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What is your impression of nurse?

Many people’s answers are: Angel in white

Injection infusion, nursing replacement, collection nucleic acid

Actually, there are some nurses

In a job that everyone doesn’t know

Silent dedication and guarding life

May 12 this year is the 111st International Nursing Festival. Recently, reporters from the New Hainan client, Nanhai.com, and South China Metropolis Daily take you to the white angels behind the scenes, witnessing that they are serving patients with love and responsibilities in their unknown positions.


Convenient for chronic stoma wound patient outpatient clinic

· Chief of General Surgery Nurses of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College: Wang Lina

· 22 years in nursing work

“Your hands are very light and soft, the old man wants to come to you.” At 9:30 am on May 11th, the wound outpatient clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College. Main care and replacement.


Specialty nurse changing medicine, the direct feeling of the elderly is not painful. To this end, Mr. Yan takes his mother to the hospital’s outpatient clinic every week for care. Mr. Yan’s mother performed a fistula surgery last November and left a presence in the abdomen. The care should be particularly careful.

On the morning of the same day, Wang Lina and colleagues changed their medicine for the elderly in about ten minutes. The old man was very satisfied and said “thank you” in a row.

In the past, some patients may have to be hospitalized for treatment and care, but now they do not need to be hospitalized. They can change drug care at dozens of yuan in outpatient clinics, reduce hospitalization time, and save costs.

On the morning of May 11th, Wang Lina, the head of the general surgery nurses of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College, was a nursing of the elderly in the clinic. Reporter Wang Hongxu Photo

Wang Lina has been engaged in nursing work for 22 years and has worked for 18 years in general surgery. Today, she is the head of the general surgery nurses of the first affiliated hospital of Hainan Medical College and the leader of the wound preparation group.

Due to long -term work in general surgery, Wang Lina found many patients with intestinal cancer. Surgical treatment was made, and strict care needs to heal. To this end, in 2015, she applied to study at Sun Yat -sen University State therapist School. After three months, she mastered the treatment and nursing technology of the presence and passed the assessment.


Back to Hainan, Wang Lina began to take professional care for chronic wounds and presence patients in the ward. With the increase in the needs of patients, after applying for the hospital, a wound pre -clinic clinic was opened at the new outpatient building of the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College. good service.

Wang Lina, the head of the first affiliated hospital of Hainan Medical College. Reporter Wang Hongxu Photo

“They have a good attitude, enthusiasm and professional, fast, and clever. I wish them a happy holiday!” For more than half a year, Mr. Yan often took his mother to the clinic for clinics and was very familiar with Wang Lina. Medicine, his mother did not shout and was very satisfied, and his heart was full of gratitude.


Keep the “gate” for the prevention and control of the epidemic

· Haikou People’s Hospital issued a popular nursing nurse: He Shuilian

· 25 years in nursing work

Before the new crown epidemic occurred, many people had no impression of the popular kidney clinic and did not pay special attention to it. Nowadays, the popular kidney has become a key “gate” for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the front line of the hospital’s anti -epidemic.

Today, many people will have a fear of hot kidney clinics. He Shuilian, deputy nurse of the Haikou People’s Hospital, said that there is no need to be afraid. If there is a fever (body temperature exceeds 37.3 ° C), he should go to the hot kidnappers first. For preliminary examinations to find the cause of fever, to do further examination and corresponding treatment, so as to be more assured.

Among them, patients with popular kidney consultations include common colds, pneumonia, and seasonal infectious diseases, such as flu, chickenpox, measles, rubella, dengue fever, and even some patients are relatively rare diseases for fever.

He Shuilian has been engaged in nursing work for 25 years. In the first 22 years, she had been at the Ministry of Emergency Medicine of the Haikou People’s Hospital. After the new crown epidemic in 2020, she was in danger and was transferred to a hot nursing clinic. During the three years of resistance, she adhered to a popular kidney, conducting preliminary screening, diagnosis and treatment of patients with fever, and transferring to a fixed -point hospital for treatment with suspected patients.

He Shuilian collected nucleic acids for patients. Interviewee provided

In order to be able to do a good job of hot kidney, He Shuilian continued to learn new knowledge and new skills and new skills to prevent and control the epidemic, and do a good job in the in -line, and undertake the training tasks of the internal protection service and the collection of nucleic acid collection.


In March of this year, He Shuilian, who was at work, suddenly received a call from the hospital’s nursing department. A new crown diagnosis case was about to be transferred to Haikou People’s Hospital to ask her if she could lead the nursing team to take over the task. She did not hesitate to hesitate accepted. She didn’t even return her home, and asked her family to send simple daily necessities, and she entered the isolation ward and put them into the work of the patient.


“Know the harmfulness of the virus, strictly control the treatment of patients and the protection of medical staff.” He Shuilian said that he always pays attention to the psychological state of the patient and staff in the ward, conducts psychological guidance and create a decompression atmosphere, and finally completes the treatment tasks smoothly. To achieve the work goals of the patient and staff with zero infection.

“You need to wear protective equipment in the hot rolling clinic. You cannot remove the mask during working hours. When you come out, you have been sweating, and your clothes are wet.” He Shuilian said that under the normal prevention and control of the epidemic, all fever patients must go to the hot nursing clinic first. It is safer to quickly investigate the popularity of the often. The popularity is the “gate” of the epidemic prevention and control. She will lead the popular nurses of the kidney, stick to her post, and keep the safe “gate”. At the same time, she hoped that all nursing colleagues would be happy to go to work and go home happily.

Check the mirror

Building the “firewall” of the courtyard


· The person in charge of the disinfection supply room of Hainan Stomatology Hospital: Wang Xiuju


· 36 years of nursing work

In the hospital, there are some nurses of disinfection supply rooms. Although they do not deal with patients directly, they are related to the safety of patients’ lives. They shoulders the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and other tasks of reuse equipment in the whole hospital.

During the diagnosis and treatment, diagnosis and treatment instruments will inevitably be polluted by patients with blood, saliva, etc., such as reused equipment cleaning, disinfection, and inadequate sterilization, which can easily become a tool for spreading germs, causing cross -infection in the hospital.

Therefore, whether the sterilization of sterile relics is thorough, not only does it determine whether the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment work can be carried out normally, but also about the safety of patients’ lives.

Wang Xiuju, 57, is the head of the disinfection supply room of the General Hospital of Hainan Stomatology Hospital. It is also a nurse who has been engaged in medical device disinfection for 27 years. In 2019, Wang Xiuju retired from the post of disinfection supply rooms in the Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, and then returned to work in Hainan Stomatological Hospital. “I also want to give full play to the residual heat and do a good job of disinfection of equipment.” Wang Xiuju said.

On the morning of May 11th, Wang Xiuju, the person in charge of the disinfection supply room of Hainan Stomatology Hospital, retired and continued to exert its heat. Reporter Wang Hongxu Photo

Before 8 o’clock in the morning, Wang Xiuju and colleagues will arrive early early. By printing the equipment list entered by various departments on the traceability system, the vehicle will go to various clinical departments to recycle pollution equipment. These polluting equipment will be transported back to the disinfection supply room through a special dirt and elevator, and sent from a dedicated window to the pollution area to avoid cross -infection. After the equipment enters the pollution area, the cleaning nurse will classify, clean, disinfect, and dry the pollution equipment of each department according to the characteristics of the equipment.

This is the most risk of infection. When manual cleaning equipment, the nurse will “fully armed”, put on masks, hats and masks, protective apron, and double -layer rubber gloves and waterproof shoes. But even so, accidentally may still be injured and infected with diseases.

“Because the medical device that cannot be washed was infected with infectious diseases such as syphilis, AIDS, and hepatitis B, so should you be careful when brushing each piece of equipment.” Wang Xiuju said that different medical equipment was different. Process operation. Complete medical devices that are cleaned and disinfected and dry and dry will enter the inspection packaging area.

On the morning of May 11th, Wang Xiuju looked at a box of dumplings under the magnifying glass, and found that there was a small white point on a tweeter. After wiping with wine immediately, she checked again before rest assured.

“Before the packaging, check the quality of the cleaning quality and functions of each equipment under the source of the light. The unqualified equipment returns to the dirty area to clean and disinfection, and assembles and packaged the qualified equipment.” Wang Xiuju said. The magnifying glass is generally amplified by 20 times, and many subtle stains can be seen clearly.

On the morning of May 11, Wang Xiuju, the person in charge of the disinfection supply room of Hainan Stomatology Hospital, checked the disinfection of the equipment under the magnifying glass. Reporter Wang Hongxu Photo

Finally, these packaged device packs will be placed in a sterilization container for sterilization, and through physical monitoring and chemical monitoring, sterile items can be distributed after confirming the sterilization process, and then transported to the clinical department for patient treatment.

Wang Xiuju said that a reuse equipment completes “from dirty to clean”. After more than 10 strict processes, it takes a few hours, and the nurse in each disinfection room must be patient and responsible. At present, nurses in the disinfection supply room of Hainan Stomatology Hospital have an average of more than 20,000 sterilization equipment per month. When the patient’s diagnosis is increased, the number and quantity of the instrumental disinfection will be more, and overtime will be normal.

“Although this job is ordinary, it can ensure the qualified supply of each equipment, prevent infection in the hospital, protect the safety of patients, and be proud of this job.” Wang Xiuju said.


Source: South China Metropolis Daily

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