As the temperature rises, most areas have entered a warm spring, and many people also buy new spring costumes. When wearing it, they are ready to go out. ,complete

Last year’s shoes were not matched with me this year, and it was time to change the shoes.

Shoes are an indispensable embellishment in the whole set of styles. Putting the right shoes can often greatly enhance temperament and fashion, and play a role in icing on the cake.

Which shoes are more popular and fashionable? Here are 4 mainstream beautiful shoes for you to make you easily wear fashionable shapes.

1. Mueller shoes


1. Selected skills


In spring, many girls like to wear skirts to go out. After all, skirts are the most feminine items, which can better show the charm and temperament of women.

Not only bring great comfortable experience, but also further increase femininity.

The small man can choose the thick heel -style Mueller shoes. The style of the thick heel will not be old -fashioned. Instead

The thick heel Mueller shoes can stretch the height visually, and can also modify the leg shape

The light -mouth Mueller shoes can also show the heels, making the shoes look lighter and refreshing.

2. Matching guide


Because Mueller shoes will expose the skin of a large area, it is more suitable to match the lower fit with the legs that can expose the legs to avoid the sense of vision of the head light and feet.

Such as cropped pants, skirts or dresses

It can be well matched with Mueller shoes, which is more refreshing and leisure in spring.

Second, cat heel shoes


Cats and shoes are also very mainstream in the fashion circle, especially the pointed cat heels.

Most reflects the charm and elegance of women

, Cat Heel is a more design style, which can easily create a fashionable and beautiful look.


When choosing a cat heel, you can choose according to your own style and preference.

For example, the pure color of cat heels looks clean and refreshing, and floral cats are more ladylike.

Because the shape of cat heels is unique


It is not easy to collide in daily life. Even if it is matched with a very simple casual clothing, it can give people a bright feeling.

Cat heels are more suitable for mature women who work in the workplace. Whether they are matched with trousers or skirts, they can perfectly present the breath of the big woman.

The higher the following, the more you can improve your personal aura, giving people a feeling of walking and winding

, Shape a capable and calm female image.

Third, square head half slippers

Compared to pointed shoes, square shoes are also another kind of beauty, and square shoes have gradually become the mainstream trend in the fashion circle, because this shoe is more tolerant of the foot shape.

No matter whether it is fat or width, people can wear it.


In many square shoes,

Half -headed slippers are more in line with the comfortable atmosphere of spring,

This shoe not only brings a portable comfortable dressing experience, but also a very relaxed concave shape, casual and stylish.

In spring, you can try to choose a bright -colored square shoes


, Not only can brighten the skin tone of the legs, but also more likely to harvest passers -by’s attention, and the return rate is extremely high.

There are many ways to match the half -headed slippers. You can choose according to your own style and preferences. If you are biased towards daily leisure,

Then choose a simple style, both versatile, practical, comfortable and casual

Essence If you are attending a formal occasion, you can choose a fashion style with a sense of design.


To better enhance the beauty and highlight the personal temperament.

Fourth, open -headed all -inclusive shoes

The open -headed all -inclusive shoes can be easily shuttled between the workplace and life. The all -inclusive design will be more serious.

Suitable for attending formal occasions, more coordinated with suit and dresses.

If you want to use shoes to enhance beauty, you can choose from its material fabric, color, and design sense. Choose a pair of extreme design shoes with a simple clothing matching, which is enough for us to create a fashionable and advanced shape.

2. Wear Guide

No matter what style of wear, you must take the scene. You can use some wearing skills to improve the sense of styling in the spring, such as the color echo, whether it is echoing and the same color. Clothing, easily wear a sense of high -level,

As a highlight of the shape, shoes can play a role in icing on the cake.

Well, the above is the four spring shoes that you share for everyone. If you have the style you like, hurry up and try different styles to discover more beautiful and fashionable styling styles.

1. Selected skills


1. Selected skills

1. Selected skills

2. Matching guide


2. Matching guide