Recently, Dabeli D1 ergonomic computer chair passed the “meow” standard certification of Tmall’s beautiful home and successfully advanced to the Tmall “meow” product, becoming a “good quality of time” furniture. Tmall Midea Sample inspection gives the intuitive test results of the two quality dimensions of Da Baoli D1: “10 years durable” and “10 years of rotation function”.


So what is Tmall Meow Standard? How to test it? What kind of reports are issued? What convenience does it provide for consumers to buy furniture? How does consumers confirm that a product is a meow, and how to quickly find the standard for the meow standard What about quality furniture?

The following takes Da Baoli D1 ergonomic computer chair as an example to explain all aspects of the Tmall Meimei Miao Standard.

What is Tmall Meow Standard?

(The figures in the picture above are Jiang Fan, general manager of the Furniture Lighting Industry of Tmall Meijia Business Department, Alan Chan, Vice President of Alibaba Platform Governance Department, and Zhang Xiaosong, Director of China Director of SGS Light Industry Products)

On March 18, 2018, at the 41st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Expo, Tmall joined hands with the world’s leading testing and certification agency SGS to release the “meow” standard for the furniture industry.

The “Meow” standard has been launched on the Tmall platform on April 25. This is a new set of consumer perspectives. Alibaba’s big data analysis found that 91%of the quality problems of consumers are most concerned about furniture products are three aspects: durability, environmental protection, and material. The “meow” standard is to focus on the three dimensions of durability, environmental protection, and material. For major residential furniture categories such as sofas, several categories, cabinets, beds, children’s furniture, analyze the possible risks according to the characteristics of each type of product. The advanced regulations and standards at home and abroad, through comprehensive assessment of the corresponding product physical and environmental performance of the corresponding product, formulated a set of rigorous, consumer -available standards, so as to achieve the products that can ensure that the products that enter the “meow” platform have the possession high quality.


There are three obvious differences between the meow standard and the third -party testing standard:

1. “Mysterious Buyers” are purchased randomly to ensure the universality and authenticity of product quality.

Zhang Xiaonan (Flower Name: Ye Yi), the head of the Tmall Meow project, introduced that the merchant who entered the certification process will generate a mysterious purchase account, and the delivery address is also virtual. In other words, Tmall Meijia imitated the process of buying an ordinary customer and conducted random inspection. Before obtaining the test report, the merchant could not predict the test at all, so it could not be confused. Platform random inspections and merchants’ inspection, which is the fundamental difference between testing quality.

2. Comprehensive advantages of a number of quality inspection agencies, the selection of international standards is more stringent.

SGS, one of Tmall Meow Living, one of the quality inspection partners, was founded in 1878. It is headquartered in Switzerland and is considered the world’s most authoritative inspection, appraisal, testing and certification agency. Currently, 78 branches and more than 150 experiments have been established across the country. room. For merchants, SGS is already recognized in the industry. A SGS certification report allows many international procurement organizations to rest assured to buy.


The current quality standards and testing methods of Tmall Meow are authoritative quality inspection institutions such as Tmall and Swiss SGS, Germany Betville, German Rhein, and BOC, and Tmall think tank merchants. Those. In the national standards, EU standards, and US standards of different products, “Tmall Beauty” often chooses more stringent.

3. Translate the cold test results into the language of consumers “intuitive”.

After the furniture products are tested according to the “meow” standard, the test results will be converted into a language that can be understood by authoritative experts based on the actual use scenarios of consumers. For example, the sofa “can withstand 230 pounds of weight and does not collapse for 10 years.” In this way, consumers can choose products with corresponding performance according to different needs. Through the meow, the consumer’s choice cycle is at least two -thirds.

For example: Tmall Meow’s authentication of office chairs is used in the BIFMA X 5.1 office furniture certification.

The full name of BIFMA is Business and Institutional Furniture ManuoFactures Association American Furniture Association. BIFMA certification is referred to as BFM for office chairs, file cabinets, long sofa, tables, screens and other office furniture to provide testing services. To enter the United States from all over the world, you must first get the international standards for institutions such as BIFMA and other institutions to enter the United States. market. Swiss SGS certification company is a member of BIFMA International Certification.

BIFMA X 5.1 The durability detection method of the seat surface is a sandbag with a diameter of 406mm weighing 57kg, from a height of a height of 36mm 100,000 times.

Dabeli D1 ergonomic computer chair passed this test with a layer of high -quality imported mesh. Tmall Meow lives intuitively to translate the test results and understand it into “durable for 10 years”.

Bifma X5.1 The test method of rotating durability is to rotate 122kg heavy objects on the chair surface, rotating 120,000 chairs (within the rotation range of the chair).

Dabeli D1 ergonomic computer chair has a higher cost of using SAMHONG, which has passed SGS, has passed SAMHONG level 4 air pressure rods, integrated aluminum alloy tripods, and PU punch large -sized foot wheels to easily pass this test.

Tmall meow interpreted the results of this detection into an intuitive and understandable “rotation function for 10 years”.

How to find furniture products that meet the standard of Tmall Meow?


There are two ways to find or determine whether a certain product is a Tmall meow.


1. In the search box for Taobao or Tmall APP, enter the keywords of “Meow”, click search, and will directly enter the “Meow” special page.