Comparison of water drops, drum wheels and spinning wheels

Abstract: The horizontal wheel (water drop wheel, drum wheel) and spinning wheels have their own strengths. Usually novices have a few misunderstandings about this issue

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The horizontal wheels (water drops, drum wheels) and spinning wheels have their own strengths. Usually novices have a few misunderstandings about this problem:

水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

1. Introduction to the novice with a spinning wheel, the masters use the drum wheel.

2. Drum wheels throwing roads is more accurate than the spinning wheel.

3. The spinning wheel is thrown further.

As for these issues, I talk about my personal views based on the knowledge I have contacted:

水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

1. In terms of price, these two types of wheels have entry -level and advanced levels, and there are no absolute nobles.

2. In terms of shape, the shape of the drum wheel is more compact and fashionable.

3. The difference in actual use is not for novices and masters, but in the environment used.


The throwing is as far as the distance, depending on the weight, shape, and center of gravity transfer of Luya, the length and tone of the pole, the material, thickness, and elasticity of the line, the fullness of the line cup, the user, the user of the user, the user Throwing skills and so on.

水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

The accuracy of throwing the same is the same: when the fisherman uses the throwing action from the left to the middle or from the right to the middle, no matter which wheel is, because there is a finger piercing the line (the index finger of the spinning wheel, the index finger, the index finger, the index finger, the index finger, the index finger, the index finger, the index finger, the index finger, The drum wheel uses the mother’s finger), and then throws the force, and the process of letting the line in the moment in front of the pole point to the front of the line, so take Luya from the right to the body in front of the body as an example. The goal is to throw Luya to the front. When Luya dumped out, let go of the line too early, Luya’s landing point will be right, and the line is too late. Luya’s falling point will be left to the left. Luya was thrown in front.

水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

The accuracy of the throw is different:

After using the top throw method (that is, the pole is erected through the head, the rebound passes through the top of the head again, and the Luya is thrown ahead), Luya has been flying in front of it. At one point, the way of spinning wheels to stop Luya can be used:

1. Use a non -holding hand to stop the line,

2. Use the index finger of the holding of the pole to extend the index finger. On the online cup, it is not easy for 1 and 2 to stop any points in A, B, and C accurately, because these two methods are Urgent stop, it is not easy to control, but the falling point of Luya can still be near the punctuation.

Because the drum wheel is rubbing on the online cup with the thumb, it can allow Luya to have a deceleration process in the air. Finally, press the line -off cup in time, and Luya can accurately stop at any point in A, B, and C. Up, easy to control.

水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

When using the hand -tossing method: This is the best drum wheel. The premise is that the location of the person standing is best higher than the water surface. For example, foreign countries stand on the ship, and it is best to find something on the shore. With Luya, the thumb control line cup with the pole hand, the tip of the pole is provoked from the bottom to the top, and Luoya began to fly in front of the front. At this time At the point passed by the line, this is also the most accurate situation of using the drum. The master can throw Luya into a small cup from 10 meters away.

水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

It is difficult to control the falling point of Luya in the spinning wheel in the starting method. The reason is similar to that of the top throw method.

【the difference】:

1. The spinning wheel is spiral -shaped. When the line is closed, the tensile force of the fish and the rotation of the line of the fish form a nearly 90 degree angle. When the leakage is completely locked, the fish continues to rush out, and you can use a non -holding palm to rub the wire cup to reduce the disconnection of the large fish clearing cup. Drum wheels are directly closed, and the strength of the rollback is greater than the spinning wheel. It is often used in the large bass in the fishing barrier area. Big fish, the leakage is completely locked, and the fish continues to rush out of the line. It is impossible to press the line cup with the power of the thumb (Gong Lei tried to feel the fish when the fish was felt. The same fever, pain, finally clear the cup).

2. In the pairing of Heya, the drum wheel is suitable for a little heavy Luya. It is not easy to throw away, and it is easy to fry the pink and fry. This has been confusing before: we often see professional players on TV and magazines driving boat fishing Luya. There are nearly ten rods that have hung up with Luya on the boat. They just think that it is for convenience to avoid frequent solutions to replace Luya, but the most KEIKI helped me translate the famous Japanese fishing magazine “BASS”. Professional players also have the same person during the competition. At the same time, the situation of two wheels, that is, use the drum wheel to throw a bit of Luya, sequins, Laborgia, etc., and use the spinning wheel to throw a lead or lead. Soft insects with lighter weight.

3. The combination of wheels and lines, Keiki and Gong Lei tell me in Japan that when fishing freshwater bass and using the drum wheel, everyone uses nylon lines. No one uses the PE line on the freshwater drum wheel because PE lines are pulled by stress. For example, when the large fish or the bottom is hanging, the thread of the surface of the coil will invade the entire coil body, which will cause the frying powder or even a gun in the later throwing throw (Lu Yafei (Lu Yafei In the air, the nylon wire is ductantly, so such invasion will hardly occur.

4. Use the left hand or right hand? This problem depends on the habits of each person. There is no absolute advantage. Asia’s first Asian Asian, Mr. Muraki, Japan, holds the rod with the right hand when using the drum wheel, then switched to the left hand, and then shake the wheel with the right hand. However, when he used the spinning wheel, he held the rod with the right hand, and did not change his hands after throwing it. When the left hand was directly shake the wheels, that is, when the two wheels were used, the hand of the wheel was completely opposite.

5. Sea fishing, most of the time is fishing on the ship. The model of spinning wheels is generally capped to 7000 ~ 9000. The rod device is fixed on the side of the ship, and the bait or iron boardya does not need to throw in, so just put it in the water directly into the water. At this time, the fisherman uses the drum wheel.

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水滴轮、鼓轮和纺车轮的比较 | 路亚钓鱼知识

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