[Jewelry House Desire Jewelry] In 1924, Damiani’s founder Enrico Grassi Damiani established a small studio in Valenza, Italy. The gorgeous jewelry design style made it a designated designated family at that time. Jewelry designer. In addition to the traditional design style, the second -generation heir to the traditional design style has added modern and popular creative elements, and at the same time transformed the studio into a jewelry brand. Since 1976, Miya Ya has won the “International Diamond Award” 18 times, becoming an indispensable model in the industry. Today, the Jewelry House will show you the “Lushan True Face” of these 18 award -winning works.


1976: Squalo

Damiani s an Squalo bracelet

The Squalo bracelet designed by Gabriella Grassi Damiani, the wife of the second generation of Damiano, has won the first international diamond award for Miya Yaya. This bracelet is made of platinum and gold. The finishing touch is that a total of 41.19 carats of round white diamonds and high -purity yellow diamonds. The designs full of designs make it domineering and elegant “bite” in the arm on the arm. superior.

1986: Bloody Mary

DAMIANI b an Bloody Mary neck ring

This winding -shaped neck ring is inspired by Mary Dutor (Mary Tudor). The polished gold and warm tones can’t help but think of the gorgeous neckline on the 16th century royal clothing. This chain was built for a year by Valenza’s best Golden Master. The fine handmade made gold look soft like textiles, a total of 87.98 carats of 1121 bright cuts and square cutting diamonds. It is enough to witness the exquisite craftsmanship.

1988: vulcano


DAMIANI v Meiya Vulcano bracelet

Vulcano bracelet is famous for its simple and pure design. The smooth metal treatment method makes the surface of the bracelet look more shiny. This bracelet uses 185 grams of gold and 364 square cutting diamonds to make the minimalist design more grade.

1988: Bermude

DAMIANI b Meiya Bermude Ring

This ring is a concise design like the previous bracelet. The reason for the dazzling ring is that 30 square -shaped cut diamonds compete for two trajectories made by platinum and gold. The 0.77 carat triangle has no time to have no time to diamond.

1988: Spaziale


DAMIANI s an an SPAZILE necklace

The futuristic sense of this chain is made of platinum and gold. The platinum part is very pure, and the gold bar is filled with 646 bright cut diamonds and 476 cutting diamonds, totaling 127.68 carats. The most innovative part of this necklace is that this necklace can be divided into two, ensuring the perfect wearable experience.

1988: ONDA Marina


DAMIANI Meiya ONDA Marina bracelet

The ONDA Marina bracelet has a sparkling effect, winding into an elegant vortex, which is shining with 644 bright -cut diamonds and square -cut diamonds.


1990: Piovra

DAMIANI p Meiya Piovra bracelet

This bracelet uses 958 high clarity diamonds with a total of 59.15 carats. The Piovra bracelet made of gold and platinum presents a mysterious charm of the ocean with the surface of waves. The shadow of metal bright colors, diamond reflection and slate adds a mysterious temperament to this bracelet.


1992: Flash


DAMIANI f Meiya Flash bracelet


This bracelet is designed wildly and boldly, jointly created by gold, platinum, and platinum. The platinum part is inlaid with bright cut diamonds and square -cut diamonds, showing a kind of strength and vitality, which is impressive.

1992: Caresse

DAMIANI c an Caresse ring

This ring has the same magic as the BERMUDE ring. The ring made of platinum and gold is inlaid with diamonds, and eventually gathered to the triangle cutting diamonds in the center, like a warm and soft caress.

1994: Fireworks

DAMIANI f Meiya Fireworks ring


This ring is created by platinum and 18K rose gold, forming a winding double vortex decoration effect. A total of 392 diamonds with a total of 14.58 carats make this ring be banned at any angle.

1994: Blow Balls

DAMIANI b Blow Balls earrings


This earrings are intertwined with gold, rose gold and platinum strips. Under the embellishment of 280 white diamonds, it is beautiful as aperture. The outstanding gold and silver processing art makes this earrings look soft and light and extremely agile.

1994: hong Kong Light

DAMIANI h on an hong Kong Light necklace


This chain is designed by Giorgio Damiani, the third -generation heir of the Yimeiya family, and is composed of a slightly prominent triangle element created by a series of platinum, gold, and rose gold. There are 1450 bright cut diamonds inlaid on these triangles, totaling 49.64 carats, which are dazzling.

1994: Night and Day

DAMIANI n Meiya Night and Day bracelet


This bracelet is inlaid with fine -grained blue enamels in a single piece of gold, which weighs 413.7 grams to create the feeling of the starry sky. 659 diamonds shining with yellow and white star moon “dome” make it particularly dazzling.

1996: Sahara


Tilda SWINTON wear Damiani 玳 玳 雅 Sahara bracelet

The Sahara bracelet is like undulating sand dunes, exuding light like a mirage. 1865 diamonds make it more realistic, creative imagination, superb gold ornamental art and excellent gemstone make it a unique bracelet.

1996: Blue Moon


DAMIANI b Blue Moon earrings

This earrings are designed by Silvia Damiano, the third -generation heir of the Miya family, inspired by the dreamy moon. A total of 13.19 carat diamonds are inlaid on the platinum. Different levels of arrangement creates the effect of light and shadow. Gold outlines the half -moon shape, making the moon more lifelike, dreaming. It is also this earrings that attracted the attention of Brad Pitt that the two designed the engagement ring to Jennifer Aniston, which is the D.Side series that is still well -sold.

1996: TWINS

DAMIANI t w an Twins ring

This ring highlights the three -dimensional sense of three -dimensional, and the golden ring is inlaid with 118 square -shaped cut diamonds, which has a wave -like effects.


1998: The Wheel


DAMIANI t Meiya The Wheel bracelet


This type of tire bracelet is made of gold and is inlaid with 380 square -shaped cut diamonds, totaling 40.67 carats. Gold and diamonds alternately appear like a chessboard, designing fashionable and pure.

2000: Eden

DAMIANI e Meiya Eden bracelet

Temptation, beauty, and femininity: These words are inspiration for Giorgio Damiani to create Eden. This winding bracelet takes about 800 hours, and it is made of platinum and 900 bright cut diamonds, and each ring is also shining.

Shi Meiya’s 18 international award -winning works have been introduced in detail. I wonder which one do you prefer? (Figure/Jewelry House Gavina)