1. Supplementary shirts casual pants

The dot shirt with rich leisure atmosphere is capable and simple, the neckline is temperament, the neckline is long collar, and it is comfortable to wear. The elegant hanger gives people the elegant and capable feeling in front of the wrap. The clothes are embedded on the pants, looking clean and capable. … A pair of white casual pants, a pair of pants suitable for leg -shaped fire pits, a pair of black high heels.

Black and white wave points are the most classic hue that can be worn on different occasions, which can remain unchanged during daily commuting. The leather pants of the lower body, the novel lips print as the highlight, breaking the sluggish design of the pants body, full of fashion and Western feeling. Bright and luxurious belt, buckle design, easy to wear and take off. Black long leather coat, the atmosphere is great, with a chain bag, you can easily harvest the regression rate on the street.

The colorful light pink dot shirt is refreshing and comfortable, and you can’t see the resistance at a glance. Gray -colored denim pants, simple pants type, highlighting comfortable wearing, straight leg lines. Use the belt to decorate the elegant and elegant conflict -colored thick documentary shoes, the set of the set foot, easy to wear, and the classic cross -body bag, which interprets handsomeness.

The handsome and eye -catching dot shirt, showing one of the most popular items of the capable horses who show the beautiful horses. The high -quality neckline design, the lines of the stretch of the neck and the fine pleated modification of the Bodhi, the layered score. The texture of black shorts is very strong, and the waistband looks capable and modern. The loose tiger leather leggings leg shape, combined with the low -end sports shoes, is very suitable for showing full street outfits.

The white dot shirt looks classic and handsome, but has never been eliminated in the fashion industry. Bubble sleeve details provide a fresh sense of girly, simple round neck is suitable for the face shape of different sisters. The lower body denim pants are also classic unbeaten items. Single shoes with a personality can easily break the rigidity and match with the overall dressing. It looks fashionable and fashionable.

Loose flower shirts, full of younger sisters can adjust comfortably, wearing comfortable wearing, showing a clean and casual feeling. Metal -colored bodybuilding pants are full of avant -garde and futuristic, and pants loose pants look slimming. Golden decorative high -heeled sandals, the perfect height length, the sewing leisure bag is also very high -end, and it cannot be seen. It improves the overall dress.


Black and white dot shirts, classic and beautiful, romantic ruffled edges, highlight your unique personal charm. The neckline of the utensils makes up for the slim neck, the jeans are put on, and it looks clean and capable. Combined with slim denim pants, this dress dare not wear daily leisure or commuting places.

There are white spots on the black base, which is clear and unique. The upper body dress shows other temperament, which is particularly noticeable. Use black sneakers inside, and use the trials to wrap the S -type line. Short denim shorts, stylish, full of dress, and look slimmer black crossbody bags, clean and cool. The exaggerated design bubble sleeves and romantic bows are embellished on the shirt. The wonderful combination of the two shows a striking visual image. The blue waves are embellished throughout the body, and the pants of the straight -tube -style suit style decorated with a capable, elegant, elegant, and striped decoration are manifested with intelligence at the same time. The belt is decorated very beautifully, very attractive, and the 3.7 -point figure is more attractive. The pointed boots with zebra patterns on the feet are comfortable and beautiful.


The semi -high -necked embellishment shirt has a soft body color and firming feeling, full of elegance of silk. Simple long sleeves wear comfortable and simple classic white glass pants, and the performance of the literary class is perfect. With a handbag with spire, shoes, and glue powder, the capable literary sense gradually spreads.


2. Supplementary shirt and skirt

Large women, especially like simple matching. The combination of this kind of torch shirt and suspender skirt is very comfortable and others look very comfortable. The simple and loose light blue suspender skirt exudes a soft and sweet atmosphere, a dot shirt decorated with bubble sleeves, fashionable and classic, and the short boots embellished with retro flowers, fashionable and upper arm.

White dot shirt, cool and humid, many women like, comfortable dressing 100 points. The cuffs are slightly shrinking, and you can wear clean and capable. The lower half -hip hip skirt, black tone, slim and sexy feeling, black socks and oblique -cross rope decorative style shoes, sexy women can wear.

The sleeves are designed with a half -color tone, which is full of hazy and dreamy sexy. The cuff folds are modified, both crystal, elegant and touching. Together with leather skirts, the skirt design is irregular, capable and simple slim -fitting hip skirt, fashion and classic, long legs, black handbags and baseball caps, showing different outfits.


How popular is the woman wearing a “wave shirt”? The biggest dressing TIPS in summer is both retro and high -end. The classic ordinary dot shirt has a simple and simple temperament, wearing fashion on the upper body, showing femininity. Leisure with other bottoms can interpret the feeling of leisure, leisure or sexy, and it is easy to cope with various situations, which is very convenient.