Unconsciously, winter has come to us. In winter, there is a unique style of its own in the four seasons. It is quiet, simple, restrained, but also romantic, poetic, and warm. Snow white snow, warm stove fire, hot hot pot … These beautiful things in winter can be available!

In the small snow season, send 10 kinds of little joy in winter, I wish you a happy winter.


“10 kinds of little joy in winter”

Winter little joy

Friends gather together, surround the stove night talk

In winter, the outdoor cold wind whistled pear flowers flying, but the fire in the house was warm. Three or five friends sat around, soaking the pot of hot tea or a drink, the body and mind were hot, and the air was gentle and gentle and the air was gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle. Drunk. Under the lights, everyone’s face was red, eating and drinking, chatting, and laughing from time to time, making a laugh, and the feeling of happiness was a little bit open.

Green ants new wine, red mud small stove.

If you come to the snow in the evening, can you drink a cup?

[Tang] Bai Juyi “Ask Liu Nineteen”

The cold nightkee came to tea as wine, and the bamboo stove soup was boiling.

[Song] Du Yan “Cold Night”

“I left a lamp, on the night of the wind and snow, as long as you, with wine, not to mention the Wantou and Mountains, not to mention each other.”


Winter little joy two

Sleep lazy, do long dreams, wake up naturally

It is a perfect match with the bed in winter. It seems that as long as you lie on a soft bed, people will be “seal”, lose their ability to resist, satisfy a full sense of security, and the dream is also entangled by warmly. “I should sleep lazily in winter, do long dreams, and see the person I want to see in my dreams.”

Changshu slept on his feet, and returned to Zou at the beginning of warmth.

Three -foot snow in front of the door, the nose was resting.

[Gold] Zhao Bingwen’s “Night Cycling Warm”

After letting go of the winter vacation, you can sleep. The cotton coat was baked on the stove, and it was not very difficult to get up. Especially, cotton shoes are hot and comfortable to wear.

(Wang Zengqi “Winter”)

Winter Little Happy Three

Some “cats at home” fairy days

As soon as winter, the cat will “grow” from all over the house: on the radiator, the bed, the deep part of the wardrobe … of course, and your arms. In order to seek warmth, they will remove some high cold and get closer to you. When you touch their soft hair, you will feel soft in your heart and feel a cure and happiness that has never been before.

Xicheng Fire is soft and warm, and I can’t go out with the raccoon slave.

[Song] Lu You “Storm on November 4th”


I have deep feelings with Huzi and Mimi.

Every night, the two of them rushed to sleep on my bed.

In winter, I put a piece of cloth on the quilt for them to lie down. Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night, and my consciousness was sober, and I felt that something was pressed on me heavy. A heating seemed to rush to my legs through two layers of cotton.

(Ji Xianlin “Old Cat”)

Winter Little Happy Four

Eating hot food, warm body and mind


“In winter, you should be surrounded by warm things. There are many delicious foods. There are clean dishes next to the stove, stewed meat, sullen rice, steamed white steamed buns in the fat pot. , Boil the water, rush hot steam … “It’s cold, what should I eat?

hot pot

When winter came, Wang Qiyao burned a hot pot in his own house, sitting while sitting, talking while eating, and slipping away unconsciously.

The sky was getting dark, but the hot pot became warmer.

(Wang Anyi “Song of Everlasting”)


Sugar porridge

Blizzard outside the house, bedroom, fire sugar porridge.


Blizzard, sugar porridge, because of me. All happiness is like this.


(Mu Xin)

Roasted sweet potato

During the cold wind, it was surrounded by warm stove fires, roasting sweet potatoes to remember the past.

In winter, there is always no distance.

(Wang Guozhen “People in Winter”)

Stir -fried chestnut

In winter, there was a copper flame, throwing a few chestnuts in the flushed charcoal fire. After a while, a cooked chestnut jumped out, grabbed it, fell back and forth in hand, blowing again and again, peeling the shell entrance, the entrance, Sweet and sweet, it is the joy of snowy days.

(Wang Zengqi “chestnut”)


Sugar gourd


Selling “Sugar Hulk” in winter, dipped in rock sugar is delicious.


Various ingredients can be made of sugar gourds, only “mountain red” as authentic.

(Liang Shiqiu’s “Beiping’s snack hawker”)


Winter little joy five

Some dramas that “want to relive in winter”


There are some dramas and movies that seem to be exclusive winter. The snow in “Step by Step” and “Langya List” is still unforgettable for so many years; “Please Answer 1988” and “Love Letter”, how many people are “seeking winter” … those warm and beautiful feelings, those those who are, those who are warm and beautiful The temperature in the story, the difficulty of those in chasing the drama, reunited one by one in every winter.

It is raining outside, and it is overcast,

Watching the drama while listening to the sound of rain in the room without turning on the lights

It is the happiest moment in winter.

(@Cici string)

Winter little joy six

Dain the sun and have a sunny dream

In ancient times, the sun had an elegant name, called “negative”, and “in winter”, which was loved by many people. Isn’t it, the sunlight in winter is not sunny at all. It is only a little warm and comfortable to hit the body. If there is a comfortable rocking chair, and then a blanket, you can slide into a sunny dream at any time.


When the sun is good, as long as it is not windy, it is not as warm as winter.

The family was sitting in the court, and even lunch was outside the house, like summer dinner. Wherever the sun is exposed, where the chair and stool is moved.

(Xia Yanzun “Winter of the White Horse Lake”)

Before I avoided winter, I went to the northeast bank of Walden,

There, the sun was released from Gangsong and Shi’an, and became a stove on the lake; at this time, I took the opportunity to bask in the sun, warm and warm, and this made me more pleasant than heating.


([Mei] “Lake Walden”)


Winter little joy seven

Waiting for a snow, watch the sky and earth white head


Winter without snow seems to be a bit regrettable. Looking at the white head of the world is a kind of romance. Therefore, waiting for a snow to be a kind of expectation for winter. There is a kind of joy that in the early morning of a winter day, the curtains were opened, and suddenly the eyes were full.


Suddenly like the spring breeze, thousands of trees and pears bloom.


[Tang] Cen Shen’s “White Snow Song Sends the Bulletin of the Martial Arts Getting Return to Beijing”

It should be drunk and crushed the white clouds.

[Tang] Li Bai’s “Qing Pingle · Great Hall of the Morning”


If the new snow is at the beginning of the new snow, the full moon is the air,

Hao Ying is laid below,

There are bright silver on it,

And you walked towards me with a smile,

Between moonlight and snow,

You are the third stunning.

Yu Guangzhong’s “Strong”


Winter little joy eight

Read a book, meditate


For those who like books, any season is a good time to read. If you must say the advantages of reading in winter, it is about its simplification, less interference, and more quiet heart, so the gain is even more unsatisfactory. Winter is silent, and text itself is a temperature.


When reading, you must let go of your heart and look up at the clouds. Or on the evening of the late spring, walk with your lover, go hand in hand, go to the wild to read the “Li Sao” scriptures;

Or on the night of wind and snow, sitting on the furnace, Jiayu a pot, dozens of mads, economy, poetry, and historical records on the sofa, and then read it at will. Extension.

(Lin Yutang “Art of Reading”)

Winter little joy nine

Recall that life is beautiful

Winter seems to be particularly suitable for memories, especially those happy memories, maybe because the weather is too cold, it can be reminded of those love, warmth and beauty in life.

I remember living in Yantai, Shandong when I was a kid, and every winter, there was a heavy snow with “deep knee”. There are half a person sweeping on the roadside, and my cousin watched the snow war with my cousin. The snowman’s eyes were “inlaid” with coal balls, and the Snowman’s mouth was stubborn into a small “blessing orange”, which was very vivid. How much I miss my childhood snow!


(Bingxin “I like the snow of snow”)


Winter little joy ten

Family sitting idle, the lights can be kissed

In winter, with your family, share a hazy and warm lighting, and eat a table of normally but warm stomach meals, which is the greatest happiness. Lights, fire, hot tea, food, affection -with these, there is the interest of life, and no longer afraid of the snow and snow in the world and the severe cold in the world.

Speaking of winter, I suddenly thought of tofu. It is “Xiaoyang pot” (aluminum pot) boiled tofu in white water, hot.

Sitting around the table was three father and our brother. “Yang Furnace” is too high. His father often stood up, raised his face slightly, looked at his eyes, stretched into the chopsticks from the hot air, pinched tofu, and placed in our soy sauce dishes one by one. We sometimes do it ourselves, but the stove is too high, and we still enjoy it.

We all like this kind of white water tofu. As soon as we served, we looked at the pot, waiting for the hot air, waiting for the tofu that fell from the chopsticks from his father.

No matter how cold it is, the wind and snow, thinking of these, I always feel warm.

(Zhu Ziqing “Winter”)

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