The working principle and structural characteristics of the diaphragm pump

Working principle of diaphragm pump:

Electric diaphragm pump is a new type of pump product. In recent years, due to the material of the diaphragm, it has made many progress. It is used in petrochemicals, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. It is characterized by no need to pour water and strong self -suction ability.

The diaphragm pump is a more special form in the volume pump. It relies on the back and forth aggressive of a diaphragm to change the studio volume to inhale and excrete liquid.

Micro double -headed diaphragm pump

The diaphragm pump is mainly composed of the transmission part and the diaphragm cylinder head. The transmission part is the driver mechanism that drives the diaphragm back and forth. Its transmission form is mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and air pressure transmission. Among them, hydraulic transmission is widely used.

The structure of the diaphragm pump:


According to the structure of the hydraulic pump hydraulic end, it is divided into two types: hydraulic diaphragm pump and mechanical diaphragm pump. Among them, the plunger of the hydraulic diaphragm pump does not contact the diaphragm, and the hydraulic end is separated into the infusion cavity and the hydraulic cavity. The infusion cavity is connected to the pump inhalation and discharge valve. The hydraulic cavity is full of hydraulic oil (light oil) and is connected to the hydraulic fuel tank (fuel tank) at the upper end of the pump body. When the plunger moves back and forth, the pressure is passed to the diaphragm through the hydraulic oil and caused the volume change to the volume of the front and rear deflection deformation, which plays the role of transporting liquid and meets the requirements of measurement. The diaphragm of the mechanical diaphragm pump is connected to the plunger, the hydraulic oil system, and the front and rear movements of the plunger directly drive the front and back of the diaphragm to deform, thereby playing the role of transporting liquid.

Micro monopolytic diaphragm pump

Features of diaphragm pump:

1. Low price

2. No sealing, no leakage, safe leakage device, simple maintenance


3. Can transport 度 viscosity medium, wear slurry and risk chemicals

4. The diaphragm is affected by high pressure, and the diaphragm has a short life span

5. The export pressure is below 2MPa, and the flow of traffic is small; the measurement accuracy is ± 5%; when the pressure is small to ZUI, the flow changes can reach 10%

6. No security device

Micro monopolytic diaphragm pump

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