Antibacterial performance clothing, but antibacterial performance does not meet the standard? Recently, the Zhejiang Consumer Rights Protection Commission and the Ningbo Consumer Rights Protection Committee released 40 functional clothing comparative test reports. Among them, the results of 12 antibacterial clothing assessments showed that 5 products did not meet the standards. Among them, the antibacterial properties of 4 products do not meet the standard requirements, and the famous underwear company Caitian Main Clothing Co., Ltd. is on the list.

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Staphylococcus aureus

Antibacterial rate


It is understood that antibacterial properties refer to fiber or fabrics that kill or inhibit the effects of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. The purpose is not only to prevent textiles from being damaged by microorganisms. Human health and comfort. The test method of this antibacterial performance comparative test refers to the GB/T 20944.3-2008 “Evaluation of the Antibacterial Performance Part 3: Osmark Method”. Standard evaluation: The bacteriostatic rate of the sample on the bacteria of Golden Globe and E. coli is ≥70 %, or or The bacteriostatic rate of Multi -white Candida is ≥60 %, and the sample has bacteriostatic effects. This test rated products with antibacterial rates of three bacteria ≥90 % of products as excellent antibacterial properties.

The detection of 12 antibacterial clothing samples this time mainly conducts fiber component, breathable performance, antibacterial performance, and pH value of six socks and six underwear. The results showed that 5 products did not meet the standards. Among them, the antibacterial performance of 4 products does not meet the standards, and the fiber content of the two products does not meet the standard. Among the five products that do not meet the standards, there are 2 men’s socks produced by Hangzhou Rulan Trading Co., Ltd. (the price is 178 yuan) and the underwear (price of 139 yuan) produced by Dongguan Caitian clothing Co., Ltd. No nominal manufacturer. The test results showed that the underwear (price of 139 yuan) produced by Dongguan Caitian Makeup Co., Ltd. was 10%of the antibacterial rate of antibacterial rate, 71%of E. coli, and 80%of the Candida. The antibacterial rate of golden glucococcus bacteria is only 10 %, and the antibacterial performance is poor.

Consumers indicate antibacterial performance

Most of the gimmicks that are promoted by merchants

As a well -known underwear manufacturing company in Dongguan, Caitian Makeup Co., Ltd. has a number of dealers in the city. The official website information of Dongguan Caitian Makes Co., Ltd. shows that Caitian Makes Co., Ltd. has focused on Chinese lady’s underwear for 22 years. Cai Tian has two well -known domestic brands: “Cai Tian” and “Flower Fairy”. The company’s fabrics and lace suppliers are also partners of the world’s well -known underwear brand “Victoria’s Secret”.

Ms. Yuan, who has purchased Cai Tian clothing many times, told Nandu reporters that she often bought clothes at a underwear store in the shopping mall in Dongguan Town. The store has been operating for more than ten years. Most of them are color field clothes. Regarding the non -bacterial antibacterial properties of Cai Tian’s antibacterial underwear, Ms. Yuan said that the choice of underwear is more focused on the quality and comfort of the product. It is believed that the antibacterial properties of the clothing are mostly a gimmick to promote the merchant, and do not believe that the so -called antibacterial underwear.

Responsibility of all parties:

Ningbo Consumer Protection Commission:

After the test results come out

There is a letter to the company’s test results, but it has not received feedback

Regarding the results of this test, Manager Chen, the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Caitian Maintenance Co., Ltd., said that he suspected of being counterfeit. In response, the Ningbo Consumer Protection Commission replied to Nandu’s identification that Cai Tian’s sample was purchased by Shufang, Taobao, and the sales volume was also very high. After the results of the comparison test came out, they also wrote a letter to the enterprise, and it showed that there was a signing, but it was not received by companies from Cai Tian.

Caitian Inner Shufang opened the store on August 16, 2020, and the product claimed that the genuine Cai Tian underwear.

“If the company feels objections and is worried about being faked, they can feedback from the Consumer Protection Commission.” The staff member said that because it was a counterfeit product, the brand required a certificate to determine it. If the brand confirms the counterfeit, the Consumer Protection Commission can notify the platform and the local market regulatory authorities, and requires follow -up processing such as removal of goods and administrative penalties to this online store in accordance with laws and regulations.

Directly hang up the phone

Do not respond further

In response to the feedback from the Ningbo Consumer Insurance Commission, Manager Chen, the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Caitian Make Co., Ltd., said that he would not respond further. As for whether to recall the products that have not met the standards of antibacterial properties in this comparison test, Manager Chen did not respond and directly hung up the phone. After that, Nandu reporters have called on Dongcheng Caitian Jieyi Co., Ltd. on this issue. As of press time, Cai Tian has not made a clear response.

Know Duo D

Dongguan Caitian has many times


Blacklist on the list

The information of Tianyancha shows that Dongguan Cai Tian has repeatedly appeared on the quality blacklist.

In 2019, the Wenzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau conducted special supervision and random inspections of underwear, stockings, sanitary napkins and pads sold by Wenzhou. A batch of ladies flat trousers (specifications/models: average yards 170/100; Item number: 30606), which is not qualified.

On January 8, 2018, the official website of the Jiangxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the results of the random inspection inspection inspection of underwear products in the circulation field in 2017, a batch of underwear (brand: Laraine Fairy Fairy; Specification Model: 165/95 PE2111 ) Fiber content projects are unqualified.

Writing: South China reporter Chen Yangkai intern Chen Yantong

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