When I was in school that year, my favorite was to visit the stationery store. I couldn’t help but see my favorite pen, book, rubber rubbing and the like. Think of most of my pocket money that year. It is also very unique to buying a star ~ (≧ ▽ ≦)/~ As a professional stationery control, it will always be praised by the people around you: “Wow, this is so beautiful” “Hey, why is this so like this? Cute “” Well, send me the link of the cute book ~ “Today, the red scarf editor will come and share it with everyone once. here! Intersection Intersection


¥ 1.75


Whether you are a tired office worker or a hard -working student party, you need to write and draw, especially those with literary and artistic, good -looking verses, nice lyrics, always want to have a matching with it. The book is recorded. This little book is very good. The cover is a cute cartoon image. Young and vitality are also used to record the workflow of one day. Yes, don’t worry about being read by others (^o^)/~

¥ 10.54

The most afraid of at work is to forget about the leadership explanation. Therefore, Xiaobian’s desk often has this tear -can be signed, recorded his work one by one, and after finishing one, it will be removed. Convenient and thoughtful. There are 5 books in this box. It is super cost -effective. It has been used for a long time. Each corresponding pattern is different and color. It is cute and fresh. It makes people feel happy!


¥ 6.12


Neutral pens are also needed in work or study. The most embarrassing thing is that when others let you sign, there is no pen. Therefore, listen to the editor, prepare two pens, lose one and one. The recommended pen that can be moved, saving the careless girls like to lose the pens. What is more interesting is that the pen is square, rest assured, the feel is still comfortable, and the non -slip resistance is better. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it. Just have it^_^


¥ 6.73

Sometimes you need to leave a message or record a little thing. You can’t find the right paper. Is it extremely irritable? Girls who have a sentimental life must not forget to prepare a book at all times, go out to leave a message, or need to remind you, just write it with paper, soft paper, smooth writing, the color of the paper is colorful, very happy mood, The effect ~

¥ 4.56

The cover of the cover is super fresh notebook, candy color, simple and generous, gentle and comfortable color, giving people a good visual enjoyment. It seems that the notebooks have motivation. Notebooks, don’t worry about confusion, can be easily found. The way of binding on the car is more beautiful and durable, it is not easy to fall off, and the retro beauty is even more unable to stop!

¥ 4.28

In so many strokes, the favorite is neutral pens, the writing is smooth, the handwriting is clean and neat, there will be no trace of muddy water, the writing surface is more neat, and it is very Feel. This neutral pen is no exception. The pen holder is a relatively common cylindrical shape, but the color is fresh and eye -catching, which makes people look at it a few more. The cute cartoon shape is full of vitality and vitality. The most dazzling existence in stationery!

¥ 5.70

Very cute, very chic niche sticker, used for monthly stickers, schedule classification stickers, or bookmarks, decorations, etc., all are good, but the editor is generally used with a notebook, used as a bookmark, as a prompt to facilitate finding yourself to find yourself to find yourself for yourself Written content. The high -end PU artificial leather with soft texture, the cross texture, beautiful and practical, can be torn off and pasted many times, can be used for recycling ~ (≧ ▽ ≦)/~


¥ 15.00


Since Dabai entered the sight of Xiaobian, Xiaobian has been unable to extricate the love of Dai Bai, warming the image of people’s hearts, and it is simply a wave of girl’s heart. So, let’s have a big white pen box, often with you, what else is so troublesome. Silicone is made, the feel is soft and comfortable, non -toxic and no odor. Behind the zipper design, it is convenient to put the artificial artifact, and it will not affect the beauty of the big white. This big white pen box is not only white, but also red and yellow, which meets your aesthetic needs!