Business Celebrities of Yuexiu District -Zhang Yanshi, a red top overseas Chinese businessman

Zhang Yanshi, a well -known overseas Chinese businessman at home and abroad in the Qing Dynasty, has been in business and living in the ancient Yuexiu area. He opened Zhang Yantang’s commercial bank on Jinghai Road and built a “Zhang Xiaoyou Hall” on Chaotian Road. street.

Zhang Yishi

For many people, Zhang Yanshi is a strange and distant name, but the same thing born because of this person has entered our daily life and became part of our memory. This is Zhangyu wine. In the half -century before the founding of New China, Zhang Yu has always been the only Chinese wine brand; more importantly, in the difficult age of China, he is one of the few sweet memories -in 1915 At the Panama Mandarin Commodity Exhibition, Zhang Yujiu won four medals in one fell swoop, which is rare in the entire modern Chinese history.

The founding of Zhangyu Brewery is known as the “Father of Chinese Wine” and the overseas Chinese wealthy businessman Zhang Xishi, who is called “China’s Rockefeller”, is not just wine. He had worked as a helper, opened a commercial bank, and collected tin mines, and became the leading wealthy among overseas Chinese at that time. There is a high status in modern history and a historical figure with a great impact. The first stop of Zhang Yanshi’s return to invest in Guangzhou is Guangzhou.

Honest entrepreneurial overseas development

Zhang Yanshi (1841-1916), formerly known as Zhao Xun, alias Zhenxun. Born in Huangtang Township, Tai Po County, Guangdong. In the eighth year of Xianfeng (1858), his hometown suffered severe disaster, and many people left their hometowns and went out to make a living. Zhang Yanshi also followed the folks to the sea to the Dutch East India Padavia (now Jakarta in Indonesia). I first worked as a miscellaneous worker in a rice shop, and later went to a paper bank as a helper. He is diligent and serious, clever, and loyal, and has won the trust of the boss.

One thing changed Zhang Xishi’s life. A seafarer who came from Europe, carrying a box of valuables, found Zhang Yishi’s residence, and asked him to accept it. Zhang Yanshi was very strange, and said to the seafarer: “I have no relatives in Europe, this thing is not mine.” The seafarer showed a difficult color: “You see, the address and name are not wrong, how can I explain it?” The consignee was obviously herself, but Zhang Yanshi resolutely did not accept it. In the end, the seafarer had to take a discount method to temporarily store the box here, and wait for the verification to be clearly processed. When he was leaving, he also said, “If no one has received one year later, this box is yours.” One year passed, and the box was still no one. Zhang Yanshi still did not open it. The owner of the box patiently waiting for the box. The matter was spreading in the local area, and people praised the scholars as honest. The boss of the paper bank appreciated his honesty and made his finances managed him. Later, he assigned his only daughter to him. The virtuous wife later became the successful assistant of Zhang Yishi’s career.

A few years later, his father -in -law died of illness, Zhang Yanshi inherited his inheritance and began to show his outstanding business ability. He first took out a part of the funds, opened a commercial bank to run alcohol of various countries, and hosted the local wine tax and the pawn donation of Singapore. Subsequently, the Opium Tax Tax of some islands (now Indonesia) (now Indonesia) (now Indonesia), the assets quickly expanded. Then he put his attention into the reclamation development. At that time, in order to develop and plunder island resources, the Dutch East India colonists had let the overseas Chinese organize the reclamation company. Zhang Yanshi seized this opportunity and took out most of the assets to invest in this cause. In the fifth year of Tongzhi (1866), he founded Yuheke Corporation in the lotus Gorobabu, a large -scale reclamation of wasteland, and specialized in planting tropical crops such as coconut, coffee, rubber, pepper, tea, and planting miscellaneous grains in the reclamation range. Get great economic benefits. In the first year of Guangxu (1875), he founded a new reclamation company in Aqi, Sumatra. In the future, there were 8 rubber gardens founded by Yiyeke Corporation, which he founded in the lotus Yili, and the Lingwang Reclamation Company founded by Java, and nearly 10,000 people were hired. While operating reclamation development, he actively captured the opportunity to establish various industries and achieved good results: he opened Dongxing Company in Wendongbu, Malaya Pahang, Malaya, and made a lot of money. The day -to -day banking bank is opened to handle the overseas Chinese storage and overseas Chinese exchange business. It has been welcomed and dependent on the majority of overseas Chinese, and the business has been greatly developed. A medicinal material wholesale network contacted at home and abroad. Most of the domestic valuable medicinal materials were mostly sold overseas by Zhang’s Pharmaceutical Bank. Overseas valuable medicinal materials and western medicines were also sold by Zhang’s Pharmaceutical Bank to communicate at home and abroad.

Zhang Yanshi’s success attracted the attention of the Qing government. In the eighteenth year of Guangxu (1892), Gong Zhaoyi, an envoy of the Qing government in the UK, was ordered to inspect the way of rich European and American countries. When passing through Singapore, he asked Zhang Yanshi to get rich. Land; I am in the British, then Fa Bai Gui, optimistic incident. For example, Lu Shangzhi’s conspiracy, Sun Wu used the soldiers, Shang Yang’s law, if wisdom is not enough to change, courage is not enough to decide, benevolence cannot be taken, and you cannot keep it. For the work, then to Rao Yu, there is no new method of heterogeneity. “A high discussion made Gong’s sigh.

For more than 30 years since the 1860s, Zhang Yanshi finally established his own corporate kingdom with his intelligence and hardships, and finally established his own corporate kingdom with the highest assets of 70,000 to 80 million yuan, becoming the leading rich man among Nanyang overseas Chinese at that time. At that time, the financial income of the Qing government at that time was not the same. This is really “rich and enemy country”! Zhang Yanshi became a pivotal figure in Nanyang Overseas Chinese, and the local Dutch colonists did not dare to underestimate him. The lotus colonial authorities had given him a few times to give him a jue, but he was thanked by him one by one, saying, “My life is a Chinese, and it is effective for the Chinese nation.

Step into the officialdom of red top gentlemen

The pioneer of Zhang Yanshi and the Uighur, the then British consul, and Xue Fucheng, who managed the diplomacy of Nanyang Singapore, Huang Zunxian of the Wei New School, Sheng Xuanhuai, the Minister of Commerce in charge of the Qing court, and the Consul of the Qing Dynasty in Singapore. Xinxingbang, the impact of the ideological and inspiring of the country to save the country, and actively participate in the business construction of the motherland with their own strength. In the fifteenth year of Guangxu (1889), Zhang Yanshi donated huge sums of money to relieve domestic Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Shandong floods under the call of the Qing Dynasty consul in Singapore. step. In the seventeenth year of Guangxu (1891), at the invitation of Sheng Xuanhuai, a member of the Qing court, Zhang Yishi returned to the country to plan the railway. In the 19th year of Guangxu (1893), Huang Zunxian, the Consul General of the Qing Dynasty, recommended Zhang Yishi as the deputy consul in Penang Coconut Island. During the consular appointment, Zhang Yanshi worked hard to promote the unity of overseas Chinese, tide, guest, Qiong, and Fujian, developing the economic strength of Chinese people, and donated 80,000 yuan to establish the first overseas Chinese school in Malaya -Chinese primary and secondary schools; On the other hand, with Huang Zunxian, Xue Fusheng, who managed the diplomacy of Nanyang Singapore, asked for a ban on sea ban to protect the return of overseas Chinese. Based on this, Xue Fucheng played the “Please Remove the Banning of the Sea and Recruit Huaman Shu” to the court, and was implemented, so that the overseas Chinese returned to the motherland to have legal guarantees. In the 20th year of Guangxu (1894), Zhang Yanshi was given a candidate for the three grades. In July of the year, Huang Zunxian was ordered to be transferred back to the country. At the appointment of the Consul General, Zhang Yanshi had to teach the title of Taoist. In the 29th year of Guangxu (1903), Zhang Yanshi generously donated 200,000 yuan to establish road mines and schools, and he had to grant the candidate Sanpin Jingtang. At the same time, Sheng Xuanhuai invited to hold important positions in the railway and Qing Bank of Sheng Xuanhuai, so that Zhang Yanshi appeared on the economic stage of the late Qing Dynasty with officials and merchants.

In the 20th year of Guangxu (1894), as the coordinated organ of the Qing Dynasty’s revitalization industry, Zhang Jianshi was hired as a consultant to the Ministry of Commerce. During the consultant of Zhang Yanshi, Zhang Yanshi actively assisted the Minister of Commerce Dai Zhen to promote a series of legal policies that conducive to China’s economic development: the Ministry of Commerce promulgated the “Merchant Congress” and made some specific regulations on business business; then played and played again. The “Articles of Association of the Ministry of Commerce” was issued, and the “Bankruptcy Law” soon was promulgated to “maintain the conditioning” to the helpless “loser”. In the twenty -ninth year of Guangxu (1903), the Qing government approved the “Railway Concubine Articles of Association” formulated by the Ministry of Commerce, stipulating that “regardless of the Chinese and foreign officials and business”, they can “invite railways” to encourage the Chinese business collection shares; Also played the “Interim Mining Regulations” and encouraged “collecting stocks to open mining”; in the “Trial Bank Articles of Association”, it is also welcome to raise funds.

During this period, the Qing government began to persuade overseas Chinese to invest in domestic poverty of domestic goods. The Ministry inspected the Minister of Commerce of the Foreign Port, and also supervised the Fujian -Guangdong workers, commercial, and road mining matters, and persuaded overseas Chinese to return to China. Zhang Yanshi, the first high -level specialty sent to overseas Chinatown in the Qing court, has caused a great impact on the Chinatown of Nanyang. When Zhang Yanshi arrived in Singapore, he “hanging lights along the street, high -hanging dragon flags, walking on the road, the carriage bombarded, the viewer is blocked, and it is extremely prosperous.” At this time, Zhang Yanshi was among the senior officials of the Qing dynasty and became the first overseas gentry in the Qing Dynasty. And he also started to transfer a lot of funds to China in the 1890s, investing in the industry, and practicing his ideals of saving the country.

Industry to save the country Guangzhou starts

Zhang Yanshi selected Guangzhou in the first stop of returning home overseas to develop industries. Although Guangzhou was the port of business in South China at that time, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, and its trade was developed; it was also the provincial capital of his hometown, so that Zhang Yanshi appreciated the nostalgia. He founded Zhang Yu’antang Pharmaceutical Bank on Jinghaimen (now Jinghai Road) in Guangzhou. Essence He also opened more than a dozen companies including Guangzhou Zhenyi Company, Yatong (weaving) company, and Guangdong Jinghaimen Agricultural Industry and Commerce and Mining Bureau. There are also Zhang Yutang, such as Jinghai Road, such as Jinghai Road, and Wuzhitang, Xin’anli, Henan (now Haizhu District), Guangzhou. There are Xiaoyoutang on Chaotian Road, and today’s filial piety and Dongjie are also named after Zhang Xiaoyoutang.

Zhang Yanshi’s investment in China is quite expensive, but the most popular is the establishment of the “Zhangyu Grape Brewery Company”, which has established a brand of Chinese wine that shocked the world and proud of the Chinese people.

The opportunity of history and a strong patriotic heart made the first person of this Chinese wine brewing.

In 1890, when Zhang Yanshi served as Bashu City Consul, he once participated in the banquet hosted by the French Consul. During the table, people praised the French Samsung Ax brand Bailan Earthly Wine. : “This wine is made of grapes produced in the Bordeaux area of ​​France. For example, the wine is not inferior to the grapes produced in Shandong Yantai, China.”

Zhang Yanshi asked, “What do you say?”

The French consulfle hesitated for a moment and told: “When the Eight -Power Allied Forces invaded China, I was also one of them. When the French army was near Tianjin, I had collected a large number of grapes back to Yantai with other soldiers. Small squeezers are brewed, the taste is mellow, and the quality of the wine can be comparable to French Bailan Land. At that time, French officers and soldiers discussed that when the Chinese territory was divided, France would strive for Shandong. Fortunately

Zhang Yanshi was shocked after hearing, and kept this matter in mind. In the seventeenth year of Guangxu (1891), Zhang Yanshi should supervise the invitation of the Minister of the Railway Sheng Xuanhuai and went to the smokers to discuss the railway. Zhang Yanshi took this opportunity to conduct a comprehensive inspection of Yantai and understand that the land is on the mountains and the sea, the climate is moist, and the soil is fat. It is indeed a good place to plant grapes. Immediately decided to invest in a factory, named “Zhangyu Grape Wine Company”. In 1892, Zhang Yanshi invested 3 million silver, opened two thousand acres of deserted mountains in Yantai, and planted more than 120 high -quality grape varieties introduced from virtue, law, and Italian, to establish its own large vineyard; introduce squeezers, and Excellent wines such as distillation machines, fermented machines, white oak storage barrels, etc., build well -known underground wine cellars, hire first -class winemakers in Europe, and establishes the earliest large enterprises to make wine with modern science and technology.

After years of hard work, with the test of failure and success, Zhangyu Grape Wine Company has finally achieved great success. The wine they brew is golden and transparent, the wine is sweet and fragrant. In 1915, at the Panama Pacific Model Expo, Zhangyu Grape Wine Co., Ltd. showed the “Keya Bailan Land”, “Red Grape”, “Ray”, “Qiong Yao Bei” (Misi), won the optimal award and Four gold medals, this is the first time that Chinese products have won such a honor internationally. “Keya Bailan” is also named “Golden Awards Bailan Di”, becoming a well -known world brand. Since then, the history of the best wine that is only Western wine has been rewritten forever. Zhang Yishi’s “Zhangyu Grape Wine Company”, which was founded in China, founded in Yantai, Shandong, became a banner of the Chinese national industry at that time.

In 1912, Mr. Sun Yat -sen inscribed the inscription of Zhangyu Grape Wine Company “Pinzhong Quanquan” in order to show Jia Mian; Kang Youwei stayed in Zhangyu Winery to give a poem:

Drink Zhangyu Wine, planting bean peony flowers. More Fahua wrote a new sentence, and Xin Yu met as home.

The wind and rain are not regretted, and the aroma is in the world. Zhang Yanshi wrote in the history of Zhang Yu’s entrepreneurial history: “Prepare hardships”, “throw countless money, and consumes countless times, it can live up to the first mind.”

Chi Zizi feelings Guangzhao Sun Moon

In the early years of the Republic of China, Zhang Yanshi was appointed as a consultant to the Presidential Palace, a senior consultant of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, a member of the Legislative Council, and the president of the National Chamber of Commerce. However, the Beiyang warlord government’s mutual diligence, he saw it very thoroughly, was not enthusiastic about participating in politics, and poured the main energy of his life into “industrial saving the country.”


Zhang Yanshi lives overseas and has a pain of cutting against the Chinese to discriminates against the Chinese. Whenever he encounters embarrassment, he will make a case.

In 1898, three people and a German family doctor were preparing to take the German class from Indonesia to Singapore for business. He told the manager to buy 4 first -class official cabin tickets. The ship ticket was bought back, but there was only one official cabin ticket and 3 computers. Zhang Yanshi was very strange and asked why he only bought an official cabin ticket. The management helplessly said, “The German ship stipulates that the Chinese are not allowed to buy an official cabin ticket. Furious, tore the four tickets to smash, raised the Royal Kiln Bo Big Vase rewarded by the Empress Dowager Cixi to smash the floor, hit a brunt, and roared angrily:

“How do you have this reason? The Chinese can’t take the official cabin, what is the case? It’s too bullish! The Chinese nation cannot be insulted, and the Chinese must not bully!”

He felt that the dignity of Yan Huang and grandchildren had been severely violated, and he could not be calm for a long time.

“The court was unable to run a merchant ship, I came to do it!” Zhang Yaoxuan, who came to the founding Chaoshan Railway, said, “Remember, my merchant ship will not sell tickets in the future!”

Soon, Zhang Rongxuan invited Zhang Rongxuan and Zhang Yaoxuan Kunzhong to raise sale of Sumatra and ocean shipping on the sea surface of southern China to establish “Yuchang Ocean Shipping Company” and “Guangfu Ocean Shipping Company”. Since then, the overseas Chinese -office giant wheels that have flourished in the Daqing Dragon Banner in China have begun to appear in the vast Pacific Ocean. Selling tickets to the Germans forced Germany to cancel the rules that discriminate against Chinese people and grew the prestige of the Chinese.

However, he understands that this approach is only a venture, and there is no role in changing the destiny of the country. He did his best to give generosity to the poverty and weak motherland and the difficult revolutionary cause at that time.

At the beginning of the Democratic Revolution, Zhang Lishi encouraged his son Zhang Chihuan to join the alliance. When the revolutionaries were secretly activities overseas, Zhang Yishi instructed his secret assistance to the Nanyang Enterprise and secretly helped Sun Yat -sen 300,000 silver through Hu Hanmin. After the outbreak of the 1911 Revolution, Zhang Yanshi donated another huge amount to Sun Yat -sen.

Zhang Yanshi was concerned about public welfare in the Qing Dynasty. In the 26th year of Guangxu (1900), the Yellow River suffered a disaster. Zhang Yanshi witnessed the tragedy of the disaster area and was worried for his fellow citizens. This gives it a plaque of “urgent public”, erected in the hometown of Tai Po.

Zhang Yanshi advocated education overseas and promoted Chinese civilization. He spared no effort. In Singapore and other places, he founded the Chinese School and Ying Xinhua School. He also specially set up a welfare fund to assist tuition for out -of -student students. Driven by him, Singapore and Malaysia have successively held 8 Chinese schools. He set up a “Yushan Hall” in Shantou and purchased dozens of buildings as Jiaying Five Fund Welfare Fund to subsidize tuition fees for students abroad. In the year of Guangxu (1905), he won the plaque of the Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. At the plaque ceremony, Zhang Yanshi generous words:

“Because the country is poor and weak, all because of talents and talents, they are unhappy from the school. I wait for the foreign ports and accumulate financial assets. Seeing that there are many western literature schools in the Western country. The children of my Chinese businessmen, and my Chinese businessmen have their own net worth, each has their own children, can I not have a Chinese school to teach their children? “

Liang Shaowen said in “Nanyang Travel Man” that “the first to sacrifice countless money in Nanyang to run a school, and to push Zhang Xishi as the first person.” The heart of Zhang Yanshi’s fist and nakedness and the aspirations of Yin Yin are evident.

In September 1916, Zhang Yishi set up a golden banquet to celebrate the “Keya Bailan Land” wine and went to the United States. He set up a Mid -Autumn Festival Banquet in Wuzhitang, Bacheng, Indonesia to thank Chinese and foreign guests. At the meeting, he was extremely excited and frequently centered to toast, leading to the myocardial colic. On the 12th, he died of illness at the Royal Hospital of the Netherlands at the age of 75 at the age of 75. After Zhang Yanshi died of illness, when he moved his return to Singapore and Hong Kong, the British and Dutch government sorrowful, the governor of the Hong Kong and the Governor of Hong Kong, the people set up a sacrifice everywhere. Master of Chinese Studies Zhang Binglin also worshiped the couplet “the Nangren’s motherland, and the sky returned to the soul.”

After Zhang Yanshi died, his descendants followed his last wishes and donated to the Lingnan University of Guangzhou to build the “Zhang Yishi Memorial Hall” building. Although his karma founded in Guangdong, although he was repeatedly disappeared and disappeared, his patriotism would never respect people.


Information source: (taken from Yuexiu District- “Yuexiu Business Celebration”)

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