Many people think that there are many detours in dressing and matching, and different items will set up different “traps”, allowing you to create a sense of disobedience when dressing. In fact, as long as you choose the basic items, and use them well and in place, dressing will look very simple, generous and advanced, and the shape can be directly successful.

When choosing the basic models, many ladies will favor shirts more, especially the style of simple structures. As a coat, they can support it.

The color used in this dress is very simple, single



It can be used as a thin jacket, and it can be responsible in summer

Sunscreen assistant

Let’s cover your skin. It can be matched with white T -shirts or white vests, which can make you have a very obvious randomness.

Not only has the shirt not only have a broad space in terms of selection, but even the change in the wear method will make your whole temperament different from some details.

Such as this

White shirt


Generally speaking, most people will still interpret it to be restrained, but as long as you choose a loose design, and then the first half of the hem is stuffed into the pants, it will create that it will not be too dull or excessively excessive. Smart and serious costume. The key is this

The scheme of the jacket

It can also make your proportion reach a fast modification.

The color of the shirts is diverse. The choice is extremely rich, and it also has extremely obvious freedom of dressing, that is, no matter which color system is selected, you can find the appropriate items and some suitable colors.


Haze blue shirt

In fact, it will have some high -quality and stylish styles. It is not easy to have a monotonous sense to wear, and it is not easy to look simple. When combined with black shorts, the matching of this shirt can be moved closer to leisure.


The style of the shirt is not fixed. The main impact of its main impact is its combination and its design in color, making your dress more diversified.

Checked shirt

In fact, it is a single product that many girls will resist, because the cooperation between checkered elements must be extremely tacit, so that the entire picture can make the whole picture look harmonious and beautiful. But as long as you remember, you can choose a very light -colored checkered shirt, there will be no disadvantages of fancy screens and messy pictures. You can also combine denim shorts to wear a cool feeling and wear casual fan.

Choose basic items and match them in place. Your shape can basically succeed in half, and you can also harvest the advantages of simplicity, generous and fashionable.

Sleeveless style white T -shirt


Naturally, it is also a heavyweight player who can often appear in summer. Its version is generally based on loose types to prevent the fit with the body curve too tightly, but it exposes a lot of deficiencies. Putting a khaki -knee skirt can add a very eye -catching elegance.

White is the basic color of many girls, and naturally has its unique charm and obvious advantages. The use of a white T -shirt is also a conventional operation in summer.


The design of the white T -shirt will actually be a bit single, which is not particularly different, but it does not have many requirements for personal figures and age, which also represents its most in line with the image and temperament of ordinary people. So it is loved. Use it to cooperate with khaki loose trousers to prevent the color monotonous.

The momentum of white T -shirts and black T -shirts in holidays is very hot. Both are difficult to distinguish between them and can be prepared because they create different effects.

Black T -shirt

It can be used to cooperate with a complicated pants and checkered trousers, which can just break its monotonous deadlock and simple lack of shortage, and wear more individual sparks.

Black T -shirts do not restrict the gender of the controller, nor do they require their age. You can arbitrarily choose bright colors or dim colors to cooperate with it.

Black T -shirt is paired with pink trousers,

In fact, this color matching is not a particularly bold type, but it is also different from the sense of popularity of the basic color.


Basic models include tops and underwear, shirts and T -shirts belong to the category of tops, and the underwear is nominated for jeans -style pants. Its material has irreplaceable advantages, it is not easy to cause problems such as ball, and will not reduce the texture.


Blue denim straight pants

It can make you feel full of freshness, and after exposing your ankle, the shape will naturally look more refreshing.

There are not too many routines in dressing. As long as you choose clothing, focus on using basic model structures, and then coordinate the color, the shape can be more than half.

In so many pants, you can use different colors of jeans as the main force in the wear. It can come in handy throughout the year. If it is white, its versatile index will be higher. But remember to choose the type of straight or wide -leg in the selection of pants, so as to include the shortcomings of most people’s figures.


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