In the summer, mosquito nets are the most commonly used mosquito preventive tools for people, and now the mosquito nets of stainless steel brackets have become the choice of many consumers. The stainless steel mosquito nets can not only effectively prevent mosquitoes, but also beautiful and generous, which is very suitable for modern home furnishings. Today, let’s take a look at the stainless steel mosquito nets and the price of stainless steel mosquito nets.

How about the stainless steel mosquito net

不锈钢蚊帐架怎么样 不锈钢蚊帐架价格

The stainless steel mosquito nets are divided into precipitated hardening stainless steel mosquito nets, martensite stainless steel mosquito net support racks, and Austenite-ironing bilateral stainless steel pile support frames. They each have their own characteristics, making the use period of mosquito nets longer.

不锈钢蚊帐架怎么样 不锈钢蚊帐架价格

The austenitic stainless steel mosquito net is solid -soluble, which has a single -phase Alinity tissue. It is a category with plasticity, toughness, and welding in the stainless steel mosquito net. The corrosion of the medium. In the restoration and oxidation of the austenitic stainless steel pods, the austenitic stainless steel net is stronger. As a mosquito net, its weighing ability is greater, which increases the service life of mosquito nets.

The carbon content of the martensite stainless steel pod is high, so it has high difficulty and hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance; However, the Matthery’s stainless steel net is not easy to be corroded in general environments. Therefore, it is also a good mosquito net stent and has a long service life.

The collective of precipitated hardening stainless steel pods is auspicious, which is made of processing and hardening. The biggest advantage of precipitated hardening stainless steel pods is that the surface color is bright and does not require other appearance modifications. In addition, it also has a large amount of load and can carry a certain weight. As a mosquito net, it has a good supporting effect, ensuring that the mosquito nets do not deform and maintain a tight beauty permanently.

不锈钢蚊帐架怎么样 不锈钢蚊帐架价格

Stainless steel mosquito net price

Antarctica’s spinning mosquito net stainless steel landing and thickened thickened bracket Sankai Gate Fang Ding Palace princess mosquito net 158 ​​yuan

WISE Cleaning Mosquito Nets Three -door Stainless Steel Palace Top Palace Mosquito Nets 1.2/1.5/1.8m beds 168 yuan

不锈钢蚊帐架怎么样 不锈钢蚊帐架价格

Hengyuanxiang mosquito net open door, thick stainless steel bracket landing court top 1.5/1.8m bed double human account 189 yuan

不锈钢蚊帐架怎么样 不锈钢蚊帐架价格

Mido Jiafang top mosquito net zipper encryption plus high stainless steel bracket bold bottom without bottom 1.5m1.8 bed 238 yuan

Arctic velvet palace mosquito nets, Fang Ding Sankou Stainless Steel Steel Stainless Steel Steel Steel, Light Crypting Princess Mosquito Nets 169 yuan

Whether the mosquito nets shake and durable are supported by a set of good stainless steel piles. Therefore, the stainless steel mosquito net must be extremely solid, so that it will be more durable. Regarding the content of the stainless steel mosquito nets and the price of stainless steel mosquito nets, I will introduce it here. I hope the content introduced by Xiaobian can help everyone.