After watching small white shoes for so many years, have you all a little visual fatigue? Little white shoes are out of date. The shoes introduced to you today are the most popular shoes this year. Brock shoes, full of retro British style, who wears it!

Xiaobian will follow


Foot shape and matching according to different styles

Start, give you a detailed introduction of Brock shoes, so that you and I will be at the forefront of fashion this year.

Before cutting into the text, let’s take a preliminary understanding-

What is Brock shoes:


Brock shoes were originally worn shoes worn by Scottish workers, and later gradually evolved. In terms of appearance, it is very similar to Oxford shoes. The difference is that

It is more carved more than Oxford shoes

Generally speaking, the less carving and hollowing, the more suitable for formal occasions.


See what kind of foot type you belong to, suitable for Brock shoes?

To see if everyone is suitable for Brock shoes, we must first understand our own foot type:

① Egyptian foot

The characteristics of this type of foot type are decreased from the length of the thumb to the little finger. From the perspective of the overall point of view, this type of foot type is actually very popular, because both pointed shoes or other shoes can be controlled. So it is absolutely appropriate to wear Brock shoes.

② Roman feet

This type of foot type is actually the foot type of most of us,

The length of the thumb and the other four fingers is flat

There will be limitations of these feet wearing shoes, and some pointed shoes are not suitable, especially some insteps, and relatively thick sisters, some ballet shoes and loaf shoes are similar to showing shoes that are relatively flat. try to avoid. Wearing Brock shoes, try to choose the style of round heads and square heads, otherwise the comfort is not high.

③ Greek foot

This type of foot type is relatively special. The length of the second toe is longer than the length of the first toe. The whole is a cone type, which is very suitable for pointed shoes. The defects of the feet are displayed, so Brock shoes are your best choice!

According to different styles, choose the wear of Brock shoes

Look1, daily leisure style

· Brock shoes+sweater/baseball uniform

Sisters who like daily leisure style, you can use Brock shoes with sweaters, baseball uniforms, Brock shoes with Yinglun retro style, matching sportswear baseball uniforms, you can unexpectedly match out

Casual and comfortable

It feels, at this time, wearing a skirt in the lower body to reveal the long legs of the sisters, which is very conducive to the sisters with perfect leg curves.

· Brock shoes+denim items


Other denim clothes can also be added, such as denim jackets, denim pants, and so on.

White, black, or patterned plaid, with stripes inside

Come and match.

In terms of accessories, one




You can perfectly wear such styles. If you like friends who like punk style, you can add a little

Small accessories of metal sense

, Such as necklace, earrings, rings, etc.

Little sunglasses

It can also play a good role.

Look2, gas field wind

· Brock shoes+suit

The big guy style is actually a style that Brock shoes are very good at. Usually it is matched with a suit. The upper body suits are lifted up and clean and tidy. charm. A better color with a pale blue suit, a pair of white Brock shoes, try to try

It is better to use solid color, and the style is simpler



· Color matching

In terms of color matching, the more common color matching of big guys is

Black and white

, Classic and stylish, white shirts, black suit jackets, tight pants, and a pair of brown skin Brock shoes. If you want to increase the gas field, you can add one to the suit.


Or or a large area of ​​bib.

If you want to add texture to the whole suit, you can carry one

Small bag



Metal’s alien earrings

The accessories can be a lot of diversity. The material can be selected as the same leather style as the Brock shoes, or the cotton wind can be selected, which can increase the texture, but remember that the hat decoration should not be added at this time, and the overall looks simple and capable.

Look3, intellectual elegant style

· Brock shoes+skirt

If you want to create intellectual elegance, our Brock shoes are best and


With a dress, you can be a half -body half -body skirt under the upper body shirt. In terms of the details of the clothing, you can choose a simple and generous style, or you can choose some hollow carved styles.

· Brock shoes+coat/windbreaker

It can usually be matched with coats in spring and autumn. Mao’s coat with our leather Brock shoes can give people more


Gentle and intellectual

It can also increase the texture of the whole set of clothing. The coat can choose the standard H -shaped coat, or you can choose a cloak -style yukata -style coat.

All types of versions can well control this style

The soul of this type of style lies in




, A standard woolen material

Women’s hat,

Or it is made of fur

Fisherman’s hat


, Sisters with a large face can choose a fisherman hat, with a plush bib, try to choose exaggerated large earrings, and sisters with tiny face can choose a basin hat or a lady hat. At this time

Big earrings or small earrings

It is very suitable.

Look4, sweet youth wind


· Brock shoes+uniform

The sweet youth style is very suitable for younger sisters. Because of the British College of Brock shoes, you can match some at this time

Uniform skirt

, Choose a tight -fitting shirt in the upper body, choose a short skirt in the lower body, and the long stockings on the knee and a pair of leather Brock shoes. The proper Japanese sweet style.

· Brock shoes+plaid

In terms of clothing details, checkered is a good choice,

Checked small vest


Wear a pure white shirt, black pleated skirt, with a pair of carved Brock shoes, but remember not to choose some exaggerated patterns at this time, this will destroy the overall feeling, try to choose some comparison as much as possible


Exquisite, Xiao Liang’s pattern

· Match+color scheme




On the other hand, try to avoid cortex bags and metallic accessories, which will destroy our sweet youthful style, try to choose some cotton -sensitive clothes, in


Try to do as much as possible


Classic color matching


For example, the red and black plaid, or the classic matching of black and white, at this time some brighter colors are not suitable, and should be avoided.

Experience summary

: There are many versions of Brock shoes, which are also very versatile in terms of style, which can create a style, but sisters need to be matched with different clothes to create our diverse style. Pay attention to accessories in some details. Pay attention to accessories. In terms of material, color matching, and your own body shape, the skin color is paid to the coordination of the overall style.

Today, I introduced the foot type to everyone, and there are related mixes. I hope that everyone can match the clothing suite you want according to your favorite style. I also hope that everyone can gain something. Xiaobian grows up with you Let’s walk together on the way to become beautiful.