In winter, the environmental temperature is relatively low, and the sensitivity of our human skin to heat will also decrease, so it is more likely to cause low temperature burns. Therefore, pay special attention to the distance and time of contact with the skin. Common heating equipment in winter, in addition to the warm baby, there are hot water bars, electric blankets, electric heaters, etc. There are different safety hazards and different attention points.

Warm baby

When we use warm babies to warm up, do not let the warm baby contact the skin directly. It is not safe to only be separated by a thin layer of autumn or pajamas. Do not sleep with a warm baby.

Electric hot water bottle

There are two types of charging hot water bags on the market, one is electrode, and the other is electrical wire type. Among them, the electrode hot water bottle is risky. In 2010, my country has listed “electrode -type electric water bags” as prohibited production products. However, this type of electrode -type electric water bottle has not disappeared on the market, but is more common than the safer electric wire water heaters.

Although there are hidden dangers, don’t be too afraid. As long as you choose to produce regular manufacturers when buying, there are 3C certifications and product qualification certificates, and the power cord is sealed well with good electric wire hot water bags. Do not stick directly to the skin during use. There are several layers of clothes. If you use irrigation hot water bottle, be careful not to fill it, 70%, try to discharge the air as much as possible, tighten the cover to avoid boiling water overflowing burns. When using, you also need to wrap a layer of towels or other thick points. If you warm the quilt with a warm water bottle, you can put it in before bedtime, and kick a distance when you sleep to avoid burns with your feet for a long time.

Electric blanket

The news that caused fires caused by the improper use of electric blankets every year also emerged endlessly. In addition, children with electric blankets are also prone to urine beds, which causes leakage and has very serious consequences.

Therefore, the use of electric blankets, in addition to purchasing qualified supplies, should also pay attention not to use it for more than six years. Do not fold it repeatedly as much as possible. If you use an electric blanket, it is best to choose an electric blanket that can control temperature. 40 ° C is a safer temperature. If you are afraid of cold, you can set the appropriate temperature, or turn on the electric blanket two hours before bedtime. Turn off the power when you sleep. Do not go to sleep all night, it is recommended not to exceed 4 hours.

Electric heaters

The electric heaters or electric heating fans are the same, and it is dangerous to use fire in improper use.

When using it, pay attention: Do not cover with flammable materials such as quilts, clothes, and stay away from sofa, bed, and water.

Stay away from flammable! Stay away from flammable! Stay away from flammable! The important thing to say three times!

Heating mouse pad

In addition, there is a “heating artifact” to attract everyone’s attention, that is -heating mouse pad.

The heating mouse pad seems to be “magic”. In fact, it is a micro -electric blanket. After two hours of continuous heating, the local maximum temperature can reach 68 ° C. If you are not careful, we all become frogs in warm water. They are comfortable and caught off guard by comfortable temperature.

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Source: Wuhan Evening News