Many people now like to use curtains to decorate their homes. Even if simple decoration will not make the family feel monotonous, and the curtains have some Feng Shui effects. Now let ’s take a look at the role of the bathroom Feng Shui curtain and how to correct the relevant content of the curtains. Let’ s take a look at the editors of the world!


The role of the bathroom Feng Shui curtain 1. Improve bad Feng Shui

If the bathroom at home is facing the door or the door of other bedrooms, then hanging the curtain can not only help us resolve the evil spirits, but also have the effect of gathering wealth, so many people will hang a crystal curtain on the door of the bathroom.

The role of the bathroom Feng Shui curtain 2. Improve the peach blossom transportation

For many single friends, crystal curtains can improve their peach blossoms, so they will hang pink crystal curtains on the bathroom or their bedroom door, so that peach blossoms will come!

The role of the bathroom Feng Shui curtain 3. Keep wealth

Hanging transparent or white curtains at home or home financial positions can not only form a protective field at home, but also protect the family’s peace and wealth, but also help the indoor air circulation.

How to buy the curtain correctly:

1. Concile design

The curtain is used well at home. It not only has the effect of Feng Shui, but also has a good decorative effect on the house, so that the house looks more beautiful as a whole, but be careful not to use too much. The finishing touch is the best. If you use more, it will only make the house look more vulgar.

2, partition


If you buy curtains to partition, then its color and style must be coordinated with the color of the decoration style. For example, if it is a warm and romantic decoration style, you can choose pink or purple bead curtains. You can choose crystal beads in the style. Curtain; if it is a stylish and simple decoration style, and you can choose a blue and white crystal bead curtain; if it is European and American style or classical style, it must be the best crystal.

3. Background wall


Now there are many people who use bead curtains on the TV background wall, sofa background wall and the background wall of the bedside. More strong, in addition, you can use some spotlights at the top of the bead curtain, so that you can reflect a lot of good -looking light after turning on the spotlight.

The above is the role of the bathroom Feng Shui curtains shared by the editor of the world and how to buy the curtains correctly. I hope this article can provide some help for everyone, if you want to know more.


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