door of the house, this is a bit cruel. For this reason, many old -fashioned brains in Shanghai moved their brains, selling fresh meat moon cakes in online stores. From the comments, many people say that when they buy it home, they are baked with the oven. The juice is sufficient and the taste is good.

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Low sugar -free? These moon cakes are not low in calories

It is well known for ordinary moon cakes, high oil, high sugar and high calories. For people who need to control their diet due to weight loss or disease, many moon cakes with low sugar and low -fat without sucrose have appeared on the Internet. These moon cakes are really low sugar, low -fat or even sugar?

In a online shop, a handmade cooker moon cake mentioned in the propaganda “dedicated to elderly patients in diabetes” in propaganda. The reporter’s inquiry table found that the main ingredients of this moon cake were wheat lotus seeds, kidney beans, vegetable oils, wheat flour, butter, etc. Although there were no sucrose, the main component of wheat flour is starch, which belongs to polysaccharides, and people with diabetes should eat less. Obviously misleading as “dedicated to the elderly patients in diabetes” is obviously misleading.

Another ketogenic custom moon cake, although 0 sucrose and low starch in the nutritional ingredients, the fat content is 68%, which is 1.5 times that of many Cantonese moon cakes. Such a high fat content, whether it is diabetic or love beauty, love beauty People who want to control sugar intake should not eat more.

Source/Yangtze Evening News

Edit/Fan Hongwei