10 kinds of fruits and vegetables have little tricks, so that storage is more useful than the refrigerator

No matter how much you love meat, fruits and vegetables are healthy foods inseparable in life. Fruit and vegetables are not only nutritious, but also refreshing and sweet, taking care of your taste buds to the fullest.

However, if the storage is improper, the fruits and vegetables will rot quickly, and the taste and high nutrition will no longer exist. “Life Times” combines American “Reader Digest” magazine to teach you to store fruits and vegetables scientifically and extend their preservation time.


Rinse with vinegar

Put the berry, blueberry, raspberry and other berries in the refrigerator, and then wash it with a mixture of white vinegar and water (a proportion of 1: 3), and then dry it. This method can prevent mold and extend the freshness period for several weeks.


Cover a paper towel

Put the lettuce in a bowl, cover a paper towel on it, and seal it with plastic wrap. The paper towels can absorb water and prevent the leaves from being soaked and discolored. Or sprinkle a little salt on the lettuce leaves, and you can suck out moisture.


Spray some lemon juice

The enzyme contained in avocado will cause it browning. You can spray some lemon juice or acoustic juice on the cut avocado to avoid. Citic acid helps to delay brown change for at least one day.



After buying the whole carrot, cut off the green leaves, because the leaves will extract nutrients from the root. When saving, put them in a container filled with water, seal it with plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator.


Avoid sliced


If you only need to squeeze lemon juice to make ingredients or drinks, you can pierce the entire lemon with a fork instead of cutting to prevent it from drying.


Wrap with stockings/nets

The mesh structure only allows enough air to reach vegetables and help keep it fresh. After stuffing the onion into the stockings, you can get a knot between each ball.


Put with apples

The ethylene released by apples can keep potatoes fresh for more than 8 weeks and avoid germination.

Apple film


Soak with salt water

Soak the remaining apple slices in cold salt water to prevent browning. Do not exceed half a spoonful of salt in 1 liter of cold water. After five minutes, take out the apple slices and dry it, put it in the sealed plastic bag, and then put it in the refrigerator.


Wrap it with aluminum foil paper

Plastic bags prevent ethylene from released, causing celery water loss and faster deterioration. Aluminum foil paper avoids this situation.



Cling the glory wrap the stems

Ethylene is also the cause of banana rot. Each banana is separated when saved, and each stem is wrapped with plastic wrap to prevent the gas from spreading.

Editor in this issue: Liu Chang This article Author: Life Times Special Reporter Cai Lichao

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