This little dress has been woven for many days, and I have been lazy to post it. I posted a post on the last day ~


This dress is already old, and there has been no weaving. The boyfriend’s clothes are very small. Recently, friends have to give birth to a young master and rush to weave two pieces.



3 shares of camel, 3 and a half

Use needle:

4.5 (body), 4.0 (double thread)



The bust is 60cm, the clothes are 36cm long, and the armpit sleeves are 24cm long.

Buttons: 18mm5


Work Show:

Weaving instructions:


Weaving from bottom to top, 129 stitches, weaving 3cm dual threads


Start with flowers: (front film) 1 stitch, 24 needles, 1 pins, 8 stitches osmanthus, (back) 61 needle single osmanthus, (front film) 8 needle single osmanthus needle 1 pins, patterns 24 Needle, 1 side needle. Weaving 20cm fragment.

2 stitches each under the armpits on both sides of the film, and then 2-1-2 needle, 53 knitted single-osmanthus osmanthus, 21 stitches in the middle, 2-3-1, 2-2-1 on both sides, 2-1-1, 10 stitches on each shoulder.

Receive 2 stitches under the armpit of the front chip, then 2-1-2 needles, 30 stitches, continue weaving 6cm according to the pattern, 2-12-1, 2-3-1, 2-2-2 , 2-1-1, 10 stitches on the shoulders. Sewing shoulder and rear film.

Purghel: 4 lines of peaches and 3 stitches, pick 54 knitted dual thread 3cm, remember to open your eyes on the left.

Collar: Pick 54 knitted double thread 3cm. Remember to open your eyes in the 4th line.

Pick 52 stitches on the sleeve, divide into 4 parts of 13 knitted single-weave osmanthus, 13 stitches on the shoulder, and then return to 2-3-3, 2-4-1 on both sides, and weave the remaining 13-needle rings. Press 8-2-3 to close the needle, receive 46 knitted 6 rows and receive 36 knitted double thread 3cm.

• END •

Author | Piaoxuehua