In the past, cotton jackets were directly plugged in cotton. Today, most of the cotton jackets are divided into small pieces of the same size with the “car line” into small pieces of the same size, just like our common down jackets. However, in the past few years, our common “parallel line” is not fashionable. Now all the popular are “rhombus” or “gourd type” vehicle, and we call it a “sewing coat”, and The hottest this year is probably green. Let’s take a look at how Japanese women are paired with different colors.


Black 套 joint jacket shape

It is recommended that beginners choose a black seam jacket with any clothing.

If the shape of beige improves maturity, you will have a high -quality shape.

Use pointed shoes to make the appearance clear.

If you use a small seam jacket with “diamonds”, it can be used for beautiful shapes.


With pleated skirt and black boots. It will become a daily shape that can be used every day.


Because it is a collarless jacket, even if the length is long, it will be displayed clearly.

Let’s complete the beautiful retro shape with the skirt of the wave dot pattern.


When the long skirt is paired with short boots, the balance is very good.


Big -shaped seam coats are cute and mature!

Choose wine red pants to match, perfectly suitable for women in the office.

Under your feet, use heart -shaped high heels to improve your cuteness.


Beige 套 joint coat shape

The jacket of the lined inner lined is a convenient item, which can be worn alone or as a stacked inside.

Due to the use of simple black items, animal patterns are used to emphasize the sense of styling on the feet.

Match the outer jacket of the beige pupa on the bright red shirt to create a soft impression like a mature woman.


Lauret wide -leg pants are cute items, but because of the mid -line fold design, the shape can be felt good.

Green 缝 joint coat shape


The green seam jacket is most popular with Japanese women.

Matching brown wide -leg pants is a neutral style that increases fashion.


Complete the leisure shape through a white top.

A classic shape, with a brown pleated skirt with a green slit.

It has a similar effect to the previous shape.

The cute seam jacket has a plush pocket design, green has military travel style, and the pocket increases the cuteness.


The brown boots modify your feet and look good.

Brown gap jacket

The brown seams with exquisite diamond design impressed people and added elegance to the shape.

Use simple black short boots to tighten and increase the sense of layering.

Match the brown gap coat with black pants, so that the commute style will not become too casual.

With pointed and light mouth shoes and black handbags to create urban women’s style.

If you paired with a brown coat on a retro checkered pants, it will leave a deep impression.

Use a checkered scarf to increase the sense of layering and maintain a mature and elegant temperament.


Navy Blue Capsule Jacket Style

Put on the camel’s dress with the navy’s blue cricket jacket to increase the noble and elegant temperament ♪

On the feet, the white high -top sports shoes give people a sense of stability, while maintaining a light feeling.


The coat of the gap is the same as the color of the pants, all of which are naval blue, but there is a slight difference in color tone.

Unique and simple, not too casual, it will look beautiful.

The navy blue gap coat is very suitable for men’s style green Baker pants!

It retains male atmosphere and highlights female temperament.

Boldly choose a yellow plaid scarf to create a stylish mixed color.

Do you like this kind of stitched jacket that is popular now? If you let you match it, how would you choose the shape?