“Four Power” Reform “Point Gold” Liupan Mountain -Xihai Gu to promote the power of reform to promote rural revitalization

Xinhua News Agency, Yinchuan, May 13th

Title: “Four Power” Reform “Point Gold” Liupan Mountain -Xihai Gu Xiangxiang’s motivation to promote rural revitalization

Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Yongqian, Li Junde, Zhang Liang

In the past, “Quan” was a thirsty and dry life. Today, “power” is the engine of Xihai Gu for development and rejuvenation. After the poverty alleviation, under the unified deployment of the party committee and government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the reform of water use of water, land rights, pollution rights, and mountain forest power was opened, and momentum was required to reform and benefited from reform.

The realization of water rights, the right to land, the right to discharge the right, the mortgage of the mortgage of the forest forestry … The resource elements of the past restricting the development of the Xihai Gu Gu in the past. The rural revitalization injection into a strong motivation.

The concept is full of “gold”

Since the beginning of poverty alleviation of “Sanxi”, Xisu has been in poverty alleviation for more than 30 years. After being accustomed to being “helped to the horse and sending a journey”, how can I get a whip in the new journey of rural rejuvenation?

The backwardness of development stems from the lag of ideas. To develop, we must first change the concept. Just 5 months after the last poverty -stricken county’s Xiji County, Ningxia launched a “four power” reform battles in April 2021, and opened a “arbitrary door” for the sake of finding new kinetic energy.

In the early summer, Liupan Mountain grass long warbler flies, and the terraces are green. In a lush and shame, Ma Shigui, a villager in Xinji Village, Xinji Township, Pengyang County, has no identification. “There is a certificate in my hand, I don’t panic in my heart.” At the end of last year, Pengyang County launched the reform of Shanlin rights. The first step was to issue a certificate to the forest land and forest resources. Ma Shigui’s non -motion property certificate clearly records the coordinates of two 7 acres of cultivated land and tree species planted on the ground.

The 39 -year -old immigration relocation, 23 years of returning farmland to forests, 19 years of Fengshan forbidden herd … a series of ecological restoration policies and projects have made Xishu’s “poor mountains and waters” into “green mountains and green water”. Now that the woods have become forests, how can these green forests make the villagers get rich? Xihai Gu chose to answer from “reform”.


On the Qinglong Mountains of Liuanyuan County at the foot of Liupan Mountain, the luster of the mountains “tells” the magic of changing: the economic benefits of the forest land were trapped in the past, and it has not been activated. Nowadays, the reform of Shanlinquan has transformed the mountain forest resources into “green real estate”, which can be transformed and mortgaged. In addition, we are actively promoting carbon exchange transactions to make “leaf” into “money tickets”.

The same is true of the reform of land rights, water use, and pollution. Through confirmation, empowerment, pricing, and transaction, Xihai Gu “looking at the mountains is not a mountain, the water is not water”.

Water is the “card neck” resource of Xisu. Under the “magic” of the reform of water rights, the success of Western Haiku, who was short of water, changed the water rights that could not be seen but could not be seen.

During the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period of Xiji County, 10 million cubic meters of Yellow River water indicators were added each year, but the newly built yellow -cited yellow project has not yet been completed, so this year’s water indicators are idle. “We put this water right to the public resource trading platform of the autonomous region for public bidding transfer. A company in Ningdong Energy Chemical Base purchased at 10 million yuan for its industrial projects.” Say.

Resource changes to assets, equity changes to the basic logic of the “four power” reform.

Reform Yituothe Tiandi Width

Reform and activate the “spring water” of resource value, and stimulate the endogenous motivation of the market entity.

Entering the vegetable greenhouses of Yao Xuan, a large household in Yao Mo Village, Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City, the first thing that came into view was a bouncing catfish. It is rare to keep fish in warm sheds. It turned out that this was a “combination of breeding” sheds. The tap water entering the greenhouse was injected into the pond to raise fish. After the fish pond was drained, the waste water mixed with fish manure was fermented, and then the plant was dripped through the pipeline.

“This pond fish fish is 3,000 pounds to 5,000 catties. It does not increase the amount of water consumption in combination with breeding. The income of one shed for one year can increase 70,000 yuan, and also reduce the amount of fertilizer used in vegetables.” Yao Xuan said.

Promoting the vegetable farmers who planted the vegetable farmers for half a lifetime to engage in side -brewed fish is the reform of water use in the original state district. The 400 mm precipitation line in the original state district in the northern part of Guyuan City passed through, and the per capita water resources were less than 5%of the national average. Since the reform of water rights, the original state district has distributed 81 million cubic meters of agricultural water rights to 97 administrative villages and 4 farms in 9 townships. After designated by the red line, the rigid constraints of water production are becoming urgent.

According to the reform of the water rights rights issued by Ningxia, facilities agricultural water exceeds the quota quota through market -oriented transactions. “Water uses exceeding the water, not only pays higher the price of water, but also requires the right to buy water. The output of water consumption. “Yao Xuan told reporters.

The reform forced the precious water resources of the Western Sea to the modern agricultural flow of high -produced modern agriculture, and also forced the traditional breeding industry to transform to modern agriculture. In Xinping Vegetable Base in Shenlin Township, Longde County, the reporter saw that the Ming canal used for drilling a few years ago had been abandoned, and replaced it with high standard spray irrigation and water and fertilizer integrated facilities. The average of 80 cubic meters of water can be saved per mu.

The reporter learned that in the past, the potatoes planted by farmers in the past are different, and companies making fries are unwilling to accept it because it cannot meet the needs of basically the same length of the fries. Therefore, reform has promoted the upgrading of agriculture to modernization and standardization, and is also laying the foundation for the integration of one or two production and improving agricultural added value.

The reform of water rights has increased the awareness of water -saving of farmers, and the reform of pollution rights has stimulated the environmental protection motivation of the enterprise. Liupan Mountain is an important water source and ecological barrier in the northwestern region to protect the green mountains and green mountains here. The reform of the right to discharge the right to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to reduce emission reduction with the market method.

At the end of 2021, Guyuan City’s first pollution -discharge right trading hammer. After multiple rounds of public bidding, the three companies purchased 20 tons of sulfur dioxide and 15 tons of nitrogen oxides. Ma Mei, chief of the EIA Section of the EIA of the Ecological and Environment Bureau of Guyuan City, said that the right to discharge the pollution is both rights and assets. In the past, pollution reduction and emission reduction of enterprises were responsible.

The ownership must be the dividend

The “Four Power” reform establishes an institutional system that has established a set of resource -priced resources, use of compensation, trading, and saving effective systems, which brings real reform dividends to the people.

After the “Red Book” of the Beenan Nong Mikong in Miyu Village, Pengyang County, the “red book” that did not move the property right certificate of the forest, did not lock it at the bottom of the box. Earlier this year, he used this mortgage certificate to mortgage, and successfully loaned 150,000 yuan in local banks.

This is the magic of reform. The forests that grow in the mountains and can see or not, have really become a “real estate” that is pricidal.

“The houses in the city can apply for permits and mortgages. I can also apply for a certificate and mortgage in these acres of forests. With these loans, I want to raise a few more boxes of bees.” Mikong has always wanted to expand the scale of the bee breeding and suffer from no funds. I did not expect that after a few acres of forests on the cultivated land confirmed, he helped him to realize the desire of mortgage loans.

Like forest land and cultivated land, only large -scale operations can have better economic benefits. Villagers who have encouraged the rights to confirm the power of forest land to enterprises or cooperatives, uniformly operate the formats such as nourishing chickens, forestry mushrooms, and complementary forests, and tap the economic value of forest wood resources.

You have a forest certificate, I have a water right certificate. In Jincun, Liyuan County, Jianhuang Village in Liyuan County, Yu Jianhui, a large number of beef and beef, was about 800, and the demand for mobile funds was relatively large. In previous years, he used the facade room, forklift and other mortgages in the county seat. “The right to use water is invisible, but it can become an asset.” With this water right certificate, the bank’s credit line to Yu Jianhui increased to 1.1 million yuan.

Reform dividends are the abundance of production materials, but also the change of lifestyle. In Pengyang County, a set of “Internet+Urban and Rural Water Supply” system uses tens of thousands of sensors to connect the county’s drinking management network into an Internet of Things, and the hidden pipe network damage can also be perceived. Farmers’ water fees can also be checked online.

Entering the villager Jiang Guifang House of the Villagers in Pengyang County, a small fish tank was placed on the table, and several bounty fish swimped leisurely in the clear water. “Don’t talk about fish raising in the past, you can’t use water to wash your face.” Today, Xihai Gu gets rid of “donkey water”, breeding and fish farming are becoming a new fashion of farmers!

Gou is new, new day and day. The reporter listened all the way and looked all the way. The results of the “four power” reform were updated in real time: more than 900 acres of homesteads in Xiji County, 270 million yuan in provincial transactions, and more than 290 acres of rural collective construction land in Rongde County. Nearly 20 million yuan, the original state district transferred 11 million cubic meters of water rights to use 11 million yuan in water rights … A new painting of rural rejuvenation with reforms and Aoyama as a roll of reform is slowly opened.

Source: Xinhuanet

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