Speaking of female stars in South Korea, everyone will definitely think of beautiful women like Song Hye Kyo and Quan Zhixian, but you must know that South Korea’s packaging ability is very strong. Beauty is a batch of batches, but many people are always the same, but there is such a one, but there is such a one. The goddess’s temperament is fresh and elegant, and it looks particularly comfortable and very recognizable. She is Jindai Pear.

Another goddess in South Korea was fired. Kim Tae -pear shirt was paired with wide -leg pants, and a sweater was elegant. Jindai Pear’s dress is very representative. A white shirt with a simple version, there is no extra design style and characteristics at all, and the color is clean and refreshing. Take a pair of black wide -leg trousers, the version of the loosely modified leg shape, and the long leg is one meter eight. There is a brown sweater on the shoulders, gentle and retro. Each item looks ordinary and ordinary, but it shows a different kind of refreshing and fashionable sense of fashion.

The color of the shirt is pure white without a trace of mix, so it looks very clean. The sleeves were lifted out of the wrist, and the whole person was capable and refreshing. The collar is not a buttons. The collar unfolds at will. Naturally, it is not deliberate.


The opening of the shirt also shows the long neck. Jin Tai Pear embellishes the neck blank with a golden necklace, adding a sense of fashion styling, but also shows the uneven collarbone lines, which is very three -dimensional. Golden earrings also make the whole person look more delicate, and it also echoes the color material of the necklace. Raise up his arms to say hello to everyone, full of affinity, and the smile is very sweet and beautiful.

The lower body is paired with a pair of black wide -leg trousers, which is loose and better modified. With a pair of high heels on the feet, the long -legged style of the trousers will also be easily covered with high heels. Therefore, the leg lines are eliminated, the legs look longer, and the proportion of the figure is super perfect. Be careful.

A brown sweater was paired on the shoulders, which instantly improved the overall fashion, gentle retro, super stylish, very fashionable, full of tide. On the side, Jin Tai pear is more free and free.


Although the overall model items are very inconspicuous, they are mixed together to show infinite fashion charm. A mint green bag is added to the hand, which is richer in the overall color and adds highlights.

The other costumes of Jintai Pear are also very unique. It is still a pure white shirt. Unlike the random naturalness of the previous set, the texture of this shirt is hard, so the overall shape is stronger, and the arm and shirt also have enough sense of space to increase the overall cold style. The lower body is paired with a dark gray bright face skirt. The fabric of the skirt is smooth and smooth, and the dark gray also shows a low -key sense. The two are fresh and cold, and there is a cool atmosphere of fireworks.

Jin Tai Pear’s ability to control is also very strong. Whether it is cold and gentle, comfortable and casual can be in place. This shape shows a free and easy workplace style. The dark gray tight round neck is low -key and not conspicuous. The beige suit version of the jacket is elegant and the version is tight, which also gives people a capable and reliable feeling. The lower body is paired with a pair of shiny gray wide -leg trousers. It is not too advanced. The loose version is more free and easy, and the whole person is superb.


The black court model shows a full aristocratic atmosphere. The elegant and elegant collar of the shoulder’s protruding collar shows the elegance of the whole person. The low -collar perfectly shows the neck lines and straight collarbone. The exquisite face is matched with a low ponytail, and the temperament is still prominent, as if in the painting. The slim style outlines the figure, and the white lines on the chest are abstracting very artistic. The multi -color wave dot high heels on the feet are extremely unique.


The smog blue satin shirt is equipped with a creamy bright -noodle suit. The whole person is warm and tall, and the oblique fluffy twist braid is also very fashionable. The haze blue satin shirt is elegant and low -key, giving a sense of ethereal sense. The texture of the creamy western clothing is also consistent with the shirt, and the sense of harmony is super strong. The self -cultivation, the whole person is tall and slim, with a pair of red high -heeled shoes, which enriches the overall color and shows unique fashion charm.


However, the photo of the plane is still not good -looking. The black bottoming shirt is matched with a khaki coat, with a long curly hair, full of Hong Kong style and touching temperament.


#赛 大#


Another goddess in South Korea was fired. Kim Tae -pear shirt was paired with wide -leg pants, and a sweater was elegant. Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it.