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Cognition of makeup tools:

In life, in order to save trouble, it is done simply. In this way, it cannot meet the requirements of makeup and cannot make full use of the role of cosmetics. Therefore, whether it is expensive or cheap cosmetics, it can show the real effect correctly.

Below I will list the makeup tools one by one, let everyone refer to comparison.

1. Cotton pad.

The foundation can be applied evenly around the nose, at the jaw, the cheekbones, and the front forehead.

2. Brush.

In order to avoid products such as powder or blocking pores on the face, you can use a soft powder brush to gently remove excess powder.

3. Blush brush.

Let blush naturally now face the face.

4. Eye shadow brush.

You can easily wipe the eye shadow of any color.

5. Eye shadow stick.

There is no need to apply a lot of smears to cover small flaws.

6. Multi -functional eyelashes or eyelashes.

After applying the mascara, prevent the mascara from the block or unevenness, use the eyelashes to brush, comb the combination and soft and soft.

7. Lip brush.

When drawing a good lip line, then dip the lipstick to outline your lips.


8. Eyebrow tongs.

Repair the must -have tools for regularly repair.

9. Clevey cotton.

Make the eyelashes look very beautiful and make your eyes bigger.

This is just to simply list some makeup tools used, and there are other tools. I hope you can use whatever you use. With your likes and convenience!

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