In adolescence, with the growth of age, the body’s continuous development, male characteristics are becoming more and more obvious. Except for acne, the beard has become the culprit that plagues adolescent boys. In order to gain more favors of girls, how to protect the appearance of the appearance has become a common importance of adolescent boys.

In order to help adolescent boys to better maintain their appearance, the first -class domestic professional small home appliance brand operator Pentium specifically launched the Pentium PQ3800. Next, I will introduce this small figure. How can the big power partner help you rejuvenate the glorious image.

Focus on youth, pay attention to facial skin

Ultra -thin 0.08mm thickness, using a grinding mirror polishing process;

Flexible knife net, super strong, accurately fit the outline of the facial.

A beard is cut off at one time, not hurting the hair follicles, and effectively avoids shaving and thicker

The 360 ​​-degree Shuanghuan knife network can accurately capture different types of beard, high -speed rotating sharp corner bending moon knife head, and sharply cut off the bottom of the beard.

Intelligent anti -clip system (unique to Pentium)

The newly designed Pentium shaving knife is equipped with a unique anti -folding chip, high -speed motor, strong and stable power, and more powerful batteries to ensure the enjoyment of smooth shaving.

Ultra -high -speed motor continues to battery life for 146 hours, which is still sustainable and sustainable. It can provide a strong power of 10,000/minute, and quickly shave without stay.

The intelligent control chip automatically accurate sensor shaving state, which can still ensure the steady speed of the motor at a low power and prevent the folding.

The Pentium PQ3800 shaver is specifically launched for young men aged 15-25. I believe that everyone with all ages is a gift, and wish him really changes from a boy to a man.