Summer vacation is here, the trend of medical beauty is also here

However, how to choose medical and beauty institutions and medical products?

As a “medical capital”, Chengdu must be desperate for you ~

On July 16, 2019 Chengdu Medical Beauty Monthly opened

Let “Beautiful Economy” a shiny business card in Chengdu

From July 16th-August 16th, the one-month “2019 Chengdu Medical Beauty Month” officially kicked off.

What are the highlights on Chengdu Medical Beauty Month?

The series of medical beauty theme carnival is here!

Last year, the successful holding of the first Chengdu Medical and Aesthetic Festival turned the Medical Aesthetic Festival into an online shopping carnival and an offline experience consumer culture festival, which comprehensively enhanced the influence of the “medical beauty capital”.

This year’s medical beauty month not only limits consumer carnival in the field of medical beauty, but also combines medical beauty with tourism, shopping, and culture to expand the new connotation of “beautiful economy” and start the time of “big medical beauty” to develop Chengdu.

10 top -level medical beauty experts conduct consultation

We learned at the scene that at the 2019 Chengdu Medical Beauty Month, 10 domestic medical and aesthetic experts will be invited to carry out experts in 10 medical aesthetics. In addition, 10 offline medical aesthetic science activities will be held to change everyone’s awareness of traditional medical beauty.

What should I do if the facelift fails?

At the launching ceremony of yesterday, the medical beauty of medical beauty may be repaired for free. Wang Hang, president of the Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Association, and director of the Beauty Center of the West China Stomatology Hospital of Sichuan University, said that 5 urgent need for the national beauty month will be collected from the country. Individuals who are rescued by the medical beauty project will provide medical beauty assistance by the designated medical aesthetic institutions without compensation.

成都医美月 ▏想改变颜值?体验美丽成都?2019成都医疗美容月来了

“The purpose of this rescue is to choose a safe and reliable regular medical cosmetic institution for beauty seekers.” President Wang Hang said.

“This is a public welfare activity. After the medical aesthetics project, complications and other adverse consequences occur. The Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Association will conduct a comprehensive assessment based on the patient’s situation. “,”

Traveling, shopping, cultural activities take turns into the battlefield

In addition to the beauty of the medicine, a tourist, shopping and cultural activities related to the beautiful Chengdu are also staged. Style Jinjiang leisure tour, fast -playing panda tour, conversation of ancient Shu cultural tour, beautiful Sichuan western green tour, parent -child Rongcheng Happy Tour, Chengdu Tourism Association and more than 100 travel agencies, accommodation, attractions, catering and other member units for the general public “Customized” the “Beautiful” characteristic boutique tourist routes with tourists, so that everyone can rest assured.

The Chengdu Retails Association has launched nearly 50 commercial complexes. More than 100 stores such as Wangfujing General Mansion, Maoye Tiandi, Chengxi Youpin Road, etc. have carried out more than 500 discount activities, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, skin care, More than 10 beautiful economic formats such as beauty, skin management, makeup, nails, beauty, dental, ophthalmology, slimming, SPA, etc. are waiting for you to experience.

The Chengdu Photography Artists Association also launched the “Chengdu Beauty” beauty photography and photography exhibitions for citizens and tourists who love beauty, and displayed it in popular tourist punch locations such as Kuanzhai Alley.

Do medical beauty in Chengdu, even more “bottom”!

“Korean plastic surgery” expert “is a cleaners”, “hyaluronic acid and botulinum products sold in the domestic market, 70%are parallel imports and fakes” … In the past few days, have you been subverted by these news, The medical beauty industry is “deep water”? The medical beauty project “is unreliable?”

At the launching ceremony of Chengdu Medical Beauty Month in 2019, the Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Association issued a series of industry conventions, including the Convention on Practice according to law, “Joint Resistance of Illegal Medical Cosmetology” and “Member Organization Convention”.

At the launching ceremony, the “Medical and Beauty Capital” genuine alliance was also established, and more than 150 Chengdu medical and aesthetic institutions ranked among them.

The Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences · South South Central Center Chengdu Badong Medical Aesthetic Hospital, Milan Baiyu Medical Aesthetic Hospital, Sichuan Huamei Zixin Medical Aesthetic Hospital, etc. have become the first batch of enterprises to join genuine alliances.

Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Association

Part of the list of genuine alliances


成都医美月 ▏想改变颜值?体验美丽成都?2019成都医疗美容月来了

Huaxi Stomatology Hospital Medical Beauty Department

Chengdu Second Hospital Beauty Center

Medical Beauty Department of Chengdu Third People’s Hospital

Sichuan Milan Bai Yu Medical Beauty Hospital

Chengdu Shengdanfu Plastic Surgery Hospital

成都医美月 ▏想改变颜值?体验美丽成都?2019成都医疗美容月来了

Sichuan Hamilton Beauty Hospital

Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences · Southwest Center

Chengdu Eight major places medical aesthetics hospital

Meilai Medical Beauty Hospital

Chengdu Yixing Medical Beauty Hospital

成都医美月 ▏想改变颜值?体验美丽成都?2019成都医疗美容月来了

Chengdu Traditional Chinese Medicine University

Yinhai Eye Hospital

Yinhai Medical Mei

Chengdu Zhao Shanjun Dr. Plastic Surgery Clinic

Chengdu Tongquitai Medical Beauty Hospital

Sichuan Jiao Dian Medical Beauty Hospital

Chengdu Wuhou Chunyu Medical Beauty Clinic

Sichuan Yuehao Medical Beauty Hospital

Chengdu Yanyan Medical Beauty Hospital

Sichuan Huamei Zixin Medical Beauty Hospital

Shanghai Baihui Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Wuhou Yonghe Yiyi Medical Beauty Clinic (Yonghe Hair Transplantation)

Chengdu Qingyang Silk Hair Hair Medical Beauty Clinic (Silkia Hair Transplantation)


Huaxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Eljian Information Consultation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Shuangmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Johnson & Johnson (Shanghai) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Feidun International Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Muscle Decision Beauty Technology Co., Ltd.

Sanoron (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Baikin Mystery (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Bitle Medical Device (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yina Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Haohai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Gaodemei Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Science and Medicine International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Brand agent:

East China Ningbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (I Wan, South Korea)

Imeno Medical Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Yishu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (South Korea)

Sichuan Boyi Story Technology Co., Ltd. (Jilin Keying Laser)

Sichuan Chengchuang Century Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Missik, Spain)

Sichuan Liande Xinyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Boli)

Chengdu Ji Chan Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Korean Story)

Chengdu Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd. (Bicui Poems, British BTL)

成都医美月 ▏想改变颜值?体验美丽成都?2019成都医疗美容月来了

Chengdu Tianshi Lihe Technology Co., Ltd.

Electronic business platform:

Chengdu Melbe Technology Co., Ltd. (Mika)

Beijing New Oxygen Technology Co., Ltd. (New Oxygen)

Meituan Comments (Medical and Medical Meimei Health Division)

Representatives of medical aesthetics institutions from Sichuan Jiao Dian Medical Aesthetic Academy, the Southwest Center of Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the representatives of medical aesthetics of Sheng Danfu Plastic Surgery Hospital and the Meilai Medical Aesthetic Hospital, and the representatives of manufacturers from the “Medical Capital” genuine alliance specifications, Announced genuine inspection and acceptance of consumer supervision.

“The medical beauty industry is an ecosystem that needs each other, support each other, and symbiosis. All institutions in this ecosystem should jointly cope with standardized management and advocate the use of genuine products.” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau said.

Create the world’s leading and well -known “medical capital”

成都医美月 ▏想改变颜值?体验美丽成都?2019成都医疗美容月来了

Chengdu has been acting

出 In 2018, Chengdu issued the “Chengdu Medical Beauty Industry Development Plan (2018-2030)”, which clearly proposed that by 2025, the operating income of Chengdu’s medical beauty industry will reach 100 billion yuan and 2030 in 2030.

成 The “Chengdu Accelerating the Development of the Medical Beauty Industry Development Support Policy”, which was subsequently introduced, provided support from five aspects: supporting medical beauty talents, corporate innovation development, project introduction, construction, and growth of enterprise development, and industrial environment optimization.

This series of measures show Chengdu’s determination to develop the medical beauty industry.

“This year is the second year when Chengdu has won the title of China’s” Medical Beauty Capital “. All aspects are steadily promoting. I believe that in the next 2-3 years, we will see greater results.” President Wang Hang said.