The top of the summer clothing purchase list is more than a dress, but it must make your dress look high -level fashion, and you have to wear a feeling different from others. In the selection of styles, you need to pay special attention to the selection. If you always wear a basic dress, you will only make yourself look slightly ordinary without personality.

So in the selection of dress styles, you need to pay special attention. If you buy an inappropriate style, then it will only make your own look slightly old -fashioned. The best way is to focus on the style with a design sense to show the characteristics of the styling.

For example, when Liu Hao had a printed cake skirt when he existed in and out of the airport. This skirt is very good in tailoring, design, and versions. Under her combination, it also exerted the apparent fashion effect, making Liu Haocun more pure temperament.

One: Liu Haocun Fashionable Style Analysis

1: Dress style analysis


(1): Printed elements make the skirt very design, and it will also increase the sense of layering

Whether the dress looks good or not with its design elements will have a lot to do. If a dress is very vegetarian as a whole, the fashion effect will not be so good.


The best choice is mainly a dress with printed design, which is like Liu Haocun’s body from the Monmyster brand, selling the price of more than 1,000 yuan.

It is also different from the printing design used by ordinary dresses. It does not use a large volume printing like a general dress, but a small area of ​​printing. These prints are also very uniform. In the case of covering all the skirts of the dress, it prompts the skirt to look a little 3D three -dimensional effects, making Liu Haocun’s overall shape look very three -dimensional.

(2): The “cake skirt” style is very three -dimensional

This dress does not use a thin integrated design. Instead, the skirt is made into a “cake” style to make the three -dimensional sense of the lower part of the skirt stronger.

Judging from the personal version of the skirt, the swelling feeling of the hem has increased the standing feeling of Liu Haozun’s figure, and she will not look flat because she is too thin.

(3): “V -neck” design shows the shoulder and neck lines


If you are a girl with a short neck and a little fat on the upper body, then when choosing a dress, you need to pay attention to its neckline design. The dress with high collar+shoulder -pad design is not suitable for choice, because this type of dress can easily expose the shortcomings of the upper part of the figure.

However, because Liu Haocun’s skirt was designed with a fine shoulder strap+V -neck, not only did he look thin, the proportion looked better, but also made the beautiful shoulder and neck lines show it.

Two: Use a dress with a baseball cap to make the shape more personalized

With a dress, it is necessary to make the shape a sense of fashion, it is not very good, and you still have to pay attention to the matching method. If the dress and high heels are matched with high heels, then the dress style will look too uniform and lack of fashion expression. But if you match your dress, baseball cap and sneakers like Liu Haocun, it will look like a “mix and match” effect, which is very tide.


And this hat is also a cooperation model from 47brand and MLB, and the price is only more than 200 yuan. However, the price of this hat is indeed slightly cheaper than the skirt. No wonder she wants to make the shape more like a mixed way!

Two: Knowledge point about dresses

1: Mainly with a unique design sense

When choosing a dress, consider whether its design is niche. If it is too popular dress, then it will only look very popular when wearing it, which will make people feel greasy. It is very suitable to use a tea break skirt. It is too popular because it is too popular to cause people to buy a lot of people. This will easily make people feel aesthetic fatigue!


Therefore, we must focus on the dress with niche design. What is the niche dress? For example, a dress made of printing, tie -dyeing, etc. is worth choosing.


2: Don’t choose a dress with too exaggerated styles

In order to make their summer styles look very fashionable, some girls will choose some styles with design elements, but such dresses will make you wear too hard, resulting in the whole person who looks like the whole person looks like They are all exaggerated.


In fact, it is also very convenient to solve this method. It is to choose a dress that concentrates on a certain point.


Liu Haocun is indeed “Beiwu School Flower”. Dressing and dressing are so tasteful. From the perspective of the dressing of the dress, it is enough to show her good taste. The whole person shows a strong temperament. Lao Mouzi’s eyes are really good.

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