Flowers who raise flowers particularly like to store bottles. Whether it is a beverage bottle, a mineral water bottle, or an empty bottle of the laundry liquid, the empty oil barrels, etc., will be washed and stored to keep flowers. Not to mention that the effect is particularly good, saves money and environmental protection, and is good -looking.

1. Jasmine tea beverage bottle raising longevity flowers

▲ Picture from Huayou xinjituliumei

Look, the pot of longevity flowers above is planted by the jasmine tea beverage bottles.


Seeing the branches of Changshouhua also knows that it is a two or three -year -old piles, the branches are very thick, and it is also lonely. Presumably it has been planted in this flower pot for a long time. It can be seen that this beverage bottle is still very durable.


To raise longevity flowers, the flower pot must be breathable, so the bottom and side of this beverage bottle are hit with holes to increase its breathability, so it will grow better.

2. Mineral water bottle raising copper coin grass

▲ Mineral water bottle raising copper coin grass

Coppercurus leaves are round and implying that the financial source is rolling. It is a special green plant. Do you feel particularly beautiful in this clean and transparent beverage bottle?


Copper grass is originally aquatic plant, so it is suitable for pure water cultivation, also suitable for semi -soil and semi -water cultivation, and it is also suitable for pure earth cultivation. Then use mineral water bottle to plant copper coins, you can do not punch in the bottom.

Coppercurus grows very quickly, and the leaves grow very lush. You can open a hole on the side of the bottle to let its branches and leaves grow. Form the charm of “full bottle of spring, a green leaf coming out of the bottle”.

3. Disposal lunch box changes bonsai

▲ Planting gardenia flowers in disposable lunch boxes

Is it particularly suitable for planting another one -time lunch box to plant another small gardenia flower old pile. And this transparent box can clearly see the growth of the root system and the health of the root system.

Whether it is planting gardenia or other flowers, such bonsai plants, generally flower pots also need to punch. Not only need to be punched at the bottom, but also a few holes on the side to increase its breathability.

It is easy to open the holes like this plastic product. You can use a knife and scissors to drill out the holes, or you can use the electric iron, and you can get a suitable size of the hole at once.

4. Milk bottles are succulent

▲ Milk bottles are succulent

After drinking the milk, the remaining bottle is drawn from the middle. After the granular soil is installed, the succulent is also beautiful. If you think the bottle is not good -looking, take out the paint and brush to apply a few strokes, which is unique.


The root system of succulents is generally lighter, so if you plant these beverage bottles, you also need to punch. It is best to open more holes on the side to increase its permeability.

5. Washing liquid bottle plantation

Washing bottle of various colors can also be used to plant plants. Even many DIY masters use the beautiful workers to carve the laundry bottle to carve the laundry liquid bottle out of a variety of beautiful patterns or shapes. It is particularly beautiful and beautiful.

However, this kind of laundry bottle is also very hard, and it needs to be used to cut or punch a sharp art knife. Pay attention to safety during DIY, don’t cut it.

6. Tire planting dry golden lotus


Friends who know the car know that the tires will also change every few years, so the tires that have been replaced are also very useful after taking home. This is not as simple as the above picture on the ground. After installing the soil, planting plants becomes a beautiful scenery.

Some friends will worry that tires are rubber products, which will pollute the soil pollution plants and affect people. Don’t worry, as long as you do not plant vegetables, fruits, etc., planting some pleasing flowers and plants is certainly no problem.

7. Plant various flowers on the tire hanging wall


The weight of the big tire is very heavy, and it takes a lot of thought to hang up. However, the quality of the small tire is very light, as long as you nail a nail, you can hang flowers.


If you stand up and hang the tires, you can put a certain soil to raise flowers, but if you hang it horizontally, you need to nail it with a wooden board at the bottom, otherwise the soil will be leaked.

8. Bottled Bottle Moose succulent

Many wine bottles are actually pretty good, and some are very Chinese style, antique and ancient colors. After planting fleshy, that charm, it is unhappy.

Some flower buddies just cut off a part of the wine bottle directly from the above to grow succulent friends, and some open a hole to nourish and succulent from the side like the picture above. Both methods can be. The opening or cutting surface is a technical work, because the bottle is very hard and requires more professional tools.


9. Oil barrel planting garlic

Seeing the picture, everyone should have seen it more or less, and many flower friends have implemented it in this way to plant garlic.

The operation is also particularly simple. Use an electric iron to brand a round hole in the size of the coin in 4 weeks. After installing the soil, press the garlic in. After not long, the garlic will germinate. After long, you can cut it down and stir -fry the pork belly.

10. The bucket is made of a small temperate room

The large bucket of this mineral water has a large capacity. It is suitable for cutting a knife from the middle, and then putting various plants of the cuttings. The environment is conducive to cutting plants.

Flowers, what else do you have to use waste products to make flower containers? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.