Z400RS? Kawasaki retro new car trailer exposure

Kawasaki released a trailer video of Retrovolution is coming on YouTube on August 24.


Although there are only 16 seconds, the men’s and women’s knights wearing retro costumes and retro helmets in the picture make it difficult for people to guess that it will be a retro car.


Regarding the screen display of the new car, except for the round retro rearview mirror, there are almost no other. If you are more careful, you can barely find in the first 1-2 second screen,

Vehicle grip, integrated oil cups, and a little bit of instrument flashes

, Similar to the design of the Z900RS, it can only be said that it is completely consistent.


The preliminary judgment will be related to the Z900RS, but earlier, the Z900RS has released a new color matching of 2022 models, so it should not be the new Z900RS. In this way, will the scope be further reduced, will it be the new product of the same series of Z900RS?


▲ 2022 Z900RS new color


There is such a speculation, mainly because in recent years, rumors of Z400RS or Z650RS, which are about to launch a smaller displacement in recent years. The Japanese media Young Machine has repeatedly released the CG prediction map of Z400RS and Z650RS.

Perhaps more attention should be placed on the only text in the trailer. The words “Retro” and “Evolution” are combined together, and finally become “Retrovolution”!


Retro Evolution is translated by retro evolution, and Retro-Evolution is the meaning of change. The difference between a letter is very different. Perhaps the new Z400RS and Z650RS may really appear!

I have to say that the import brands have been tilted to the middle or even entry -level displacement products in the past two years. Taking the domestic market as an example, Honda’s mid -line plans, Yamaha’s R3, Husqvarna’s black and white arrows 401, Aprilia, triumph, triumph The 660 disputes are all products introduced under this market.

So, if Kawasaki really wants to launch a medium -level retro car, can you be optimistic?

Refer to the current domestic Senior Sales of Z900RS, the retail price is 139,000. What will you predict that the price of Z400RS and Z650RS will be the price? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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